Top Considerations to note for “Android to iOS Porting”!

Top Considerations to note for “Android to iOS Porting”!
April 18, 2019

Android Application Development & iOS App Development – sharing most of the market share and engaging people in using a diverse range of mobile applications on their platforms. There are thousands of industries working on projects in mobile apps.

As the title hints over both operating systems that would be shifting to and for each other, porting of Android to iOS platform. Well, the information and technology industry is quite vast as there are millions of technologies emerging out on day to day basis.

Considering the scenarios and researching several profiles, we’ve gone through the considerations to note for Android to iOS porting.

Here are the details to note:

The Architecture:

The architecture of any mobile application is the heart of the platform. It is highly important to take care of the architecture for any mobile app to be considered as successful porting operation.

For an identical application to be ported on some different platform, we need to check the functionality that offers the best in both of the platforms. Some of them are working fine with Android platforms while some are really not well with iOS platform.

Checking out the minimality of the Android or iOS version is the obvious thing that Architecture holds. Deciding the lowest version of the operating system matters a lot while going for this quick migration Android to iOS.

The Navigation:

Navigation is the main touch point to users. The direct users of a mobile application would be directly in connection with the navigation of a particular mobile app. And Navigation is definitely a drastic mark point from Android to iOS. The main change in converting Android to iOS is differing in the major buttons i.e., home button, back button and main home button.

Whereas in iOS applications, there are only two types of design elements i.e., the horizontal and vertical elements through which the alignment of the whole navigation of mobile apps in the iOS platform can be possible.

Design Elements:

Porting of iOS to Android or Android to iOS is vice versa difficult in terms of design elements as both are quite opposite in operations. There is always a difference between flat design and material design. And these both are particularly used in Apple and Android respectively. So designing the mobile app feature according to their angles matters a lot while porting from Android to iOS.

There has to be some concrete plan on how to create an Android app using iOS functional requirements document and its entire functionality. The material design of Android Apps should be getting a basic idea for finding common UI elements. The features that need to be reworked should be predefined while planning this porting operation from Android to iOS or vice versa.

Top Considerations to note for “Android to iOS Porting”!

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