Top Payment Gateways – Role, Architecture, Integration, & How it Functions?

Top Payment Gateways – Role, Architecture, Integration, & How it Functions?
June 4, 2021

If you are planning to start an exciting business and want to make it a customer-centric brand, you would definitely face challenges while finding the best Payment Gateway to integrate into your mobile app.

On the other hand, if you are unhappy with the already integrated payment gateway into your app, and want to drive a change without compromising on quality and overall performance, then this post will definitely help you out with the same. Let’s initially understand what a payment gateway is.

Payment Gateway: What is that?

A payment Gateway is software that collects payment from the customers and transfers it to the recipient. A payment gateway validates customer’s card data securely, checks that money is there, and ultimately facilitates merchants to get the money.

These gateways are acting as an interface among merchant apps/websites and purchasers. It encrypts customer’s confidential card details by assuring that data passed with maximum security from customers to the bank through merchants

What is the Role of a Payment Gateway?

Besides the key role of authenticating different transactions, a PG performs additional major tasks.

How Do Payment Gateway Functions?

Customers will be transferred to a secure payment page while checking out. Various steps take place throughout the transaction process.

Payment Gateway Architecture

There are plenty of top payment systems but they all function in almost similar ways. Have a look at the PG Architecture.
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Top Mobile app payment gateways

Before presenting the list of top payment gateway, we want to assure that we are not favoring any particular Gateway. We aspire to do all the groundwork and provide everything as per our findings.

1. Paypal – Features

2. Stripe – Features

3. Braintree – Features

4. Apple pay – Features

5. Go cardless – Features

6. 2Checkout – Features

7. Authorize.Net – Features

8. Bolt – Features

Payment Gateway Integration in Android and iOS apps

Integration of top payment gateways can be performed mostly by following these two methods.

You need to assure that all the financial transactions are performed by following PCI standards to protect the card holder’s confidential details. Along with that, every payment gateway service provider has prepared SDKs and detailed documentation on how to integrate PG with a mobile app that will guide the developers.

Check out this video for a better understanding.

Summing Up

In some form or another, organizations have to make their brand advanced to keep pace with the customers’ demands. Whether it is any startup or a well-grown business, entrepreneurs need to ensure that there must be a setup for an online payment system on the business Website or App. It is always best to leverage an exemplary top payment gateway that makes it easy for customers to pay online.

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