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Our flagship Product “SmartCity-311” is a complete suite to manage, supervise and regularize Cities, Towns and Villages using smart phones (Android and iPhone) which helps in Simplifying reporting for government and citizen. Today, hundreds of government employees are utilizing our technology to successfully run their day-to-day government-information tasks efficiently.



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Field Work Monitoring

SmartCity-311 is a Mobile App for officers, which they use to report day-to-dayfield inspectionsfor various categories. This module enables them to capture aphoto of the location, get GPS Information of the location, which automaticallytags its respective wards and zones. Using this module, senior officers and themanagement team of the government, can track down the progress in the fieldmentioned. The messaging / commenting system of our application enablesthem to make task specific communication with officers concerned about thatparticular issue

GPS Attendance

This is a fast and efficient “automatic attendance system,” using GPS and GPRStechnique. Our attendance system overcomes the limitations of the present RFIDas well as “FINGERPRINT” technology. Using this module, Senior officers andManagement can track down information regarding the report, including itslocation and time.

Project Tracking

This module enables the field engineering staffto pursue and manage physicaland financial progress of government projects (for e.g. Drainage or Watersupply.) It’s simple and elegant User Interface allows you to capture criticalinformation in just a few steps.


“iPromise” is acronym for “Intelligent Program For Maintaining Integrated StreetLight & Energy System” which is a Complete Web & Mobile Based Solution forStreet Light Maintenance System

Public Grievances Redressal System

Amazon’s Cloud based Hosted ‘Citizen Relationship Management’ (CRM) solutionfor Government officials is now based on an Open311 protocol, which helpsthem to manage, engage and analyze nonemergency civic issues.
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