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works Offline Image

Works Offline

Its advanced technology ensures that your custom digital signage keeps playing offline till your license is active, and content is downloaded.

Portrait or Landscape Image

Portrait or Landscape

You can get the best-fit view depending on the device and screen size. Our digital signage solution has two modes- portrait and landscape.

Proof of Play Image

Proof of Play

This feature ensures that all the displays across billboards and devices are connected and exhibit the contents in real-time.

Use and Reuse Content

Use and Reuse Content

Want to modify the content for your digital signage remotely? We make it possible with the Content Use and Reuse feature.

Content Adaptation

Content Adaptation

Our dynamic digital signage (DDS) can adapt the content effectively and display information that changes in line with a predetermined condition.

Mirror Screen Image

Mirror Screen

It is useful if devices are flipped because of either power cable positioning or placement. In both portrait and landscape modes, this feature supports the flipped version.

Bulk Screens Management Image

Bulk Screen Management

Users can publish updates and actions on all screens together thanks to the bulk screen management feature of CloudyfyTV.

Live Broadcast Image

Live Broadcast

The sole objective of the Live Broadcast feature in digital signage is to provide infotainment (information and entertainment) for your target audience.

Advance Schedule

Advanced Scheduling

This feature lets you instantly play your content on specific dates, times, and days. You can schedule its broadcast in advance to save time and even repeat the selected content.

Customer Permission

Custom Permissions

You can manage custom roles and permissions using this feature. Default permissions are also available for inviting users.


Visually Appealing Digital Signage Solutions

Highly Effective and Expressive Digital Communication

CloudyFy TV is synonymous with elegant and engaging digital signage software that can play media across the network of screens using cloud technology.

Offer Your Customers an Excellent Visual Experience

Our user-friendly and highly customizable digital signage solutions can help brands connect with people easily. As an enterprise-grade software, CloudyFy TV enables you to create and send dynamic content across various devices including video walls, kiosks, digital signs, and touchscreen displays

  • Memorable Visual Experience with Rich Content and Graphics
  • Effective and Real-time Communication for Spreading Awareness


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Senior Application Officer - Afghanistan International Bank

I want to share a little bit about the experience I've had working with Silicon It Hub. These guys are fun to work with. They're professional. I communicate with them via loom and they take the instructions and turn it into a beautiful deliverable. We've let them into our most sensitive assets. They haven't broken anything. As a matter of fact, they fixed outages and repaired vulnerabilities that were left by previous developers. So these guys are awesome.

Executive Vice President

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