Why Online Educational Apps Are In Popularity?

Why Online Educational Apps Are In Popularity?
June 17, 2020

A few years back people were not having any idea about virtual classrooms in any form. It was then in 2017 that mobile applications with interactive classes became popular after BYJU’s managed to become popular and a monopoly solution in the field. Since then, many startup businesses and entrepreneurs are trying to gain from this setup and enter the educational app market. Being one of the less explored markets in the world, many apps like Extramarks, Robomate+, Meritnation, etc. came up with their own solution to capture their share.

Online Educational Apps

Mobile learning apps are capable to easily get into the current system with ease and this is the only reason why they have managed to survive. Unlike other apps against conventional businesses out there, e-learning apps do not seem to be competitive. Rather, you can say that they complement the current schooling system that we have. Many people are attracted to the idea “learn anytime from anywhere at your own pace” and this alone can be called as the main reason for the success of the education app.

So, if you are interested to invest in this area but have no idea about where to get started, you should definitely keep reading this post.

As per the study of Statista, the e-learning market worldwide is expected to surpass 243 billion US dollars by the year 2022. Such kind of numbers does not come up in a night; rather it comes out of the benefits that people enjoyed using such an application over time.

Why online education apps are gaining popularity?

With changing times, mobile phones have turned out to be an integral part of our lives. Building education or e-learning apps can prove to be much beneficial for kids these days. If we just look at the current situation, many schools, colleges, and other institutions prefer to choose online education portals or applications to reach students and make teaching and learning a simpler process. Even the working class, that wishes to make some carrier growth find such online classes to be beneficial.

In the wake of Coronavirus disease pandemic, more schools, colleges, and institutions have come up with the idea of online classrooms. They are using this opportunity to continue the learning process in a virtual manner while reaching out to more and more students. Such an arrangement leads to implementing social interactions within the students and offering an environment where they can continue to learn.

education apps

Why go for an online educational app?

There are a few good reasons why you should go for an online education app in the current education scenario. The same has been explained below:

24/7 availability

Schools and other educational institutions have time limits when it comes to conducting classes. Students have to be available within the timing slots pre-decided by the institutions and only get that time to clear their doubts.

E-learning apps on the other side are available anywhere and at any said time. So this makes it easy for the students to access it and clear their doubts whenever they want. Canvas Student is one of the most popular e-learning apps currently available in the market. The app has managed to get affiliated with many school management systems and liked by many students.

Apps attract students

The younger generation of today is more inclined towards spending their time using mobile phones. Whether it is about playing games or checking entertainment, they depend on mobile apps for everything. Studying is usually considered a boring activity but, by implementing interactive methods like an e-learning app, studies can be turned fun.

Bridges gaps

Different issues faced in the education system have been removed with the advancements in technology. One of the main issues faced over the years is the lack of proper communication and interaction between parents and teachers. You can come up with different applications that can easily bring down the barrier between parents and teachers, as well as students and teachers. Any changes in the course or class timings can be directly notified to the parents and students.

Portable and mobile

The portability of mobile phones makes it simple for kids and parents to carry it wherever they want. This way, children can use the mobile application for the purpose of learning within their comfortable settings. Mobile apps have introduced a new concept within the education system where learning is not restricted to the classrooms.


Compared to the traditional learning methods that consist of a pen, paper, and pencils, mobile learning apps seem to be more sustainable. Moreover, just by downloading, students can easily get the reference notes from the e-learning apps. Again, students find it simple and effective to learn lessons over the mobile app. Last but not the least; digital learning will help you save more trees!

Good use of leisure hours

In free time, kids or say students are more inclined towards watching TV shows, chatting, talking over phones, surfing over the net, etc. They might find such activities to be joyful but then, in the end, are not enough to sustain life.

Instead of that, you can make your kids spend their time effectively by having an educational app downloaded on the smartphone. A mobile application can seem to be a convenient way to teach kids new things in an interactive manner.

Quality interaction

Interactive apps are said to play a great role in improving the interest of students towards studies. Such apps help students get more serious about their studies without including the stress part.

Moreover, education apps play a crucial role in building the relationship between teachers and parents. Apps interest kids and when they are using such education apps, it can turn to be the best time for the parents to interact with them and it makes the learning process simpler.

Again, when using apps, kids will not have a face-to-face interaction with the teachers and so there will be no fear in asking questions and discussing their doubts. They will be able to enjoy more of a comfortable learning environment in this manner.

Systematic learning course

Education apps push to conduct systematic learning in a smarter way. Education apps are designed in a way that students will always have their interests up and that will make them keep on learning more from one chapter to another. An ideal education app will come with simple workflows and will have contents placed in a logical manner. This will help students to move ahead in an effortless manner.

General features of online education app

E-learning apps are said to come up with a set of general features. The Features Of the education mobile app have been explained below:

Covers the syllabus completely

All the successful mobile application development for the purpose of education have been designed in a way that the entire syllabus for the said class gets completed within a specific time.

Offers visual learning in an interactive manner

Subjects can be tough and to make them easy for kids, video lessons with advanced animations are used. So students can easily go through it and understand every complicated concept in an easy manner. Such animated videos are quite interactive and best in quality.

In-built chat

By having an in-built chat feature in your app you get to easily set up a quick communication channel for your kids within the app which they can use to contact their mentors or teachers the moment they have a doubt. It leads to quick responses for students who are looking for some answers.

Regular tests chapter-wise

Such kind of mobile applications come with full-length tests that are topic-based and this includes competitive exams for mock tests. It also provides practice tests for the students on the syllabus for various boards. Moreover, kids also get to practice the tests included in the app based on the difficulty-level they wish to choose.

Third-party integration

You can have some added features included in your application like sending emails, making calls, etc. through third-party integrations.

Adaptive learning

Adaptive learning is all about coming up with lessons that are customized to meet the needs of every single student. Here the teaching style is interactive in nature along with being adaptive. This way, students get to learn their lessons effectively.

Comprehensive tracking and analyzing performance

Using this app, it becomes easy to get regular performance analysis of the student. The information can be used to track the progress of the kid by conducting regular tests. The information can be used to improve the future performance of the student.

Payment integration

Online courses come at a price and you need to pay for it to get access. Some come with a one-time payment arrangement while there are others where you need to pay the monthly subscription. Payment integration within the app helps the students or parents to choose a course instantly and subscribe to classes.

Advanced features of online education app

In-app downloading of course materials

This can be one of the features which you can have included in your educational app. This will help the students to download the e-books and videos within the app. The downloaded study material can then be easily accessed later by the students.

Efficient content management

For an e-learning application, CMS remains as an important feature. It helps the admin with creating, updating and managing the content within the application easily and quickly.

Easy app administration & maintenance

It is easy to maintain such an application. The maintenance work within the application takes place through the admin panel. It is used to add or remove the content files as well as for statistics and analysis.

Data analytics

Every education institution which is planning to come up with an app concept should definitely ask for this feature. This helps them to know how your e-learning courses are doing and what the users think about it.

Effective interaction between students and teachers

Interaction between students and teachers is very crucial for the success of an e-learning app. Proper communication can be assured by providing a contact number within the app or by including some kind of in-app messaging facility.


Think about forums included in your educational application! It will offer a clear platform for the students to ask questions and get answers back. It offers a general platform for everyone to come together and conduct discussions.

Free and paid subscriptions

If your application offers advanced study materials in the form of videos as well as study guides then you should think about including this feature in the app. You can set up a free subscription for limited resources or even make the whole resource available for a limited period. The premium subscription can make the whole resource available for the students at their will.

Search option

The application should provide a normal and advanced search facility within the e-learning application. This will help the student to find what he or she is looking for directly through the search. The advanced search helps the student to find what they are looking for quite quickly.

Earn points through quizzes

Such a feature can make your app popular among several students. Through this feature, you can conduct quizzes in your app where students can earn points. Such points can then be used by the students to download study materials or e-books.

Progress tracking

This feature in an educational app will let the parents track the progress of their kids. They will be able to know the previous lessons learned, active class lessons, test scores, learning curve, etc.

Class reminders

This feature lets the students and parents set time for lessons to be conducted. So when it is time for the lessons, the app would send you a reminder.

Final thoughts

Education app development is in trend now. It is important that you consider all the important features when you plan to develop such an app for your business. Moreover, such apps work towards imparting education in an easier and convenient manner.

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