IT Solutions for Education/eLearning Industry

IT Solutions for Education/eLearning Industry

Silicon offers advanced e-learning solutions by focusing on building learner appropriate strategies that ensure learners never stop. Our developers build education solutions customized to various learning styles and proficiency levels. We make sure that your apps contribute to changing the learning environment with the help of more personalized and research-validated programs.

IT Solutions for Education/eLearning Industry
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We aid clients to unleash the power of digital learning and deal with various educational gaps and challenges. We help establish an environment where your users can access their educational resources from any device, whenever, wherever they need them. Our eLearning solutions are intended to enhance student engagement and boost productivity.

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Education/eLearning IT Solutions Blending educational expertise and technology in a single solution.

An E-learning portal is a user-friendly website that enables communication and collaboration on e-learning content such as courses, presentations, tests, etc.

  • Management of Learning Content

    Support multilingual content, support different content types(text, audio, video, images), students can search learning content by titles and full-text, and organized storage of material.

  • Delivery of Learning Content

    Different devices are accessible for students and teachers, online assignments, student performance analysis, student profiles with contact details, courses details, tests, etc.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Provide learning history and progress, collect feedback from students, and provide a dashboard containing details of learning content usage, student performance, and time duration spent on various courses.

  • Social learning and interaction

    Users will have discussion boards and forums, learning communities, and chatting facilities and interact through likes, shares, and comments.

  • Security

    Users will have role-based access to training materials, and students will have learning records.

Silicon is one of the leading Learning Management System providers for the manufacturing, and construction industries. The goal of the learning portal is to provide and enhance knowledge for the construction industry workforce and create learning anytime, anywhere.

  • Performance Management

    It enables student progress tracking, performance incentives, and custom course completion certificates.

  • Administration

    Portal enables user-friendly administration that helps to manage passwords, user provisioning, organization and role management, and request tracking.

  • Extensive Reporting

    Users will have a learning history and progress report, providing a dashboard with all the details of learning content usage, learner’s performance, and time duration spent on various courses.

  • Access management

    Portal enables access to entities such as roles, entitlements, accounts as well as admin roles.

  • Notifications

    Portal users can receive notifications for new learning content that encourage them to learn more on the website.

  • Easy navigation

    The portal enables easy navigation to browse multiple courses and select the most suitable based on the learner’s requirements.

The product information management solution in AWS allows the client to arrange the centralized storage and efficient management of college data obtained from various sources and in different formats.

  • Information Management

    The software consolidates all the college profiles, admission details, scholarships, and more into one system.

  • Data Import/Export

    A product information management solution supports data export from external sources and imports various formats suitable for Excel-like .csv and .xlsx.

  • Data Storage

    The software system can have a large data storage capacity, flexibility for third-party software integration, and automated reporting.

  • Users Management

    The product information management software was able to manage the load of a minimum of 100 simultaneous users.

  • Cloud Computing

    The product information management solution is managed on the cloud – AWS. It enables users to gain access to the information at any time, anywhere.

A mobile game to train kids for Mathes, Logical, and Memory abilities. The app enables young children to learn numbers and mathematics. It features different mini-games that toddlers will love to play.

  • Real-time Reports

    The app algorithm offers real-time reports that enable parents to identify what their child is working on and their progress.

  • Counting

    The game enables children and pre-K kids to learn how to count objects in the simple game of addition.

  • Compare

    The game helps kids to enhance their counting and comparing skills to identify the group of items that are smaller or bigger.

  • Adding and Subtracting Quiz

    It is possible to see how much a child has improved in their addition and subtraction skills with the math Quiz.

  • Adding and Subtracting Puzzle

    A game where toddlers add math issues by dragging numbers on the screen and filling in the missing symbol in the math problem.

  • Adding and Subtracting Fun

    Children can calculate the items and tap on the absent number to crack the puzzle.

Learning Portal Development for Construction Specialists

The British client is an occupational qualification assessment provider in the construction sector. They offer alternate solutions to the training process and competence management.

The client discovers an underused market niche in occupational training and internship programs. They want to fulfill the evolving need for the programs in construction craft, occupational health, and safety, supervisory and management, general business leadership and management, etc., by providing an online learning portal.

Silicon’s team of skilled professionals developed a learning portal along with an online integrated knowledge and learning management system. It enables overall administration and management service via an intuitive interface. The portal helps occupational and higher educational institutions, private training providers, internal training managers of enterprises, and learners to interact flawlessly.

Learning Portal Development

Portal Development for E-learning

The client is a British university renowned for adhering to high educational standards and has wide-ranging domestic and international learners.
The distance learning programs were expected to automate each educational method, like tests and examinations. It also desires to enable online conversation between students and academic experts.
Silicon’s team successfully produced the web portal and assisted clients to meet their deadlines. The end product gets delivered ahead of the timeframe as there is a clear architecture supported by the complete set of the project documentation. Ultimately, the client reserves some funds. Right now, the team is working on online training and certification functionalities.

Portal Development for E-learning

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I looked for help and Silicon IT Hub answered the call. I was a little bit hesitant to go outside the US, not sure of what I would be getting, what I would be paying for. But immediately those doubts were put to rest. The professionalism of the staff of the team there. They've been good to me. I have no doubt that the team there would be just as efficient for the job that you need to be completed. Thank you. Silicon It Hub. It's been a pleasure working with you and I hope to do more in the future. Quote Icon

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Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.

I want to share a little bit about the experience I've had working with Silicon It Hub. These guys are fun to work with. They're professional. I communicate with them via loom and they take the instructions and turn it into a beautiful deliverable. We've let them into our most sensitive assets. They haven't broken anything. As a matter of fact, they fixed outages and repaired vulnerabilities that were left by previous developers. So these guys are awesome. Quote Icon

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Executive Vice President

Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.

I have a small marketing agency and we have worked with Silicon IT, building two mobile apps for approximately the last year, a year and a half actually. And it's been great. They have been very responsive, very professional. Their team of developers is very knowledgeable. So I do highly recommend them. We built both we built native apps for both Android and Apple and it's been great. Quote Icon

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CEO and Founder

Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.

I've got a travel business known as travel business, the online travel business and I've been using Silicon It Hub for probably a year now. And yeah, I must say that I'm very happy with their services. They respond to my emails very quickly. It's been an easy process using developers from another country. And they're generally very on the ball. And they've created some great stuff from our site and really made my business a lot easier. Quote Icon

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Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.
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