Top Tips To Build High Converting Product Pages

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August 11, 2020

When it comes to an eCommerce business, product pages play a very key role in turning visitors to customers. This means optimizing the product pages is very important if you want to make more sales and boost business revenue over the digital platform.

Now, there are some significant tips or features which you should follow or include in your product pages to attract visitors and turn them to customers. The same has been explained below:

1. Make use of high-quality photos for products

high quality of products

It is important that you show off your products and no doubt it is definitely worth showing! So it is important that you display the products in the best possible manner i.e. by using high-quality photos. Photos can be your best solution for letting the consumers know what they are planning to buy and it makes the whole buying process comfortable. Again, you can easily push customers to buy products by providing more photos taken from different angles.

This way, you can make sure that the customers are getting hold of the exact products that they are looking for and it will help you with a lesser number of people leaving your website.

Always make sure to make use of high-resolution pictures on your website. This will help the customers see the product in detail. However, it is important for you to ensure the pictures load quickly and you can do this by compressing the files.

Apart from showing such kind of studio photos of the products, you can also add in some pictures where a model is using the product. This will give customers a better idea of what they are looking at.

2. Use the right pricing to showcase the value of products

One of the main reasons why we use pricing on the landing page is to let the customers know why the product is worth your money. You can emphasize this idea by showing the previous price of the product along with any existing sales. If you are offering cheaper deals to your customers then you should also think about including price comparisons. In case the item is pricey, then you can also include additional pricing information regarding how the customer can pay back in easy EMIs.

Sometimes selling products cheaper is not possible and so you should have clear reasons for why your items are pricey compared to your competitors.

You should have answers for:

  • Does the product come with a guarantee?
  • Does the product use natural or sustainable ingredients?
  • Is it a luxurious product?

You know the value of the product and so you should be confident in explaining its worth to the customers.

3. Write attractive product description

attractive product description

Coming up with a catchy and killer product description will do its best when it comes to boosting traffic over your eCommerce site and pushing you towards higher conversions. As per a study, it has been seen that restaurants were able to see a 27% increase in sales and a better customer approach by opting for descriptive menus.

Now this is something to think about in context to your online business too. You should definitely consider powerful product descriptions when you are building service or product pages. This can work well in case you are selling some expensive items. You can use here conversion copywriting techniques like telling a story, write as you talk, be specific, and make use of short sentences.

Try to keep your sentences as simple as possible. Avoid using technical terminology and complicated jargon unless you are sure that the customers can understand it.

You can even think about offering information in bullet points in a way that customers can quickly go through it. Some of the details that you can project here are color, availability, measurements, style, materials, etc.

Amazon offers some of the best and easiest product descriptions for the users. The bullet points mentioned here are easy to be read and understand.

Show the image as an example:

product description

4. Breadcrumbs

As per a study conducted by Baymard Institute, it is expected that eCommerce websites should have two types of breadcrumbs namely history-based and hierarchy-based.

It is tough for shoppers to browse a collection of products in the absence of hierarchy breadcrumbs. This kind of breadcrumb works just like the “back” button present on the browser. If this is absent then the users will get stuck mid-way without any idea about how to proceed.

Unlike the back button on the browser, this one is hierarchy-based and so will not be taking you to the previously viewed option, rather will take you “back to results.” One of the best examples of this is the “back to results” option available on Amazon.

back to results option

You need to be clear about one thing from the beginning itself – shoppers will reach the product landing page in different ways. Again, they may be looking for items that are related to the one on the screen or want to go back to the previous search. So offering proper breadcrumbs on the product page i.e. hierarchy and history-based is very important.

5. 360-degree view

360 degree view

Online shopping has limited access to the products and it is true that it will not be the same as at a physical store. However, you can still offer a 360-degree view of your products to the shoppers. Now achieving it for your business is not a hard thing. You can make use of services like Arqspin as it lets you take a complete view of the product using your camera. Once done that, the video can be uploaded on the site within a few minutes’ time.

6. Product title

What you plan to call your product does not matter technically. There will be no effect on the conversion rates based on the name of the product. But, if you manage to get a catchy product title or have something added in there that adds value to the product, then it will definitely give you an advantage.

You know how SEO works and so you need to have unique title tags to keep the products separated on the search results. So, ensure the title of the product includes product name, brand, item type, model name, etc. to keep it unique.

7. Product options

Does the product you offer comes in different colors, sizes, or styles? In that case, offer all the options in a way that users can shop from the options easily.

If you visit Bellroy, you will find that it has displayed different wallet options in a clear and proper layout. It has spread out photos of each option one after the other depicting different styles and colors. They have even given away the options starting from the slimmest one to the one which can hold multiple cards. This helps the shoppers to choose the option quickly and buy what they want.

8. Videos

product video

One of the best ways to convince the confusing shoppers to shop is by using videos. Properly created videos will offer a more personalized experience to the shoppers and they will feel that they are shopping in person.

As per a study, it has been seen that 84% of the people were more convinced to buy a product or service after they watched the video of the product from the brand.

One of the Chinese online stores named Zappos makes use of product videos to let the shoppers see know how their shoes will look on the real people’s feet. This way, shoppers will know how the original product looks like and does it fit properly on the feet.

9. Use social proof to build confidence

social proof

People mostly like to go with the flow and are more likely to buy something that others are buying. Things are quite similar in the case of online businesses where customers prefer to buy something that other people are interested in too.

This kind of mentality that shoppers have is what is called social proof. You can use this opportunity to bind your brand with popular clients that your customers are more likely to know.

You can take this opportunity to highlight the most popular clients and even add in their logos into your product pages. This will build confidence within the visitors who are reaching your store.

You can also use this opportunity to list down the testimonials and reviews you have received. You can also include any awards that you have won over time. All such steps help you remove any doubts in the customers and improve the credibility of the company.

If you manage to have a social proof for your business then it will help you build a reputation for your brand and this will help gain the trust of the customers easily.

10. Use availability messaging to create urgency

It is true that you should not scare away your customers if you want to have a flourishing business. However, you should work towards creating a fear of missing out. When it comes to increasing conversions, the fear of missing out or FOMO plays well. Many eCommerce businesses have managed to see an increase in their revenue by choosing this marketing tactic.

So now the question is – How you can put FOMO to use for your product pages? For that you need to find answers for a few questions:

• What is the level of stock for a said product?
• For how long the products will be available at this rate?
• When will be your next service available?

You will be able to create a fear of urgency in your customers if you tell them that the stock is limited or they will be having only a limited time to buy them. This step towards urgency will work towards converting your simple leads into customers. In case you are working on registrations and pre-orders, this step works well too.

For example, the “Today’s Deals” section in Amazon shows the products available on deals today along with a ticking timer. It shows the customers how long the deal is available.

11. Offer option comparison to help with the decision-making process

Conversions can get badly affected when you offer many options. In case you have a bunch of services that are kind of similar then you can help your customers buy their best choice by offering them the most suitable ones based on their needs with price anchoring or option comparisons.

This way you will be able to show the customers the main benefits of each of the options and remove any doubts they have regarding the product. This way they will be able to find the product that offers maximum value to them and help you generate revenue too.

12. Opt for upsells and cross-sells to boost revenue

cross selling

Cross-sell and upsell are techniques used to increase purchases from the side of customers. This can be something like offering a better option or offering a related option. You get to increase average order value and basket size by cross-selling. Here all you have to do is to show the relevant products to the customers along with the products that they are planning to buy.

Upselling, on the other side, is about showing better products to customers compared to what they chose first. This also works when it comes to increasing the average order value.

Final thoughts

To always do better is what businesses want even when the product or service pages are doing well. For an eCommerce business owner, the main agenda is to ensure the customer clicks the “Buy” button at any cost. So if your product pages are missing any of these mentioned features, it is time you implement the same in your online store.

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