Android Is Preferably Used For On-Demand Mobile Apps – Why?

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December 27, 2018

Apple & Google – the most promising tech giants of the era. Overlooking the current digital age, we can gauge the status of each mobile platform. Everyone is busy with their phones nowadays and guess what? Most of the mobile phones we get to see is Android. Now that statistics are showing the number of apps on play store. It’s definitely more than the other mobile app platforms.

Why there is a difference between these numbers? Is that Android so favorable? If yes, why? Well, here we are talking about the on-demand applications are being chosen to deploy an Android platform. Here’s to know Why Android is so preferable along with the cost of developing on-demand applications

Let’s find out the reasons why Android is the most preferable for on-demand mobile applications.

Easy to Customize

As we know, on-demand applications would need a lot of efforts and analysis. Also, once it is developed, it’s not that easy to go. The on-demand applications require a lot of user customizations as the user gets used to it in a day to day applications. So coming to know the actual requirements, it should be a platform that is flexible enough to cope with the technicalities.

Android is quite flexible in these terms. It will be easy for the businesses to put as many features as they want and complete the immediate demands of the customers. This will eventually help business owners in getting a maximum amount of the return on investments.

Data Storage

As we know, Android is quite handy when it comes to massive data storages. We can not imagine our world without these enormous data storages. Be it facebook storage, Gmail data or anything.

Android is by nature befriend with cloud data storages. As we all know the massive 15GB on Google drive, which is by far becoming the most favorable platform for storing important data in many forms.

Also, the easy and quick access as compared to other cloud platforms for data storage. And when it comes to mobile app development which is associated with the on-demand delivery; there is always an immense need of quickly accessible data and heroic representation among users. And so does the Android!  

Google Assistant

Who doesn’t love robotic love? Well, talking about the Google assistant, we all know that interruption and quick guidance our phone gives us some unexpected moments. Be it a map direction or confusion about something or just looking for some information. Everything is sorted when your phone’s coupled with Google Assistant.

Google search engine is just massive and who can stop it for being an assistant? So doing is Google Assistant. Having all the information at the tap and over a voice command.

On demand app users can easily take help from it. These customized features of Android make it versatile and popular. On-demand application development can be articulated using these features of Android.

The Market Share

This is all about the popularity of Android and the target market. Among the two major mobile app platform competitors, Android wins the battle. According to figures and records, it is proved and obvious to accept Android as a major winner among the people.

Because of the easy and user-friendly nature of Android, people have started adopting it with all the love and craze. The major continental countries in terms of geographic locations, Asian countries are more likely to devoted for Android. Which is, by far a great number being populated countries like India and China along with South America and European countries.

And who doesn’t want to jump in such a large utilized platform? Everyone does and so the number of apps on Android play store is increasing. So developing on-demand mobile apps in the Android platform isn’t a bad idea neither a flop show.

Trying On-Demand Mobile App Development? Try With Android App Development! Good Luck!

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