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As Augmented Reality (AR) use is increased for patient care, the healthcare industry is improving safety and efficiency.

By providing the greatest tool for students in the medical field, the AR patient app provides an ability to practice simulated examination of a patient more precisely than ever before.

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Screen and Features

Real Classrooms

Any student can conduct the simulated exams remotely and understand the realities of the real classrooms with the help of our AR Patient app.

Features 2

Speech to Text

We have developed a Siri-like feature for the examination that will detect the User’s speech and convert it to readable text.

Features 3

Body Parts Identifications

We enable students to examine the patient’s body from the 3D model to examine them closer by tapping on every body part.

Features 4

Purchased Plan

Students can purchase the subscription and access even more and more cases and get more practice in diagnosing different patients based on the purchased plan.

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