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The “Truck Me In” app includes all the latest features for truck drivers. No wasting valuable time in getting lost, bypassing gate entrances, highway exits, and fuel costs.

The drivers can check their trip history for gate entrances they have already entered. They can also revisit the pinpointed gate locations’ GPS co-ordinance easily.

A “Trucker Forum” chat feature helps to send a system-wide message to drivers across the country for real-time information about shippers, receivers, and weather. Also, Chat with drivers about the truck or problems.

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Screen and Features

Truck Route

Truckers can add a route from one place to another place & the app will suggest parking plots near their destination.

Features 2

Chat Function

Truckers and Business users can chat with each other. Also, there is a common channel for all Truckers where Truckers can communicate with each Trucker to share important information.

Features 3

Truck Tracking

Business users can track a Trucker and get a real-time location on a map.

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