Top AngularJS Development Tools for Boosting Productivity of Developers

15 Best Angularjs Development Tools in 2024
April 3, 2024


Google’s AngularJS platform is highly robust and efficient to build advanced web solutions. This framework has many tools that make the developer’s life easy by streamlining their workflow and ensuring code quality. AngularJS development tools have become the vital part of custom software development services. We will see some of these popular tools in this post. Let’s start with the importance of AngularJS platform in web and mobile application development services.

Overview of AngularJS Importance in 2024

Since its launch in 2010, Angular JS has become one of the most popular software development frameworks. It has gained fame as a highly efficient and developer-friendly framework that is capable of building dynamic and responsive web applications. Core industry sectors including Computers & Electronics, Arts & Entertainment, and Education are some of the biggest beneficiaries of Angular JS framework.

Core industry sectors

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You can hire dedicated developers who have hands-on experience in using advanced AngularJS tools to get the high-end solutions. Excellent integration capabilities of AngularJS support many tools and plug-ins for facilitating the development process. This is a reason, AngularJS usage steadily increases across the world. The following graph shows the consistent increase in the usage of AngularJS framework.

AngularJS graph

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Though AngularJS tools make the software development a breeze without compromising the output and visual appeal, it is essential for developers to choose the right tools. Let’s understand the reasons why you should select the right AngularJS development tools.

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Why You Should Use the Right Development Tools

A custom software development company can make feature-rich and user-friendly solutions with the right AngularJS dev tools. Proper tool selection is essential because it can impact the efficiency, security, and reliability. Here we mention some major reasons developers should use the right development tools.

1. For Enhancing Productivity

These tools have built-in features to generate the boilerplate code saving both time and effort of web app developers.

2. For Better Code Quality

High-quality tools can maintain coding standards and identify potential issues early so that developers can maintain the code quality and consistency.

3. For Optimized Performance

Be it optimizing the size of application bundles or code splitting, the right tools can assist developers at every stage for optimizing performance.

4. For Security Considerations

This is another crucial factor. Some tools focus on enhancing the web app’s security through dedicated features and integrations and address potential vulnerabilities in the code.

5. For Higher Scalability

The right development tools can enforce a modular and scalable project structure making it easy to scale the software as your project grows.

Angular JS percent ratio

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As per the recent report, AngularJS is one of most popular software development frameworks with over 8 percent of popularity ratio. On the other hand, Angular remains on the top of the list with over 20 percent ratio. You can hire AngularJS developers who can use advanced tools to boost productivity.

Top AngularJS Development Tools to Boost Productivity

1. VS Code (Visual Studio Code) (Integration-Automation)

VS (Visual Studio) is a Microsoft’s IDE that supports AngularJS web development. VS has various extensions and plugins along with a range of coding, debugging, and testing tools. Robust features and developer-friendly interface make VS Code a preferred option for many AngularJS developers.

2. Sublime Text (Text Editing)

It is a powerful text editor that enables developers to build and test their web app or web page’s code. It gains ground swiftly because of its high efficiency, output quality, and straightforward coding facilities. One of its features ‘Goto Anything’ can save time for developers by enabling them to jump to particular lines, symbols, or words of the code.

3. WebStorm (Code Editing)

It is an intuitive and ‘smart’ code editor that compatibles with JavaScript, CSS, and Node.js. The main USP of Webstorm is its futuristic design that makes it compatible with various frameworks. AngularJS developers who want the best AngularJS development IDE and text prefer this tool.

4. Protractor (Testing)

It is one of the best Angular development tools that facilitates end-to-end testing. It can sync the web page autonomously with the testing sessions as the runtime ends. It offers developers an excellent experience of life like testing ecosystem.

5. Jasmine (Testing)

It is a popular Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) testing framework for testing the AngularJS code. It has a built-in expressive syntax that makes the testing more efficient ensuring the reliability of customized AngularJS applications.

6. Aptana Studio (IDE)

It is an open-source development tool or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that offers robust support for developing AngularJS-powered web solutions. As a comprehensive IDE, Aptana Studio provides developers with a versatile environment for efficient management of AngularJS-based projects.

7. NG-Inspector (Debugging)

It is a browser extension that improves the debugging capabilities of AngularJS applications. It offers real-time insights into the scope and performance of web applications. NG-Inspector also enables developers to diagnose and resolve issues effectively by increasing the visibility of data binding.

8. AngularFire (Library)

It is an official library that facilitates integration of Firebase into AngularJS applications. It simplifies synchronisation of real-time data and app authentication features. You can hire software developers to create responsive, customized, and dynamic web applications with real-time updates using AngularFire library.

9. Videogular (Video Player)

It is an HTML-based tool to address the video requirements of AngularJS apps. Front-end developers can integrate video support into the apps with ease using this tool. It makes it easy to incorporate videos and other multimedia elements within the AngularJS app. Moreover, it offers advanced features like playback controls and full screen mode with time tracking.

10. (Development)

It is primarily a library useful for addressing the specific needs of handling mentions and suggestions within tailored apps. It simplifies the implementation of tagging and autocomplete features for enhancing the user’s experience. can assist developers to create dynamic and intuitive elements for enterprise-grade apps.

Our Feat in AngularJS Development

At Silicon IT Hub, we assist companies drive growth for their businesses through our customized, dynamic, and scalable applications using AngularJS platform. Our in-house team of experienced developers can create enterprise-grade solutions for the domains of web and moibile apps at competitive rates.

We take a holistic and agile approach with innovation in building tailored web applications. You can hire our experienced developers to ensure flawless performance by integration of different elements. We integrate different elements of MVC, declarative UI, etc, using various tools. We build customizable apps with high scalability at cost-effective way.

Concluding Lines

AngularJS web development domain has a large collection of reliable tools and plugins. These tools can increase productivity by streamlining the developer’s workflows. All you get is an exception business web application with desired features. We have covered many useful tools in this post, however, it is better to consult a reputed software development services provider to get a feature-rich app based on right AngularJS tools.

Silicon IT Hub is a leading custom software development company. We build enterprise-grade web and mobile app solutions for our global corporate clientele. Whether you want to discuss your project requirements or hire dedicated developers for your business project, simply send us an email at [email protected]. We will get back to you with a complete roadmap.

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Your Questions Answered about top AngularJS Development

What are the best AngularJS development tools in 2024 for front-end development?

Some top AngularJS development tools include Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, and Sublime Text, offering powerful features like code completion, debugging, and efficient project management.

Can you recommend tools specifically for testing AngularJS applications in 2024?

Tools such as Protractor and Jasmine are excellent choices for testing AngularJS applications.

Which tools are essential for managing dependencies in AngularJS projects?

Tools like npm (Node Package Manager) and Yarn offer efficient package installation, version control, and easy integration for streamlining dependency management.

How do these tools contribute to the overall efficiency of AngularJS development in 2024?

These tools collectively enhance efficiency of developers by providing features such as code completion, debugging, testing support, dependency management, and streamlining the entire AngularJS development process.

Is AngularJS still relevant in 2024, and why should developers use these tools?

Yes, AngularJS is highly relevant and developers should use advanced AngularJS tools to enhance productivity. These tools provide developers with a robust development environment and debugging capabilities.

Are there tools that aid in enhancing the performance of AngularJS applications?

Yes, tools like Aptana Studio and NG-Inspector help optimize AngularJS app performance by providing insights into the app's architecture and profiling tools.

Can you recommend tools for efficient debugging in AngularJS applications?

Tools like NG-Inspector and VS Code have effective debugging features for AngularJS development.

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