How Much Does It Cost To Develop An On-Demand Food Delivery App?

On-Demand Food Delivery App
October 6, 2018

On-demand Food Delivery app is not a new buzzword now. We all use and we do adore it. That is why most of the business has jumped into the on-demand app development industry. Everyone would love to have on-demand services these days. And the information and technology industry has proved it to become fair with making things automated, rapid and a click away.

An on-demand food delivery app is itself a vast term. Having multiple modules and elements. Being in the mobile app development industry, we would like to share some important insights on this topic.

What is an on-demand food delivery app?

Mobile app development An on-demand food delivery app is a way of reaching out to customers looking for instant food delivery. Despite the fact that customers need to visit restaurants for food. The app connects a customer and a restaurant with menus displayed online and a quick delivery service.

An on-demand food delivery app contains three modules mainly.
1st – A customer module
2nd – A restaurant module
3rd – Delivery module

These modules are mainly based on the requirement of an app development project. We can limit the features set and even increase customers’ comfort by providing the required help.

We have come across on-demand app projects demanding a handsome amount of revenue and brand awareness. The projects with better value involved in serving the customers, get more credibility and of course, have to build with more features set and functionalities.

Looking at on-demand food delivery app modules, we can consider an in-depth view of programming as well as analysis needed.

Mainly there are three factors you should focus on:

Your Mobile App Development Company – How supportive and in-depth in the knowledge it is?

Your First Target Restaurants? – Are You Done with the Convinced Clients?

Your End Users – The customers

Most of the mobile app development companies with a good portfolio and credibility have already researched the data and how the system works. But many don’t. Your mobile app developers should have cleared the features for each panel. Be it a customer panel, delivery or restaurant module.

If it is a restaurant module, then it must have an option to cancel the orders and a proper GPS synchronization with the delivery boys. Also, the restaurant menus should be properly displayed along with an exclusive look an feel at the very first home page. The restaurant panel would be the one communicating with the rest. The control for accepting or rejecting the orders should be in the restaurant owner or concerned person of a restaurant.

Whereas in the delivery boy module would be higher depending on the location functionalities. The delivery boy should be chosen based on the location of a customer and him. The app should not be mismatching the orders between the farther locations between the delivery boy and the customers. The very accurate real-time location tracking should be there to avoid the misconceptions and bad credibility of an app.

The most important module of an on-demand app is the customer panel. This should not leave any stones unturned for the prospects. This module should be showing the available restaurants with their popular dishes and detailed menus. The customer panel should also be containing the reviews of other customers for any particular restaurant to avoid bad customer experience.

Technology Stack & Cost explanation for Food Delivery Apps:

What sort of technologies are required mainly for on-demand apps?
1 – Payment Gateway Integration – third-party integration like Paypal, stripe etc.
2 – Hosting Servers – AWS, Google etc
3 – Registration process through social media accounts or direct
4 – Storage allocation
5 – GPS Tracking – Google API for Android or core location for iOS
6 – Tools for analytics & customer insights
7 – Real-time direction tracking

Android and iOS developers would suggest the required technologies as required by the project and it could be many than the listed ones.

Also, the resources required by the app development company you hire are many. The whole app development team would require a number of resources to accomplish the app development task at the great extent and on time.

The design team should be very creative and performing best at creating designs that convince prospects to make an order. It is the marketing that starts from scratch. The design team would have professional graphic designers and UI/UX designers.

The mobile app developers – Android developers & iOS Developers

Project managers & Quality analysts and Testers

Beta testing is much required in these sort of apps

Delivery managers and Team leaders

The mobile app industry is running well across the world these days. But what matters is the budget to every client out there. The Indian app developers are providing the app development service at much lower rates and that too with the flawless performance. Because India comes at the first place in providing IT services and there are many IT service providers excellent at their job.

On-Demand Food Delivery App development cost in India

Indian Mobile App Developers Rate for On-Demand Applications Per Hour is $12 to $75 per hour

American Mobile App Developers Rate for On-Demand Applications Per Hour is $50 to $280 per hour

There are different rates based on the country and its industry niche for IT development company. It depends on the project requirements, too. Choose your best app developer by analyzing the companies and its resources along with the previous work record. On-demand app development is the trending trade to adopt and one should not miss investing in the right places. All the Best!

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