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Silicon offers advanced cloud-based Logistics & Distribution software solutions that improve, resolve, and streamline supply chain management. It enhances the collaboration among providers, companies, and clients engaged in the logistic process. Our Logistics & Distribution software development services unify your front-facing and back-end operations.

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Our domain expertise, consulting, software design, and business evaluation experience enable us to develop future-ready logistics software solutions for your end-users and deliver a seamless customer experience. Our software incorporates systems like CRM, ERP, CMS, and internal and third-party applications to completely integrate your enterprise.

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Logistics & Distribution IT Solutions Delivering comprehensive system software that is tailor-made for your business.

An ETC system software can electronically charge a toll to a confirmed customer account. The software can identify whether a passing vehicle is registered, automatically charge them, and alert local highway patrol about non-registered users.

  • Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC)

    AVC systems comprise sensors installed in the toll lanes that aid to discover and classify different vehicles for accurate tolling.

  • Camera-based VES

    Camera-based VES (Violation Enforcement System) clicks the images of every passing vehicle’s front and/or back license plates, based on the toll authority’s regulation.

  • Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

    The AVI system determines every vehicle to charge the toll to a certain customer with the help of barcode labels attached to the vehicle, proximity card, radio transponder, and electronic license plate identification.

  • Back Office Service

    It collects transactional data from different lanes, summarizes it, generates reports, and downloads files like toll rates, schedules, and transponder status lists.

  • RFID-based ETC

    The RFID-based ETC system enables automatic toll collection. Vehicles need not perform any action or stop the vehicle at the toll booth. The toll gets deducted from their accounts automatically.

  • RFID tag-based System

    The system helps with spotting any vehicle theft, any violation of traffic signals or traffic rules-regulations, over-speeding vehicles, and more.

The public transport app informs users about different modes of available transport, their routes, timings, and fares related to a specific distance. This mobile app is developed for perfection and aids users to get real-time location.

  • GPS Tracking

    GPS monitoring enables app users to track the exact location of their rides so they plan accordingly. Users can stay updated with real-time location updates.

  • Maps

    Integration of a geolocation map helps users with the directions to the bus or train stations. The map is connected with the specific services of transportation available in the specific cities.

  • Offline Mode

    The feature of offline mode aids users to discover their route to the desired location. This feature comprises fixed routes, the number of stations, and well-known locations.

  • Push Notifications

    It informs users about the upcoming situation such as traffic, emergencies, new construction, delays, etc. so users can plan their journey in advance.

  • Ride History

    It enables users to discover their already traveled locations and the mode of transport throughout the journey. It helps users in assessing the routes and their costs so they can select the best based on the data.

  • Ticket Booking

    It enables users to book tickets to various locations using digital payment methods. Users can book, buy, and verify tickets with their Smartphones.

Fleet management includes tasks like registering vehicle details and servicing schedules, maintaining drivers’ and vehicles’ history, and gathering compliance reports. Besides commercial vehicles, private vehicles that are utilized for working purposes are also involved in fleet management.

  • Real-time GPS Tracking

    Regardless of the number of vehicles in the fleet, the fleet management solution aims to track and safeguard assets from theft or harm.

  • Live Alerts

    Users will receive live over-speeding alerts, entry/exit point alerts, real-time tracking idling, and vehicle service alerts.

  • Fleet Health

    Users will get a diagnostic, mileage, and health report of all the vehicles in the fleet and focus on the fleet’s health and expand a business.

  • Fleet Operation Management

    Users can control each important aspect of day-to-day fleet operations with a single click.

  • Fleet Fuel Cost Management

    GPS fleet tracking can aid to mitigate fuel expenditures along with tracking driver’s behavior, decreasing too much idling time and saving big on Fuel expenses.

  • Streamline the Communication

    Fleet management software helps to simplify communication among businesses and their delivery partners. The availability of partners and inventories are analyzed in real-time.

The system provides fast responses and takes proper actions within a short timeframe if any emergency takes place. The rail safety solutions contribute toward making the rail sector safer to operate. Our rail safety solution is transforming the railway industry.

  • Centralized Safety Reporting

    It promotes a culture of safety with a centralized software system that offers control of incidents and corrective and protective actions.

  • Document Management

    The safety solution helps to create and store policies and procedures in a centralized document management system.

  • Audit Management

    Solve any concerns from the inception with an operational audit system. It helps to get a clear picture of a business procedure along with logging them with an auditing system.

  • Geo-tagging Capability

    The safety solution improves the safety with geo-tagging and pictorial incidents and sound reporting.

  • Rail Safety Legislation

    The rail safety software helps mitigate the time, effort, and expenses in discovering, translating, and rendering rail safety compliance commitment.

Smart Transportation App Testing for Electronic Toll Collection

The client is a provider of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) that utilize data and communication technologies to assist and improve road transportation, comprising structure, vehicles, users, and industry. The app’s purpose is to enhance traffic flow, improve road safety, aid to safeguard the environment and improve public security.

Development of a system that performs completely automated e-collection and processing of vehicle tolling data without any intervention to traffic flow. Based on microwave DSRC technology, the system enables road users to pay for tolls without stopping at toll plazas. Due to direct communication between the onboard unit (OBU) integrated into the vehicle and the toll booths, the toll would be calculated automatically.

Silicon’s Quality Analysts put a considerable amount of effort into the on-field testing with the local system operators. They performed functional, regression, and localization testing of system modules. Also tested results reporting, reviewed bugs, and evaluated product quality. All processes are performed by following agile methodology.

Smart Transportation App Testing

Public Transportation Mobile App Development

The client has a national public transportation network serving 30M+ passenger journeys every year.

The client wants to build a mobile app for tramways schedule to implement the current online service. The app should offer passengers the current information for a highly comfortable journey.

Silicon built a mobile app that offers all the essential information about customer service. The app enables users to discover the nearest stop and real-time forecasts of vehicle arrival. The app also offers details about routes and schedules and counts charges among two stops to make journey planning highly precise. The app grabs customers’ attention and enhances customer credibility.

Public Transportation Mobile App Development

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Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.

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Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.

I have a small marketing agency and we have worked with Silicon IT, building two mobile apps for approximately the last year, a year and a half actually. And it's been great. They have been very responsive, very professional. Their team of developers is very knowledgeable. So I do highly recommend them. We built both we built native apps for both Android and Apple and it's been great. Quote Icon

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Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.

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Our valuable clients' feedback gives us new strength and motivation to excel while maintaining quality. Silicon is your trusted mobile app developer.
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