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At Silicon, we value your business, time, and goals! We believe every project is unique and your business requirements deserve dedicated effort. Our expert consultants can help you build your team of experienced professionals to meet complexities and address challenges. Our 360-degree software development services can guide you throughout your project to get a seamless solution.

With over two decades of experience in the IT sector, we are in a position to find innovative solutions for varied organizational challenges across different industry sectors. You can hire dedicated developers to get user-friendly and customized solutions in web, mobile apps, and enterprise software development. Our expert developers can integrate technological advancements to build robust, secure app solutions at competitive rates.

Professionals You Can Hire

Build Your Team from Highly Talented Workforce

Project Manager

Project Manager

Our project managers can handle and execute projects of any size by focusing on every detail.  

UX Team Lead

UX Team Lead

Our experienced UX team leaders know every idea for engaging end-users for a long time. 

Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer

Our front-end developers have insights into cutting-edge tools and technologies with the trends. 

UX Researcher

UX Researcher

Our UX researchers explore the user’s behavior, conduct research, and define the user’s needs. 

UX Designer

UX Designer

Our designers build unique animations and graphics to offer a rich visual experience to users. 

Cloud Architect

Cloud Architect

Our skilled cloud architects can help you reach the next level of security with better accessibility. 

DevOps Team Lead

DevOps Team Lead

Our expert DevOps Team Lead can automate tasks in developing and deploying the code. 

Backend Team Leads

Backend Team Leads

Get an experienced team leader to manage your team of backend developers efficiently. 

Backend Developer

Backend Developer

Our backend developers focus on the server’s functionality to ensure seamless performance. 

QA Team Lead

QA Team Lead

Our QA team lead ensures that you do not face any issues after getting the final product delivered.

QA Analyst

QA Analyst

Our QA Team Lead ensures that you do not face any issues after the final solution is developed. 

Site Reliability Engg.

Site Reliability Engg.

Our SRE teams can solve issues, and automate operational tasks using the system as a tool. 

System Administrator

System Administrator

Our System Admins have an in-depth understanding to deal with software and hardware. 

IT Support and Services

IT Support and Services

Be it real-time tech support or strategic consulting, you can simply hire dedicated IT resources.  

Process to Hire

How to Build an Offshore Team?

  • Define the Purpose


    Define the specific software purpose for end-to-end services and comprehensive outcomes.

  • Select the Team Member


    Pick out an exact match after examining our candidates that suit your requirements.

  • Determine the Goals


    Establish goals that are something you can realistically achieve with the help of our experts.

  • Set Expectations


    Formulate and communicate to set your expectations for higher performance from the team.

  • Monitor and Review


    Track, review, and regulate the progress and performance of your project.

Software Development is Our Forte

Core Business Benefits of Building a Team with Us

Whatever the size of your project and irrespective of the industry sector of your company, our teams of dedicated developers can build robust and user-friendly software with desired features. 


Reduced Cost

Our experienced developers can find new ways to reduce the number of reworks thereby saving a significant amount of time and development cost. 


Complete Control

Get the ownership of the team and leverage its every facet to meet your project requirements and the best possible outcome from our end. 


High Scalability

You can scale up your team based on your project requirements anytime as we offer high flexibility and scalability in our engagement models. 


Talented Workforce

When you hire dedicated developers from Silicon, you can get a talented workforce consisting of certified professionals in various technologies. 

Challenges Your Team of Developers Can Handle

Local Skills Deficit

Local Skills Deficit

Our dedicated developers have hands-on experiences in their niche areas. You can overcome the skill deficit by hiring our developers for your project. 

Higher Costs

Higher Costs

You can mitigate higher costs in terms of overhead expenses associated with resources, operations, and infrastructure with Silicon IT Hub. 

Focus on Multiple Activities

Focus on Multiple Activities

Developing smart software for modern enterprises is our forte since inception and you can easily focus on core activities when we build software. 

Lack of Automation

Lack of Automation

We take care of every process of your web or app project ranging from conceptualization to deployment of a custom solution and bring automation. 

Difficulty in Technology Adoption

Difficulty in Technology Adoption

Internal IT teams may find it difficult to get adapted to new technologies for many reasons but your team in Silicon can easily address this challenge. 

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Regular software maintenance is important for your company, and we offer excellent support and maintenance services to let you gain the benefits.

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How To Save Thousands of Bucks by Building Your Team?

When you outsource your software development project to a reputed and reliable company like Silicon, you can reduce various expenses and gain a competitive edge over peers. 

  • You can save big on establishing state-of-the-art infrastructure 
  • You can save on recruitment, training, and individual employee’s salary
  • You can save on arranging additional training sessions for your in-house teams
  • You can save on overheads and legal or other expenses while building your team

What's Included

  • whats Included-High-Speed-Internet

    High-Speed Internet

  • In-House Shared Services

    In-House Shared Services

  • High Configuration Computer

    High Configuration Computer

  • Security Camera

    Security Camera

  •  Finance Department

    Finance Department

  • Office Boy

    Office Boy

  • IT Support

    IT Support

  • Lean Software Development

    Lean Software Development

  • Fire Safety

    Fire Safety

  • Dedicated Phone Number and Email

    Dedicated Phone Number and Email

  • Security Guard

    Security Guard


The client is a leading company that is selling sneakers.

The client was looking for an eCommerce mobile app for online shopping dedicated to sneakers that helps customers to sell or shop their favorite sneakers online. The client aims for the features like user profiles, product selling, messages and notifications, e-wallets, digital lock, and wishlist.

Silicon’s talented mobile app development team developed and designed the features in the app exactly in a manner that people can easily go through. The seller can effortlessly put up the sneakers to sell along with their features, images, and price tags. The buyers can easily shop for their favorite pair of sneakers and even share their experiences with the sneaker community.
Users can create a profile on the eCommerce app, add sneakers to the wishlist, and create a group of sneaker-interested buddies to share a bond. This eCommerce app enables users to showcase their own collection by uploading HD pictures and keeping their own collection safe with a digital lock. The e-wallet with a payment gateway helps with secure transactions. Users will receive real-time push notifications for any incoming/outgoing messages.



The client is a travel company that sponsors wild nature resorts located in forests and mountains, farm stays, and vineyards if users need to go on a business trip, plan a perfect weekend, or just simply plan a vacation with their family or friends.

The client was looking for a perfect travel booking service app that can help them to manage all their travel-related needs in a go. The client aims for the features such as flight booking, train booking, bus tickets, holiday planning, and hotel booking. The client wanted to ensure their customer loyalty by providing an improved user experience.

Silicon’s team launched the project with all the required features. The app enables easy navigation to look for flights, apply different filters like price, stars, timing, etc. and make the booking as quickly as possible in a few taps! In case users plan to travel by train then they can make prior bookings to confirm the seats by entering the ‘departure’ and ‘destination’ locations along with the traveling dates and get them booked. This app even lets the app users book bus tickets for their journey.
If users have some holidays coming up and have no idea about how to spend them, the planning holiday feature will help to book the perfect holiday based on their vacation interests. The hotel booking feature lets the users book hotels by browsing different hotels based on their stars, availability, amenities, etc.


Veggie Paradise

The client is a US-based organization that is managing cross-functional retail, hotel, restaurant, and other businesses.

The client required a social media app to connect vegetarian food lovers, find recipes and places, and get updates on the latest food trends. Users can also order food online and get it delivered to the doorstep through this restaurant food delivery app. This way the app owner can easily find a way to connect with the target audience through the medium of food.

Silicon has developed an app that enables users to find menus from restaurants located in their vicinity within a said radius. It helps users to discover popular dishes in the restaurant along with images, prices, and reviews to make the buying process simpler. Users can also check out the activities of the people with whom they are connected such as their posts about different vegetarian dishes and more.
The app comes with a particular section that has been listed with the most popular and trending dishes among users’ food-loving community. Users can simply order food online from the app. It will work as an online food delivery app and get the food delivered to the doorstep. Users need to ‘Add to Cart’ and make payment!

Veggie Paradise


The client is a major road marking company based in Edmonton that provides comprehensive road marking services to their customers across Alberta and into the surrounding provinces and territories. The company specializes in both painted and durable roadway markings.

The client already has an online presence with a website for their services but they were facing some issues with various functionalities as they were not performing well. Silicon was briefed in close cooperation with the team of developers and asked for the complete functional testing of the website. Developers need to update the already existing functionalities and add some additional features as well.

Silicon’s talented development team built and designed the features of the website exactly the way elaborated by the client. The website includes features such as employee management that help to manage all the details of each employee, employee’s work records that show the work performed by the employees, all the details of clients, working orders, on hand jobs, inventory details, informative incident/accident reports, payroll, purchase orders, etc. with the universal and intuitive user interface.
All the features make the website affordable and applicable to a wide range of potential users resulting in a significant boost in sales.


Trade CreDebt

The client is an organization that provides finance for almost all types of international trade. Their services are used to finance vessel chartering, mobilization, surveys, and operational costs in the shipping industry.

The client needed to develop a comprehensive website to bring together and showcase all the services in order to give their customers the opportunity to quickly get all-inclusive information. The client wants to develop the features like shipping finance, trade finance, franchise, contact form for the inquiry, and user-friendly design.

Silicon’s team with years of expertise in web development and customization delivered a fully-functional website in WordPress. With the website, the client can deliver world-class global ship finance for operators and charterers based in Dublin, Ireland, and Greenwich. They offer end users better and faster alternative international trade finance solutions compared to the banks. The finance franchise is specifically designed for experienced professionals that want to use their knowledge to open their own businesses. For easy inquiry, the platform has a Contact Us page through which making a call on the mentioned number, or sending an email is effortless.

Trade CreDebt

Pay2Go Travel

The client is a company that provides travel agencies with a new-age system to process transactions and manage how payments are made.

The client wants to develop a website that enables their end-users with flexible payment options without any hidden fees. Additionally, the client was looking for secure API integration into the checkout system to allow fast and easy sign-up along with picking payment terms according to the customer’s budget.

The team of Silicon has developed a website using the Laravel framework with the feature of account creation for first-time users. After successfully creating an account, users can log in with the right credentials. The platform offers an API that can be integrated on third-party servers, showing different payment options once the API is integrated, and showing different EMI options. Furthermore, users can see payment summaries and easily identify the status of EMIs. Hosts can register and sell their API and can see all the transactions and profits. Users can contact by filling contact form for any of their queries.



Some of Your Common Questions are Answered Here

What types of developers are available to build an extended team?

IT solution providers or software development companies have in-house teams of experienced developers for various domains, including but not limited to
  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Full-stack developers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Web developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Data scientists
  • AI/ML developers
  • Software engineers in various programming languages (e.g., Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, etc.).

How do I build a team for short-term or long-term projects?

Flexible engagement models of the IT solution development company cater to both short-term and long-term hiring needs. Whether you want to build up a team for a one-off project or wish to build an extended team, hiring models are available for all your needs. 

What are the additional services or support offered by software development companies?

Apart from hiring services, software development companies offer support to the client’s company throughout the project completion. If you encounter any technical issues or need assistance, a customer support team is always available to help you.

What are pre-screened developers?

A rigorous screening process that includes technical assessments and interviews is essential to evaluate the skills and approaches of developers. This way, you can get pre-screened developers.

How do I ensure the confidentiality of my project during the hiring process?

Every software development company knows the importance of confidentiality. To protect your project's details, the company signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before discussing sensitive information. It ensures that your project data remains secure throughout the development and deployment stages. 

How do I choose the right offshore software development company?

Choosing the right offshore software development company is cumbersome because many companies claim to offer such services at cheap rates. You can follow the steps given below to select the right offshore development partner-
  • Determine your business needs
  • Conduct extensive research
  • Check out their portfolios
  • Gather information about work culture
  • Evaluate the technical and communication skills of developers

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