Progressive Web Apps – An advanced mobile experience in 2023

June 27, 2018

Progressive Web Apps – the best alternative to save your phone’s memory. Easy to work, nicest in the user interface. There were no stones remained unturned for a better user experience when one of the employees of Google started working on freeing up the web app and deploying on the app stores. A web application that comprises all the elements that a mobile app has.

In fact, the pretty fact is you don’t need to download or install from anywhere. Because progressive web apps are quite okay with the browsers and their hosted URL. Yes, this is the way progressive web apps are.

Yes, it was  Alex Russell to transform the web app into a lucrative mobile app experience, offline connectivity seamlessly, a personalized touch and quick launch.

As we know, we don’t like to download every single app that pleases us. Because it doesn’t keep our smartphone comfortable.

No matter how bigger your external memory is. We just ignore to have all those apps that appear on an app store. Well, to have an enhanced experience of all the mobile apps can do and that too, with no more downloading or memory usage, progressive apps are presenting something better and out of the box.

What are the Progressive Web Apps?

What technical terms say about PAWs?

Firstly, it’s better to introduce PWA. It’s just another name. An acronym for the long-term progressive web apps. Well, PWAs are the modern web applications that behave more like native mobile apps. But the thing that interests us more is, they are being hosted directly on the associated websites and not on the app stores. Like our existing websites. Running in all the browsers with no more conflicts with the platforms, supporting software or anything that prevents it to be a star performer.

#Tech Fact: Progressive Web Apps are founded by two of the developers working at Google.- Tweet this

Progressive web apps are all about having a feature-rich mobile app. It has everything that you expect from your smart mobile application. Like it gives a shortcut on your home screen to reach out, task bar, quick loading, background syncing and support, push notifications along with the location access like mobile applications residing in your phone’s memory.

A complete look-alike of a mobile app and making you feel like a mobile app, too. Yes, this is something that we call it a PWA. If you are looking for a website to develop in your business niche, do approach progressive web application development. Because these can be the best option to go with web & mobile experience at the same time.

Now, coming to the native mobile applications, how progressive web apps are making a good score?

Let’s have a glimpse of it.

Have you ever search for the native mobile app development cost? Or even compared the cost of the web apps and a native mobile app? Well, progressive web apps are the streamlined combination of mobile apps and web apps. They are no pure mobile apps or website. Yet giving the best user experience with the best affordable pricing as compared to the platform dependent mobile app.

Because you don’t need to develop a PWA for every single platform out there. It can be one single app that runs exclusively on all the platforms and browsers without any restricting influence of any supporting software. Yes, it makes PWA an indeed cost-effective application.

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From the marketing front, it will be quite easier to reach a maximum number of people. As the application does not stop by the platforms. Having more brand visibility and more clicking action can lead it to a larger audience.

Have you ever feel exhausted with the app running with a strong internet connection? And suddenly gets stuck when it gets slow internet? The damn moment. You just can’t keep yourself calm. Because you don’t have internet and so the favourite activity of yours has gone for a toss. If you are looking for a mobile app development companyconsider knowing more about the PWAs. 

Well, this is something interesting when you will hear the progressive web apps are smart when it comes to seamless experience. It gives smooth switching between the pages and doesn’t even take you to the browser or loading everything again and again!

Progressive Web Apps are the complete blend of speed, reliability and customer engagement. You can surely adopt this modern web technology. Whether you are looking for a great user experience, an affordable invoice or modern technology.

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