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Augmented Reality App Development
Interactive Experience of a Real-World Environment

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Over the years, we have put in our best efforts to develop captivating and innovative apps for different mobile platforms. With the same flare, our team is constantly working towards exploring the different dimensions and possibilities of AR by offering AR app development services, so that they can be used positively for business success.

We build innovative AR applications by using 3D modeling, real-time character recognition, location-based monitoring, 360-degree broad envision, etc. All our efforts are towards creating engaging experiences for your business audience.

AR App Development Services

Custom AR App Development

Custom AR App Development

Our team is skilled enough to develop custom AR apps solutions and develop app suing frameworks like Google AR Core, Apple ARkit, Wikitude, and Vuforia among others.

Projection-based AR Development

Projection-based AR Development

We can develop you projection-based AR apps where virtual images are projected over real objects, present in the physical environment.

Location-based AR Development

Location-based AR Development

We can build location-based AR apps that leverage the features of the device like accelerometer, GPS, and compass to show the location of the user accurately.

Superimposition-based AR Development

Superimposition-based AR Development

We offer superimposition-based AR apps solutions that work like the recognition technique where a full object or a part of it is replaced with an augmented view.

Recognition-based AR Development

Recognition-based AR Development

We use Marker-based AR apps to recognize visual markers. Once the marker is recognized, it gets replaced using a corresponding object.

AR App Maintenance & Support

AR App Maintenance & Support

We carry out general maintenance and version upgrades to ensure the app is secure, runs smoothly, and is in the best condition.

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I looked for help and Silicon IT Hub answered the call. I was a little bit hesitant to go outside the US, not sure of what I would be getting, what I would be paying for. But immediately those doubts were put to rest. The professionalism of the staff of the team there. They've been good to me. I have no doubt that the team there would be just as efficient for the job that you need to be completed. Thank you. Silicon It Hub. It's been a pleasure working with you and I hope to do more in the future.


I've got a travel business known as travel business, the online travel business and I've been using Silicon It Hub for probably a year now. And yeah, I must say that I'm very happy with their services. They respond to my emails very quickly. It's been an easy process using developers from another country. And they're generally very on the ball. And they've created some great stuff from our site and really made my business a lot easier.


I want to share a little bit about the experience I've had working with Silicon It Hub. These guys are fun to work with. They're professional. I communicate with them via loom and they take the instructions and turn it into a beautiful deliverable. We've let them into our most sensitive assets. They haven't broken anything. As a matter of fact, they fixed outages and repaired vulnerabilities that were left by previous developers. So these guys are awesome.

Executive Vice President


I have a small marketing agency and we have worked with Silicon IT, building two mobile apps for approximately the last year, a year and a half actually. And it's been great. They have been very responsive, very professional. Their team of developers is very knowledgeable. So I do highly recommend them. We built both we built native apps for both Android and Apple and it's been great.

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Some of Your Common Questions are Answered Here

Which frameworks do you guys use for AR development?
We make use of platforms like Google AR Core, Apple AR kit, Wikitude, and Vuforia for AR app development.
Can you make it location-based and marker-based?
Yes. If you wish to have both kinds of AR apps then we can build that for you using the Wikitude platform.
Do you provide customized solutions?
Yes. Based on the needs and objectives of your business we can build completely personalized AR apps to target your audience pool.
Are there any hidden costs related to my AR app development?
No. While discussing the project, we will quote you the price according to the outlined requirements. Throughout the project progress, we will make it a point to adhere to the same.
How to start my app development project for Augmented Reality?
All you need to do is discuss your project idea with us, and our team will do the rest of the AR app development for you.
Do you have any industry expertise?
Yes. We have previously worked on many projects belonging to varying industry niches covering real estate, education, finance, manufacturing, SAS, and healthcare. To know more about our work, visit our Portfolio section
What would be the minimum augmented reality app development cost?
Based on the kind of AR app developed, the cost can vary anywhere from $5000-$10,000 for a simple app. It can go high for a custom-built feature-rich app to more than $30,000.

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