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A normal event requires phone calls, meetings, and a lot of back and forth. Not with Staffwerks! Staffwerks brings the convenience of the gig economy to the corporate events world.

The app streamlines the event creation & management process that makes communication, changes, and updates painless for all parties involved!

Whether it’s Hospitality, Food Service, Catering, Hotels and Management, Conventions, HealthCare, Senior Living, Production, Vending, Banquets, Cooks, Servers, Bussers, Dishwashers, or Utility, any industry event can easily be managed with Staffwerk.

Staffwerk app
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Staff werk app

All Features

Home Screen

Sign up or log in as a Company and can favorite Werkers. Start building long-lasting relationships that allow both parties to succeed.

Sign up or log in as an Employee (Werkers), set the available hours, and also instantly update on changes.

Sign Up Screen

Whether you are a company or an employee, provide all the details to sign up successfully on the app.

Company Profile Management 

A company can display the details like a vacant number of positions, event time, event date, and how much a Werker will get paid for his/her work.

Events History 

A company can also view a history of the events they have managed using the StaffWerk platform.

Company Profile

A Werker can see all the details of the company like company name, address, number of vacant positions, Job description, Job Notes, and Location on the Google Map. 

Company’s News & Events

The Staffwerk app also displays all the latest news regarding the company and its events. 

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