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TOWBOY brings significant advances in technology to aid individuals faced with roadside breakdowns that require immediate, safe, and cost-effective service. It’s an exciting new app that has taken the best of technology to quickly, reliably, safely, and cost-effectively assist every person.

Simply create an account, and when the time comes, select the service needed. Whether you need roadside assistance, a simple tow, or are involved in an accident – you will be connected to a nearby service provider who will give you real-time, accurate information with excellence on the assistance you need.

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Screen and Features

Pickup Address

Our easy-to-use TOWBOY application enables users with reliable towing with pinpoint precision along with GPS location.

Feature 2

Select Main Category

If users need any after-accident assistance, run out of gas, or are looking for an auto shop, our TOWBOY app is a one-stop solution.

Feature 3

Select Services

TOWBOY app offers competitive pricing and enables users to pay within the app very securely.

Feature 4

Manage Vehicles

Whether it’s commercial or private drivers, the TOWBOY app offers services to everyone. There is nothing the app can not manage.

Feature 5

Payment Summary

The TOWBOY app offers a secure payment gateway with encrypted tokens to keep users’ billing details secure.

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