Our Esteemed Clients

We made a tailored software for one of our esteemed clients OnSource. Silicon is a leading mobile and web development company for modern enterprises.
We served many corporate clients across India and other countries. Maruti Courier is one of our esteemed clients to whom we delivered web solutions.
Silicon is a trusted partner for government authorities and global corporate giants. Our customized web and mobile app solutions can drive growth.
Silicon has a knack for developing custom healthcare solutions. We served one of our esteemed clients Medical.BH with a seamless web solution.
Silicon is a trusted mobile and web app development partner for enterprises. We built a tailored app for Bluestone Apps, one of our esteemed clients.
We developed tailored software for PIE (Property Inventory Enterprise) with desired features and functionality. We serve corporate clients globally.
We developed custom software for one of our esteemed global corporate clients Invent. Silicon is your preferred end-to-end IT solution provider.
Silicon IT Hub is a one-stop destination for your web and mobile app needs. We offered a custom IT solution to a social tech company, Everything Civic.
At Silicon, we focus on making seamless web and mobile app solutions. We serve a global corporate clientele with enterprise-grade software.
We built user-friendly and feature-rich web solutions for the MSME authority of the GoI. We consider all requirements when making tailored solutions.
Our e-Governance solutions are designed to serve citizens more effectively by streamlining processes and bringing various departments on the same page.
We serve some of the big brands across different industry verticals. We are happy to work for Novotel clients.
We built custom web solutions for Knoxweb, one of our esteemed clients. Silicon is a renowned mobile app and web development company in the USA and India.
We serve some of the big brands across different industry verticals. We are happy to work for Skoda clients.
We serve some of the big brands across different industry verticals. We are happy to work for Genpact clients.
AngularJS Development Company

AngularJS Development Company

As a reputed AngularJS development company, we assist you to drive growth for your business with dynamic and scalable applications. We build robust and high-performance software using AngularJS platform. Silicon has an in-house team of experienced developers who can create enterprise-level apps using cutting-edge tools and advancements in the AngularJS framework. You can avail world-class AngularJS development services at competitive rates.

We combine an innovative approach and agile methodology to build custom web applications. You can hire our dedicated developers to get end-to-end AngularJS web development services. We ensure flawless performance of your web application by integrating various elements of MVC, declarative UI, etc. Get scalable and customizable apps to take your company to the next level with us.

Our AngularJS App Development Services

As a renowned and reputed AngularJS application development agency, we offer

Angular App Development

Angular App Development

As a leading AngularJS development company, we build feature-rich apps with smooth functionality and user-friendly interface. 

Enterprise App Development

Enterprise App Development

Our enterprise solutions based on AngularJS have the potential to increase productivity without compromising performance and quality. 

Upgrade & Migration

Upgrade & Migration

We migrate customers’ existing applications to the AngularJS framework and make advanced apps by using cutting-edge tools.  

E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development

We build feature-rich online stores with a rich user experience and a seamless shopping cart with the help of AngularJS.

Social Networking Platform Development

Social Networking Platform Development

We build social media applications or platforms with the help of a robust AngularJS platform to attract more people to your company. 

QA And Testing

QA And Testing

We ensure that your website remains completely bug-free and runs smoothly when handling multiple processes at once. 

Briefcase of Projects

Why Silicon is Your Preferred AngularJS Development Agency

At Silicon, a team of experienced AngularJS developers can help your company achieve new milestones and meet medium to long-term business objectives. Whether you want to build a customized website from scratch or a feature-rich web application, we support you to achieve the desired outcome. As a reputed AngularJS app development agency, we build custom Angular app solutions with user-friendly designs. Our full-stack development capability, transparent process, and effective communication can assist you to complete your web project on time. 

 Success Rate

100% Success Rate

Retention Rate

75% Retention Rate


2000+ Projects


500+ Clients

Year Experience

21 Years Experience

Talent Pool

200+ Talent Pool

How We Work

Our AngularJS Development Process

As a well-known AngularJS development company, we serve the complex requirements of modern businesses efficiently. Our best-in-class development process can build scalable and tailored Angular solutions to help you grow your business. Get advantage of our dedicated developers’ hands-on experience in the Angular framework. 

Technology Stack

Frameworks, Tools, and Libraries We Leverage the Best

Our Expertise

AI and ML are top emerging technologies using which we make intelligent app solutions. Hire mobile app developers from Silicon to build AI-based apps.

AI Solutions (AI)

If you want to thrive your business online, our eCommerce web development services can assist you. We build tailored eCommerce website and mobile apps.

E-commerce Mobile App

Silicon has an in-house team of experienced app developers that can integrate ML-based features in your customized business application.

Machine Learning (ML)

Our enterprise-level mobile app has many security features like encryption and fingerprint access to ensure the safety and privacy of the user's data.

Finger & Pattern App Security

We build robust eCommerce apps and websites to grow businesses online and enhance branding. We add all necessary features to the eCommerce solution.

In-app Shopping

Offline mode in apps can be useful for your customers. Silicon can ensure the seamless performance of the app even with no access to the Internet.

Offline Watching & Listening

Barcode scanning is one of the essential features in payment or retail apps, and other B2B/B2C apps. Silicon knows what it takes to make a great app.

QR Barcode

Videos can give an interactive and rich visual experience to end users. Silicon can integrate corporate videos into websites and mobile apps.

Video Effects

Our tailored business apps can enhance communication and connectivity by offering voice and chat messaging features. Get advanced enterprise apps now!

Voice Messages

The Way

Our Clients Define Us

I have a small marketing agency and we have worked with Silicon IT, building two mobile apps for approximately the last year, a year and a half actually. And it's been great. They have been very responsive, very professional. Their team of developers is very knowledgeable. So I do highly recommend them. We built both we built native apps for both Android and Apple and it's been great.

CEO and Founder

Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.

I want to share a little bit about the experience I've had working with Silicon It Hub. These guys are fun to work with. They're professional. I communicate with them via loom and they take the instructions and turn it into a beautiful deliverable. We've let them into our most sensitive assets. They haven't broken anything. As a matter of fact, they fixed outages and repaired vulnerabilities that were left by previous developers. So these guys are awesome.

Executive Vice President

Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.

I looked for help and Silicon IT Hub answered the call. I was a little bit hesitant to go outside the US, not sure of what I would be getting, what I would be paying for. But immediately those doubts were put to rest. The professionalism of the staff of the team there. They've been good to me. I have no doubt that the team there would be just as efficient for the job that you need to be completed. Thank you. Silicon It Hub. It's been a pleasure working with you and I hope to do more in the future.

Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.

I've got a travel business known as travel business, the online travel business and I've been using Silicon It Hub for probably a year now. And yeah, I must say that I'm very happy with their services. They respond to my emails very quickly. It's been an easy process using developers from another country. And they're generally very on the ball. And they've created some great stuff from our site and really made my business a lot easier.

Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.
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Some of Your Common Questions are Answered Here

Why should I choose Angular for my app development project?

Angular offers a powerful set of features, such as two-way data binding, dependency injection, and component-based architecture, which streamline development and enhance your app's performance. 

What is SPA in AngularJS?

SPA stands for Single Page Application. These web applications load a single HTML page and only a part of the page gets updated with every click instead of the entire page.   

Which language is used to create apps in Angular?

TypeScript, an Angular framework’s programming language, is the recommended language for creating Angular apps. 

Which websites use Angular?

Google, Forbes, GMail, PayPal, UpWork, and Deutsche Bank are some examples of Angular-powered websites.

Which company made AngularJS?

The search engine giant Google has made AngularJS to build interactive user interfaces. It maintains this framework.

What software is used for AngularJS?

NPM Package Manager is useful for developing AngularJS applications. Aptana Studio is another software to build websites quickly using the AngularJS framework. Eclipse is a flexible and integrated foundation upon which the AngularJS framework is built. 

What is the future of Angular?

Tailored Angular applications are quick and easy-to-use that deliver seamless performance which is necessary for your company to grow and build a brand. The majority of businesses prefer Angular for these reasons, and therefore, Angular has a promising future. 

Why do banks and big companies use Angular?

Angular is ideal to build large, enterprise-grade software. Google itself counts on Angular development for making user-friendly, business-driven, and optimized applications. Banks and financial institutions use Angular because of its high extensibility and scalability in web solutions. 

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