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Top-rated Custom Software Development Services Provider
Boost efficiency & address operational challenges

Top-rated Custom Software Development Services Provider

As a leading custom software development company, our techno-geeks unfold the client’s view and accordingly formulate strategies to optimize the software development process. We have a dynamic team of proficient software developers with industry-driven experience to build agile software.

We help you leverage better throughput as our cross-functional teams use the most advanced technology to create Smart software including front-end and back-end. Our custom software solutions are designed by experts who always adhere to a design thinking approach to produce modern software.

Custom Software Development Services

SaaS Product Development

SaaS Product Development

We build enterprise-level SaaS products and components to run the business smoothly without compromising the security and quality of the product.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Our tailored solutions help you to transform your business digitally. So you can keep pace with the advanced technologies now and in the future.

DevOps And Agile Approach

DevOps And Agile Approach

We follow DevOps and Agile approaches to deliver the product as rapidly and efficiently as possible by focusing on open team collaboration.

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

A reliable team to offer complete support and maintenance services for your software round the clock.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing & Quality Assurance

We carefully test every functional and technical aspect to ensure improved usability and navigation within your customized product.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

With our solutions, it is easy for you to meet GDPR requirements. Organizations determine sensitive data and ensure that it is managed securely.

Boost efficiency & address operational challenges

Benefits Of Developing Custom Software With Silicon IT Hub

Silicon IT Hub is a full-stack custom software development company. For two decades, we have been building impactful tailored software for leading brands across industries on a global level.

Our thorough expertise, technical vision, and simplified processes offer comprehensive software development services and transform tech solutions into growth enablers.

You get multiple benefits from developing custom software with Silicon IT Hub.

  • We help you to add/modify apps based on your unique needs at the particular service component level.
  • You will have a personalised approach to your business challenges and engage your customers by delivering digital experiences we help you design and build.
  • You can generate scalable and reliable DevOps structures and migrate legacy solutions to a microservices architecture.
  • You will get a quick product prototype to validate the software’s usability and efficiency while we offer crucial support during development, management, deployment, and maintenance.
  • We mitigate the overall development time by improving processes and implementing agile practices with quick, productive, and traceable sprints.
  • We offer the most astounding quality mobile apps at moderate costs. We are continuously one step ahead, creating future plans and leveraging cutting-edge technologies.
  • With our experts, your business is 100% secure. We deliver our highly customised solutions with complete assurance, by safeguarding your sensitive data and business.
  • Every time we achieve the highest standard of excellence by performing the right things in the right way. Our programmers keep learning continuously to improve development practices. It helps you to keep pace with the latest trends in the industry.
  • We communicate with our clients calmly and clearly for mutual understanding. It’s all about superior customer service by offering innovative and competitive solutions.
  • Do you want to explore more about our custom software development benefits? We are just a phone call away. Contact us today.

Briefcase of Projects

Why Are We The Most Trusted Custom Software Development Company?

500+ Clients

Client First

Being a leading web and mobile app development company, we always begin with where you are with your concepts. We think from your end user’s perspective, and their pain points, and build a system that resolves key issues to aid your business.

Cost Effective Campaign

Effective Synergy

With transparent communication, we solve real-life issues. Our Development team stays in continuous contact with customers using different channels that enable superior performance delivery, transparency and accuracy, viable in different time zones globally.

On-Time Delivery

We have an extensive collection of internal frameworks with superior infrastructure. Our years of experience and expertise in the software development industry help us to deliver solutions on time without compromising quality.

Complete ownership and feedback based

We take feedback from our clients, end users, and other stakeholders that have an impact on the software, and we take it seriously. It helps us to determine whether we are heading in the right direction.

Measurable Results

Results Oriented

We build digitally adaptable software, not just features and functionalities. Our solutions are futuristic and help to solve real-world issues.

Strong Expertise

Our coding experts stay updated with the latest technology trends and popular apps on the market. Thereby, offering the best values to our clients. We believe in Quality over Quantity.

Valuable Clients

How We Work

Custom Software Development Process

Software Development Methodologies We Use

We at Silicon adhere to different custom software development methodologies according to business nature, end-user demands, specific timelines, budget, the complexity of functionalities, the scope of UX/UI design, the location of a development team, and much more.

Agile Methodology

The Agile model is an iterative method for project management and software development. All the activities are performed with the collaborative effort of cross-functional teams.

It enables endless development and testing throughout the software development life cycle. Agile software development emphasises more on providing working apps and less documentation.

Waterfall Methodology

The waterfall methodology is a sequential model that splits software development into pre-defined stages. Each stage needs to be finished before moving towards the next phase without any overlapping between the stages. Each stage is developed for particular activities throughout the SDLC phase.

Scrum Methodology

Scrum is an agile framework based on iterative and gradual procedures. The key goal of Scrum is to address market needs through transparent communication, common responsibilities, and endless progress. It helps to provide value to the customer throughout the project development.

Prototype Development

Prototyping Model

Prototyping is a software development methodology within which different scenarios are created, assessed, and reformed once a satisfactory prototype is accomplished. It suits the best when the project’s requirements are not pre-defined in detail.

Our Expertise

API Integration

API Integration



Data Migrations

Data Migrations

Backup & Recovery

Backup & Recovery

Effective Dashboard Layout

Effective Dashboard Layout

POS point-of-sale




Security and Safety

Security and Safety

Centralize Management

Centralize Management

GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation







Machine Learning (ML)

AI Solutions (AI)

AI Solutions (AI)

Creating Unique Solutions Across Business Verticals

We at Silicon build unique and futuristic software solutions for different business verticals.


Are you looking for customised healthcare software development like telemedicine, EMR, EHR, and more like these? Our experienced developers are ready to discuss and validate your app concept and business needs.

education n elearning


With transparent communication, we solve real-life issues. Our Development team stays in continuous contact with customers using different channels that enable superior performance delivery, transparency and accuracy, viable in different time zones globally.

Logistics & Distribution1

Logistics and distribution

Want to develop online management solutions that deal with your everyday Logistic and distribution business operations? Our expertise in Smart software development gives you everything needed to manage vehicles and equipment in real-time.

Travel & Hospitality Bots

Travel and hospitality

Searching for web and mobile app solutions for your travel business? Our effectively developed travel app can deliver a real-time travelling experience to your customers. We have the expertise to offer futuristic solutions for any custom needs of the travel and hospitality industry.



Want to deliver a digitally smooth banking and investment experience to your customers? As a FinTech app development company, we are a one-stop shop for all your FinTech and banking needs. Offer your customers a highly secure environment to perform their transactions effortlessly.

Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment

Are you looking for a leading media & entertainment app development company? We offer successful outcomes that give your business a competitive edge in a profitable way with an unmatched entertainment experience for end-users.

Real estate

Looking for an all-in-one real estate app solution for property listing, on-time inquiry support, and lead management? As a leading real estate app development company, we have all the skills to address your custom needs irrespective of the complexities.

Technology Stack

Frameworks, Tools, and Libraries We Leverage the Best

Why choose us?

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100 % Success Rate

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75% Retention Rate


2000+ Projects


500+ Clients

Year Experience

21 Years Experience

Talent Pool

200+ Talent Pool

The Way

Our Clients Define Us

I looked for help and Silicon IT Hub answered the call. I was a little bit hesitant to go outside the US, not sure of what I would be getting, what I would be paying for. But immediately those doubts were put to rest. The professionalism of the staff of the team there. They've been good to me. I have no doubt that the team there would be just as efficient for the job that you need to be completed. Thank you. Silicon It Hub. It's been a pleasure working with you and I hope to do more in the future.


I have a small marketing agency and we have worked with Silicon IT, building two mobile apps for approximately the last year, a year and a half actually. And it's been great. They have been very responsive, very professional. Their team of developers is very knowledgeable. So I do highly recommend them. We built both we built native apps for both Android and Apple and it's been great.

CEO and Founder


I want to share a little bit about the experience I've had working with Silicon It Hub. These guys are fun to work with. They're professional. I communicate with them via loom and they take the instructions and turn it into a beautiful deliverable. We've let them into our most sensitive assets. They haven't broken anything. As a matter of fact, they fixed outages and repaired vulnerabilities that were left by previous developers. So these guys are awesome.

Executive Vice President


I've got a travel business known as travel business, the online travel business and I've been using Silicon It Hub for probably a year now. And yeah, I must say that I'm very happy with their services. They respond to my emails very quickly. It's been an easy process using developers from another country. And they're generally very on the ball. And they've created some great stuff from our site and really made my business a lot easier.

Customers Say

Some of Your Common Questions are Answered Here

Can I upgrade the custom software in the near future?
Yes. You can upgrade the software. If you need, we can also include additional features or upgrade the performance of the existing modules.
Do you sign an NDA?
Yes, definitely. We will sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before moving ahead and assure you that all the project details are safe with us.
Can I get the code of my custom software development after completing my project?
We will claim no right on the code of your custom software project. The control belongs to you. If you need a partnership/joint venture, we will provide you with other opportunities.
Which methodology do you follow for software development?
As a top-notch custom software development company in India, we follow the latest development methodology like Agile and DevOps.
What technologies are used to work on projects?
There are various technologies, frameworks, and tools we use to build projects. Choosing the right one is quite critical for business performance. So initially, we assess the client’s business needs, budget, and future demands and based on that choose the right technology.
How do you ensure the quality of the programming will meet the standard?
Whether a business analyst or a developer, a project manager or a quality analyst, we have a skilled team of specialists. Your project will undergo multiple departments for various purposes like designing, development, quality assurance, and much more which ensures the quality of the programming.

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