How Can A Chatbot Development Help Elevate Your Business?

How Can A Chatbot Development Help Elevate Your Business?
September 3, 2019

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are computer-programmed conversational interfaces that are incorporated in the website or mobile (app) platform or on social messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger to simulate a natural conversation with people in a textual or auditory manner. Chatbot technology is used to address quick preliminary questions, complaint resolution, execute search requests, etc, and they can do much more by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Today, most chatbots are accessed via virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, via messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or WeChat, or via individual organizations’ apps and websites.

Chatbots can be classified into usage categories such as conversational commerce (e-commerce via chat), analytics, communication, customer support, design, developer tools, education, entertainment, finance, food, games, health, HR, marketing, news, personal, productivity, shopping, social, sports, travel and utilities.

Where can chatbots be incorporated?

chatbots implementation

What are the different platforms to build a chatbot?

Many emerging chatbot development platforms can be used to build chatbots.

Some are Opensource, while some are privately owned. A few popular platforms among chatbot developers are as follows:

How are chatbots beneficial to businesses?

There are many benefits of AI-based chatbots over conventional chatbots. They are the most advanced chatbots as they are capable of learning by themselves. Chatbots offer a variety of benefits to businesses, some of which are as follows:

benefits of chatbots for customers

types of chatbot platforms

Which Industries gain the most from Chatbots?

Chatbots can be implemented across industries as they can take care of multiple services like customer care, complaints and feedback, booking, searching, handling payment procedures, etc.

Following are the industries which are majorly benefitted by Chatbots:

Advantages of using chatbots in your business

Our Offering as a Chatbot development company

how to build a chatbot

We offer chatbot development services to brands and businesses irrespective of any industry. By leveraging its deep understanding and expertise in related technologies, our team has a thorough understanding and expertise in the bot development process/ chatbot services and solutions.

Our expertise in designing, building and training industry-specific smart chatbots includes:

Our expertise in the technology front includes:

*Hosting on Google Cloud Platform or Amazon AWS

Cloud options to host chatbot app

The design elements that we offer in a chatbot development are as follows:

• Buttons: It is the bot that makes a user take decisions. Buttons prompt action when the user clicks it. Interactive buttons can be added to help the user make decisions faster.

• Get Started Button: This is an intuitive feature prompting the user to set the bot into action. A chatbot built for Facebook Messenger cannot do without this feature.

• Cards: These are primarily used to serve information like links, text, images, and buttons as blocked containers. Blocks fall in columns when the phone is turned on its side. A user can select the card that is relevant to him.

• Smart Reply: Smart Reply is a feature included to help a user respond fast to the chatbot query without the user attempting to type anything. This feature is useful when the chatbot is context-aware and also has information about the users.

• Quick Reply: A user can make use of this feature as a response button. Tapping a quick reply, a user can send his response message to the bot.

• Persistent Menu: A user can make use of this feature to steer his way to another portion of the bot that is not readily available.

The platforms available for Chatbot development are:

The available Chatbot Publishing platforms are:

The Chatbot development languages that we use are:

Chatbot development languages

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