How Is AngularJs Decking Up Software Industry?

Angular JS development
December 19, 2018

AngularJs – A heroic start to deck up a front end of any software system. Be it web or mobile. A front-end development is getting altered by a number of different technologies nowadays. We all have witnessed the quick advancements in modern front-end development. One after one. Everything’s so developing and never-ending.

Also, it is tough to judge one such framework or design pattern as the best or as the lacking one. Because every framework out there has some special elements to work with.  

Without doing further ado on front-end technologies and other frameworks in the web & mobile app industry, let’s explore the titled technology here i.e., AngularJS Framework.

AngularJs – Originally invented in the year of 2009 by two of the great employees of Google. All we know is AngularJs is being most preferable by web developers since its inception.

Let’s Explore:  Why AngularJS Is Preferred The Most?

One-Click Platform – Easy like Nothing!

In a single sentence, defining AngularJs from a developers’ perspective, it is the easiest. The framework has the best-of-breed rich features and with utmost capacity for optimized codes. Also, with no such use of directives, AngularJs becomes easiest for a group of people working on the same project. Hence, reduced codes and minimal line of codes is the new definition to recognize AngularJS.  

The MVC Architecture

MVC is the heart of AngularJS. Yes, and it is just above the average. Impeccable and incomparable we can say.

As the name suggests, it splits into three main parts i.e., Model, View, and Controller.

Model: Model stands for a framework. Maintaining complete data, arranging the data types, and provide a simpler view of how a framework’s arrangements remain.

View: It is used to display the data and presenting them in a specific sort of format. The action of view is followed by the controller trigger and maintaining the controller action.

Controller: For maintaining the interactions between model and view as well as responding to the inputs. Controllers are meant for receiving the input and validating them to conduct and perform the operations.   

The Unique UI (User Interface)

User Interface is the most important thing a user would care for. Using some insights of HTML, AngularJS proceeds with the interface written in Javascript. HTML determines which controllers to use in AngularJS user interface implementation. Web development companies nowadays are using AngularJS to define unique user interfaces in web applications.

Heroic SPA

Single Page Applications are an all-new form of website applications. Single-page applications are the most important ones for small businesses, quick to view information and all such stuff.

Single Page Applications are considered in contemporary website development.

Here AngularJs makes a special appearance with some distinct characteristics such as built-in validations of error handling. Creating custom validations in AngularJs also helps in showing the error messages.

Here AngularJs becomes one such necessary framework to handle SPA stuff better and always lucrative as compared with other frameworks and technologies available.

Great At Testing

Testing is the last but not the least phase of any web application development. With AngularJS, it is easy and smart enough to manipulate different parts of the application. Here it is easy to test because of the separate modules feature of AngularJS. The module-wise separation of the AngularJS framework makes it favored by all and easy-breezy technology with lots of features and advancements.

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