Augustian movie Saaho
Augustian movie Saaho
Augustian movie Saaho
Augustian movie Saaho
Augustian movie Saaho
Augustian movie Saaho

Working in a setup where you get treated for a movie by your colleagues is so much fun. Since there is a tradition of celebrating birthdays at the end of every month at Silicon IT Hub, the month of August was a special one.

All those with their birthdays in August planned to give a movie treat to their co-workers in the office and hence came up with the idea of a movie outing for the whole Silicon family, during the fun hours on a working Saturday. After much speculation on which movie to go for, they finally boiled down to the idea of watching the movie Saaho.

The special announcement made by the HR about the outing attested the excitement the party-givers had in treating their colleagues and the zeal that reflected on the bright faces of their colleagues displayed the gratitude their colleagues had towards the sweet gesture of their friends.

On the 31st of August, i.e., on the day of the outing, everybody was excited about the movie treat and were eagerly looking forward to watching the movie with their Silicon family. Everyone gathered at 9 am at the theatre and arranged themselves in the hall. Everyone had a good time watching the movie with their friends back in the office.

Outings like these nurture the bond between colleagues. It is indeed a blessing to be working in such a wonderful environment and around such friendly colleagues cum friends.

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