What Is HRMS? & How Would You Organize The Internal Monitoring?     

What Is HRMS? & How Would You Organize The Internal Monitoring?     
December 11, 2018

Who doesn’t want their employees to be on time and be regular on their stuff? Is CCTV able to fulfill the satisfaction of having honest employees? Maybe, no! Well, to keep up the top-notch performance of your employees, you must have hired the best in breed people. But what if you still in search of being best and finding ways to reach out your employees at every level?

Well, accountability of employees can be measured once they work in your organization and not at the time of interviewing them. And for that later assessing thing, you need some indeed RoboHelp.

Yes, here the robots won’t come and see whether your employees are working or not but definitely not the human as well. Now that we are in an era of Information and Technology and all we need is software to get things done.

We are an IT company and working in Web & Mobile App Industry as a leading IT company in India and we too, have need of this smarty (Software). What we conducted so far is, developed a software (an app or chrome extension). Yes, we adore developing customized software, web applications, and mobile apps.

What an advanced level of HRMS system can do if you integrate into your systems and at your office? Let’s explore here:

Talking about our system, basically, it’s a chrome app which keeps on working in and as background script. It seems an extension which extends browser functionality and features. Since the app we are talking about does not depend on the Chrome browser application so it ain’t an extension but the chrome app.

What is HRMS?

HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System. It mainly works for maintaining, monitoring and organizing resources in a meaningful way and by using modern ways. This is the simplest way to connect human resources with information and technology tools i.e., software.

Well, to manage the workplace as a certain good place and an indeed priority for all the employees, these software/applications work as the prime support system.

Which Technologies are enough to make this superpower system?

The idea of making HRMS system digital is performed by using simplest form technologies such as YII2 (PHP Framework), use of Chrome Background Script along with the MySQL Database.

As simple as it is but creative though.

What do these HRMS / HRIS (Human Resource Information System) Systems do?

Employee Login Time:

It is indeed an important thing to manage the timing of all the employees. Apart from the punch machine record, they should be monitored by their system, too. To notice the actual time of being in work, this tracking software would be a plus for any organization. So the HRMS software can be useful in marking the exact punch time of the employees by making it autostart when their system gets started.

Employee Engagement:

How do your employees work? Do they work continuously or stuck sometimes? Well, to notice all sort of stuff about your employees is easy with this system. The system can track how many times your employee gets idle? Even you can set the time for which you are allowing employees to be free. I.e., employees are not working for more than 5 minutes and the system will consider them as idle.

The automatic consideration of break time will be in the same pattern. Also, the system can show a total working time of each employee. Also, each employee can know his / her actual (real time) logged in in their dashboards.  

Leave Management:

The system will manage the employee leave management. As the employees would have a certain number of leaves in a year and that so complicated in keeping in sheets or so. Well, when we have such an automatic system like advanced HRMS, it is easy to get automatic updates of employees leaves in their specific user profile and admins.

Knowledge Sharing:

This intelligent system has provision for knowledge sharing as well. The organization would have some knowledge sharing documents to discuss and share with. These all documentation/knowledge resources can be share in-between the organization’s staff. One can view the knowledge resource shared by the leaders or project managers from the system itself.

Chat / Internal Conversations:

The advanced HRMS systems are meant to have multiple features such as chat for making easy internal conversations. The employees can easily interact with each other using the application. The task allocation is being done by the senior team members and that’s when a team needs to communicate with them at any instance of time.

Well, there are many web development companies making their way to customized software development industry. If you’re the one searching safe side for your employee management, do feel free to approach us make such smart systems.

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