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The digital revolution makes it significant for brands to transform their business process thoroughly. Our years of experience working with multiple industry niches help us to address the individual needs of particular industries.

We at Silicon adhere to different custom software development methodologies according to business nature, end-user demands, specific timeline, budget, the complexity of functionalities, scope of UX/UI design, location of a development team, and much more.

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Success in software development is everything about how disciplined the team members are and how advanced their technical expertise is. You can rely on Silicon’s developers’ abilities which helps to add feathers to your cap.


Agile Methodology

The Agile model is an iterative method for project management and software development. All the activities are performed with the collaborative effort of cross-functional teams. It enables endless development and testing throughout the software development life cycle. Agile software development emphasizes more on providing working apps and less on documentation.


Waterfall Methodology

The waterfall methodology is a sequential model that splits software development into pre-defined stages. Each stage needs to be finished before moving towards the next phase without any overlapping between the stages. Each stage is developed for particular activities throughout the SDLC phase.

scrum methodology

Scrum Methodology

Scrum is an agile framework based on iterative and gradual procedures. The key goal of Scrum is to address market needs through transparent communication, common responsibilities, and endless progress. It helps to provide value to the customer throughout the project development.


Prototyping Model

Prototyping is a software development methodology within which different scenarios are created, assessed, and reformed once a satisfactory prototype is accomplished. It suits the best when the project’s requirements are not pre-defined in detail.

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