Which is Better, Node.Js or PHP? Why?

which is Better Node.Js or PHH
July 31, 2021

Generally, backend programmers are the ones who have to deal with the difficulty of choosing between PHP and Node.js. There are specific reasons why they have to face this situation.

In the old days, JavaScript did not intersect with PHP. JavaScript function for the front-end app development and PHP functions for server-side app development. When you combine these both, you will get a stunning website. Let’s get full details about how things changed between Node.js and PHP

What happened all of a sudden?

Things have changed significantly since the inception of Node.JS. Everything happened after JavaScript was represented by a whole new Node.JS that started to enter the server-side area. Backend programmers get distracted from the traditional PHP.

Now JavaScript is leveraged for server-side programming as well. There was not much use of PHP to code and develop the future generation of server stack. Only JS is all you need to develop Node.JS and the frameworks for client-side running. 

In this article, you will explore the brief overview and differences between both languages.

A brief overview of Node.JS

It is a cross-platform, runtime environment that offers everything needed to implement a program written in JavaScript outside a web browser. You can develop scalable and fast applications with Node.JS. It makes use of event-driven, non-blocking I/O models. There are plenty of organizations already using Node.JS to get the best out of it for their business.

A brief overview of PHP

It is an open-source server-side scripting language, where PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. According to W3Tech, PHP is used as a server-side programming language by 79.2% of all websites. As the acceptance of CMSs (Drupal, Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce) is increasing globally, you will figure out how useful PHP is for your business website.

The Battle: Node.JS vs PHP

Check out the comparison of Node.JS vs PHP to determine in which field they are exceeding.


Both are the best with development, so picking up one will be quite complicated. However, programming with PHP is pretty easy compared to Node.JS as the style of programming in PHP is simple and you do not need any compilers or converters. There are no hosting constraints, as well as the whole SQL setup, is simple in PHP. PHP follows a synchronized programming process.

On the contrary, you will find Node.JS quite complex with the programming. Deployment of frameworks and apps is not a child’s play with Node. JS. It needs deep learning and server infrastructures. Node.JS follows an asynchronous programming process.

Who won, Node.js or PHP? Ans: PHP


For a long time, the PHP framework has been one of the widely accepted backend services. That is why PHP supports plenty of hosting services.

However, Node.JS supports a few dedicated server hosting services. That is why it is simple to deploy and incorporate PHP over Node.JS. You also need access to the virtual server SSH to run the app with Node.JS.

Who won, Node.js or PHP? Ans: PHP


When it comes to PHP, it provides greater consistency with the performance against Node.JS. Despite that, comparing both in terms of speed, you will find Node.JS faster than PHP. It is because Node.JS has a speed-friendly V8 engine and continues connection with the server.

Along with that, Node.JS comprises a callback function that can process multiple requests at the same time.

Who won, Node.js or PHP? Ans: Node.js


When planning on setting up an app, a Database is an essential element that you can’t overlook. PHP is very efficient with MySQL databases and also supports multiple database forms such as MariaDB and PostgreSQL. 

On the other hand, Node.JS has a collection of libraries to work on SQL. It also uses JSON to attach NoSQL databases. You can also configure PHP with the assistance of JSON, but it would be better to use Node as there is a single code for both server and browser. 

Who won, Node.js or PHP? Ans: TIE


There are a bunch of frameworks available with PHP where WordPress, Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, and Zend, are widely used to simplify and accelerate the web development process. 

Node.JS also offers a large array of frameworks such as Derby, Express, and Meteor that gained popularity among users. New frameworks also keep coming so often to leverage as per your preferences. 

Who won, Node.js or PHP? Ans: TIE


PHP utilizes module-installing technologies such as PEAR and Composer. PEAR is a framework and system for code distribution and package maintenance, whereas Composer is a dependency management tool.

Node.JS comprises an NPM package management system and its registry. It is user-friendly and has easy-to-publish modules compared to PHP.  Developers need to download and install modules manually with the PHP as it does not come with the bundle of modules just like Node.JS.

Who won, Node.js or PHP? Ans: Node.JS

When to use Node.JS or PHP?

Both back-end languages come with a lot to leverage. Here are some more tips to decide on node.JS Vs PHP.

You can consider Node.JS when,

  • There is a need to use the same language through stacks.
  • When you need the fastest speed.
  • You can consider PHP when, 
  • There is a centralized server.
  • When there is a requirement for superb portability.

Summing UP

PHP and Node.JS both have served efficiently for a plethora of projects in backend development. The only thing you need to keep an eye on is whether it is appropriate to your present as well as future business needs or not. 

Both have different apps and frameworks that you can leverage according to your business needs. You have to pay attention before adopting one.

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