Top 10 Must Have Plugins For Your WordPress Website

Top 10 Must Have Plugins For Your WordPress Website
July 22, 2019

Website development is the first option users go for when taking their business online, and WordPress is considered a leading platform in building and maintaining websites. As per the following statistics.

  •  22 % of new domains run on WordPress in the USA.
  • Approximately 33 % of the total sites use WordPress.
  • 661 WordPress website in an average keeps added to the list daily
  • WordPress is expected to power over 35 % of websites by the end of 2020.
  • with more than 7% relying on WordPress website builder Elementor

It is quite apparent that WordPress is going to remain prominent among all the other web development trends.

In this blog, we will list out the 10 best WordPress plugins for the websites:

1) MonsterInsights


MonsterInsights aims to facilitate data-driven decisions to boost business growth by giving the user essential statistics. Through Google analytics, a user can see how people find and use his/her website. With the help of this plugin, users can optimize their website to boost their subscribers, revenue, and traffic. Around 2 million people use this plugin.

2) UpdraftPlus


Users can set up automatic backups with the help of the UpdraftPlus plugin. Remote locations such as Dropbox, Rackspace, Google Drive, email, FTP, and S3 can be utilized by the users for storing the backup of their website. This plugin makes the entire process of restoring the website from a backup very easy.

3) CSS Hero

css hero

Users can customize their WordPress theme with the help of CSS Hero, and it does not require any coding skills. For the visual appearance of a website, WordPress themes depend on CSS, and this plugin makes the theme customization very easy. Users will need to learn CSS to customize their theme and it may take a lot of time to gain the required skills.

4) SEMRush


SEMRush provides users with tools to help them boost their content and PR strategy, improve their SEO, social media, and paid traffic strategy. Users can also gather competitive intelligence on their competitors, so they can get better results and outrank them. Users can do their backlink audit, spy on competitors, do keyword research, track brand mentions, discover best-performing posts on social media, etc with the help of this plugin.



If a user wants to develop a multilingual website in WordPress, it can be quite challenging for him/her. The WPMP or WordPress Multilingual Plugin makes this challenging task very easy. This plugin is very useful for those organizations which have a multilingual customer base from various geographical locations. With the help of this plugin, a multilingual website can be created very effortlessly.

6) WPForms


WPForms’s purpose is to make it easy for visitors to get in touch with the business. Every website needs a contact form, and WPForms is considered one of the best contact form plugin for WordPress. This plugin integrates with all popular payment and marketing platforms, hence, users can build a form very quickly. Users can add these contact forms on the website, and make it easy for visitors to get in touch with them.

7) OptinMonster


If the user wants to increase their business mailing list, then OptinMonster is a perfect plugin for them. This plugin is considered one of the best email subscription plugins and is an excellent choice for a business website, eCommerce sites, and bloggers. With the help of this plugin, a user can convert their website visitors, grow their email list, and recover their abandoned cart sales. If a user wants to attract visitors’ attention to boost conversions, capture, leads, and increase subscribers, then this plugin can help them create an attractive pop-up campaign.

8) Beaver Builder


Users can develop custom page layouts without having to code and quickly customize the design of their website with the help of Beaver Builder. This plugin is considered one of the best drag and drop page builder in the market. Organizations prefer this plugin because it allows them to develop their custom landing pages very quickly without depending on a WordPress developer.

9) LearnDash


LearnDash is the best WordPress LMS plugin to choose from if the user wants to develop and sell online courses from their WordPress site. Users can easily add assignments, lessons, and quizzes to create their online courses.

10) LiveChat


To add live chat support for the WordPress site, LiveChat is a perfect plugin to implement this feature. With the help of this plugin, users can communicate with their customers and on-site visitors, and provide a quick solution to their concerns. A fully functional WordPress chat plugin can boost the sales as well as provide an efficient way to resolve buyer issues, and build strong customer relations.


We have listed all the plugins that can assist you in building your business, and it’s time to get your business started. After reading this blog, you must now have an idea of how you can develop your WordPress site. Not all plugins will be suitable for needs. To choose the best ones, you need technical expertise and business acumen, which we can help you with our expert development team. If you want to know more? Share your ideas with us and see them turning into an excellent web application. To get the best plugins to make your WordPress site function smoothly, you may reach out to us at [email protected]

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