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Join thousands of women all around the world, doing the same workout on the same day making it the biggest online group class in the world.

FitMama workout program is based on interval training proven to be the most effective and most efficient way to lose body fat and improve your muscular and aerobic fitness.

All the workouts are designed by professional fitness trainers and are perfect for all fitness levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced. Users have 6 free workouts that they always have access to, upgrading to premium gives you unlimited access to our daily workout zone and our specialty programs.



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Technology Stack

Frameworks, Tools, and Libraries We Use

Feature 1

Workout, Programs, Challenges

The FitMama app enables users to enter workouts and programs.

Feature 2


The app displays Bodyweight resistant unique videos, total minutes of workout, and total days of workout.

Feature 3

Video Classes

FitMama App offers 4K HD Quality videos to help women work out anytime and anywhere by bringing them one workout a day that does not require any equipment or special preparation.

Feature 4


Users can view the workout type, presenter, and workout focus area of the body in the app.

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