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Is the Reliable Option to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers?

When you hire dedicated Laravel developers from Silicon, you get tech talents who manage each aspect of your web project. Our Laravel programmers work as your extended team and deliver quality Laravel solutions that work faster and flawlessly. They guarantee a top level of efficiency in the entire project development cycle.

Our Laravel developers are true believers of technologies and build websites by following the latest technology trends. Hence you will leverage advanced web development services at pocket-friendly prices.

Hire Laravel Developers for Dedicated Development Services

We build SaaS solutions for modern enterprises. Get the advantage of advancing technology for your company through our customized SaaS software.

SaaS Product Development

Hire Laravel developers to build a SaaS-based solution for your brand and host it over your servers.

We assist you to bring automation to core processes and transforming your business. Silicon is your reliable digital transformation partner.

Digital Transformation

We incorporate digital technology into all business areas to radically transform the way you operate.

Support & maintenance

Support & maintenance

We ensure your web apps are performing well with our technical support and customer services.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing & Quality Assurance

Hire our QA experts that ensure reliability with a bug-free execution of your Laravel-based websites.

You can get desired features and functionality in your customized application with API integration. We integrate third-party APIs seamlessly.

API integration

Our dedicated Laravel developers help you integrate APIs for better customer engagement and conversions.

iOS App Upgrade

Software upgrade

We don’t just upgrade your web apps for maximum efficiency but also help you migrate them from any other platform.


  • 100% Success Rate
  • 75% Retention Rate
  • 2000+ Projects
  • 500+ Global Clients

Hire a dedicated Laravel developer for creating custom web and mobile app solutions

Laravel professionals from Silicon IT Hub have hands-on experience in the field of Laravel app development.

fire safety

Safe and secure

We hire developers after conducting a thorough interview process and background checks. So you can work with them securely.

public transportation mobile app


Our Laravel developers know how to maintain full transparency while working on your project. They provide everything from timesheets to work records that will help you stay updated with your project.

22 Years Experience

Expert Developers

You will have access to a pool of skilled Laravel developers ready to offer their significant advice on the go.


Confidentiality With NDA

By signing a service agreement and NDA before providing any services, we ensure to not reveal any information we have collected.


On-Demand Scalability

We provide complete administrative support that helps you expand your growth abilities by working with our professionals.



Our Laravel developers work on your project according to your time zone.



Our Hiring Models for Laravel App Development help you mitigate the costs, deliver within your budget, and also you don’t have to compromise on quality.

Dedicated Part-Time Hourly Basis
Hours 8 Hours Per Day 4 Hours Per Day 10 Hours per week
Contract Period 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Methodology Agile and Waterfall
Requirement Type Evolving Evolving Evolving
Client’s Involvement Low Medium Medium
Size of Project Large Medium Small
Billing Monthly Monthly Minimum 80 hours
Communication Phone, Chat, E-mail Phone, Chat, E-mail Phone, Chat, E-mail
Project Trackers Daily Reports, Basecamp, Jira, Redmine, etc.

Hire Laravel Developers With Full-stack Expertise

Hire our highly skilled Laravel app developers that help you accelerate time-to-market and ensure success.

Security of corporate data and privacy protection for your customers remain our top priority. Get a Silicon advantage with secure business software.

Laravel Web Development

We hire developers after conducting a thorough interview process and background checks. So you can work with them securely.

We assist you to bring automation to core processes and transforming your business. Silicon is your reliable digital transformation partner.

Laravel Extension Development

Smart Laravel extension development to boost site performance and accelerate customer experience.

We use robust databases like MongoDB and DynamoDB for storing critical corporate data. Silicon is a renowned mobile and web development company.

Laravel Customisation & Integration

Our team of Laravel Developers deal with third-party API integration and customise solutions based on your organisational needs.

Laravel Migrations & Upgrades

We help you to migrate between Laravel platforms and receive regular updates to integrate the advanced features/functionalities from our professional Laravel developers.

Our reliable and real-time customer support services can assist you to resolve your queries and implement suggestions in your ongoing project quickly.

Laravel Support & Maintenance

Laravel offers automated testing to ensure the new modifications in the app will not impact the app’s functionality.


Laravel eCommerce Development

Our Laravel developers create comprehensive eCommerce apps to boost the scope of your e-store.

Hiring Process


Based on your requirements, our team will evaluate the project scope and the resources needed.


Choose the best team of dedicated developers from our wide-ranging pool of extremely talented resources for your project.


Select the engagement model that fits your development needs and pay for the same directly through secure digital platforms.


Execute a project onboard and start assigning tasks according to the roles and skills of the hired developers.

Huge Benefits of Laravel Development

Laravel is one of the widely accepted open-source PHP frameworks to develop a comprehensive and efficient web app. Laravel offers many benefits such as,



Laravel makes authentication simpler allowing users to set up the roles by implementing authorization logic and offering permissions to the resources.



It is easy to integrate Laravel with tools like Redis, Memcached, and the cache backend. It allows you to set up the system to store the cached files on the back end.

Mail services

Mail services

Laravel offers drivers like SMTP, Sendmail, spark post and more that enable users to send email using local and cloud-based services.

Handling Technical vulnerabilities

Laravel effectively manages the errors that impact user satisfaction. Additionally, Laravel has a library called Mono-log logging that provides different log handlers support.



Laravel offers automated testing to ensure the new modifications in the app will not impact the app’s functionality.



Laravel protects the app from all the serious security risks and safeguards the web app.

MVC architecture

MVC architecture

MVC allows users to differentiate the logic and presentations. It improves performance, creates documentation and provides different built-in features.

Task scheduling

Task scheduling

Laravel command scheduler manages scheduled tasks within the app code and monitors through source control systems like git.

Pay2Go Travel


The client is a company that provides travel agencies with a new-age system to process transactions and manage how payments are made.


The client wants to develop a website that enables their end-users with flexible payment options without any hidden fees. Additionally, the client was looking for secure API integration into the checkout system to allow fast and easy sign-up along with picking payment terms according to the customer’s budget.


The team of Silicon has developed a website using the Laravel framework with the feature of account creation for first-time users. After successfully creating an account, users can log in with the right credentials. The platform offers an API that can be integrated on third-party servers, showing different payment options once the API is integrated, and showing different EMI options. Furthermore, users can see payment summaries and easily identify the status of EMIs. Hosts can register and sell their API and can see all the transactions and profits. Users can contact by filling contact form for any of their queries.

Pay2Go Travel

Trade CreDebt


The client is an organization that provides finance for almost all types of international trade. Their services are used to finance vessel chartering, mobilization, surveys, and operational costs in the shipping industry.


The client needed to develop a comprehensive website to bring together and showcase all the services in order to give their customers the opportunity to quickly get all-inclusive information. The client wants to develop the features like shipping finance, trade finance, franchise, contact form for the inquiry, and user-friendly design.


Silicon’s team with years of expertise in web development and customization delivered a fully-functional website in WordPress. With the website, the client can deliver world-class global ship finance for operators and charterers based in Dublin, Ireland, and Greenwich. They offer end users better and faster alternative international trade finance solutions compared to the banks. The finance franchise is specifically designed for experienced professionals that want to use their knowledge to open their own businesses. For easy inquiry, the platform has a Contact Us page through which making a call on the mentioned number, or sending an email is effortless.

Trade CreDebt



The client is a major road marking company based in Edmonton that provides comprehensive road marking services to their customers across Alberta and into the surrounding provinces and territories. The company specializes in both painted and durable roadway markings.


The client already has an online presence with a website for their services but they were facing some issues with various functionalities as they were not performing well. Silicon was briefed in close cooperation with the team of developers and asked for the complete functional testing of the website. Developers need to update the already existing functionalities and add some additional features as well.


Silicon’s talented development team built and designed the features of the website exactly the way elaborated by the client. The website includes features such as employee management that help to manage all the details of each employee, employee’s work records that show the work performed by the employees, all the details of clients, working orders, on hand jobs, inventory details, informative incident/accident reports, payroll, purchase orders, etc. with the universal and intuitive user interface.
All the features make the website affordable and applicable to a wide range of potential users resulting in a significant boost in sales.


Best Offerings of Silicon IT Hub Laravel Development Services

Silicon IT Hub always believes in going the extra mile to deliver comprehensive software products that are future-ready. Hence, we have established ourselves as a leading Laravel development service provider after spending more than two decades in the mobile and web development industry.

No matter how challenging your Laravel app goals are, we put every effort into ensuring your Laravel project requirements address your vision.

Our range of Laravel development services comprises,

  • Portal web apps development (forums, learning, news, job sites and more.)
  • MVC Support and object-oriented approach
  • CMS (Content management systems)
  • Static and dynamic web pages development
  • E-commerce store development
  • Single and multi-page app development
  • Enterprise-level app development
  • Built-in authentication and authorisation

How do you want us to help revolutionise your business with Laravel-based solutions?

Contact us today to discuss your unique idea, and we will convert it into a real-world app solution.

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Our Clients Define Us

I looked for help and Silicon IT Hub answered the call. I was a little bit hesitant to go outside the US, not sure of what I would be getting, what I would be paying for. But immediately those doubts were put to rest. The professionalism of the staff of the team there. They've been good to me. I have no doubt that the team there would be just as efficient for the job that you need to be completed. Thank you. Silicon It Hub. It's been a pleasure working with you and I hope to do more in the future.

Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.

I've got a travel business known as travel business, the online travel business and I've been using Silicon It Hub for probably a year now. And yeah, I must say that I'm very happy with their services. They respond to my emails very quickly. It's been an easy process using developers from another country. And they're generally very on the ball. And they've created some great stuff from our site and really made my business a lot easier.

Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.

I want to share a little bit about the experience I've had working with Silicon It Hub. These guys are fun to work with. They're professional. I communicate with them via loom and they take the instructions and turn it into a beautiful deliverable. We've let them into our most sensitive assets. They haven't broken anything. As a matter of fact, they fixed outages and repaired vulnerabilities that were left by previous developers. So these guys are awesome.

Executive Vice President

Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.

I have a small marketing agency and we have worked with Silicon IT, building two mobile apps for approximately the last year, a year and a half actually. And it's been great. They have been very responsive, very professional. Their team of developers is very knowledgeable. So I do highly recommend them. We built both we built native apps for both Android and Apple and it's been great.

CEO and Founder

Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.
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