Healthtech Trends in Africa and Role of GITEX Africa 2024 Event

May 20, 2024


The healthcare sector passes through a transition from traditional to digital ways of offering patient care services. Here, healthtech plays a crucial role in Africa and other parts of the world addressing challenges such as limited access to medical facilities, shortage of healthcare professionals, and high costs of treatment.

The rise of innovative technologies like telehealth, wearable devices, IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way professionals deliver healthcare services in the continent. In this post, we will go through the key healthtech trends in Africa and the role of GITEX Africa event in showcasing various advanced themes.

Let’s start with the introduction and importance of GITEX Africa 2024 event.

GITEX Africa 2024 is a leading technology event to showcase the latest advancements in healthtech and leverage its potential along with other popular technology trends. Various shows and discussions will contribute to drive positive change in Africa’s healthcare sector.

The event, which will take place in Marrakech, Morocco from May 29-31, 2024, is expected to attract global tech leaders, startups, and investors. It will feature a dedicated World Future Health Africa seminar. This seminar aims at exploring how technology can solve critical issues related to healthcare accessibility, financial inclusion, and much more.

GITEX Africa 2024 will provide a platform for stakeholders in the healthtech ecosystem to share, collaborate, and showcase their innovative ideas and insights.

It is fair to mention that with its focus on transformative technologies like AI, blockchain, and data science, GITEX Africa 2024 is poised to accelerate the growth of the healthtech sector in Africa and drive the continent’s digital transformation journey.

Key Trends in African Healthtech

Key trends in African healthtech include-

1. Rise in Adoption of mHealth Solutions

With over 1 billion mobile phone subscriptions in Africa, mHealth solutions are gaining traction to deliver healthcare services to remote and underserved populations.

2. AI and Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and data analytics can optimize healthcare delivery in Africa, assisting in early disease detection, patient risk stratification, and personalized treatment plans.

3. Innovative Devices

The healthcare industry witnesses an increasing demand for innovative medical devices that are affordable, portable, and suitable for low-resource settings in Africa.

4. Digital Health Platforms

Digital health platforms are a critical enabler of healthcare delivery in Africa, encompassing solutions like electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine platforms, and health information exchanges.

5. Health Insurance

HealthTech solutions focusing on health insurance and payment solutions such as mobile-based health insurance platforms, digital payment gateways for healthcare transactions.

6. Telemedicine

Telemedicine appears to be the most common service offered by start-ups founded within the last five years, with the pandemic age accelerating this trend.

7. Systemic Support for Innovation

There is a gap in public investment to support social innovation, and Africa needs systemic public investment mechanisms to develop local companies that can power next-generation healthtech.

African HealthTech startups raised $167 million in 2023, a 2% decline from the previous year. The healthcare sector needs a lot of investment and is capable of offering many opportunities.

It is interesting to jot down the key topics GITEX Africa event will cover for discussion.

Top Healthtech Themes to be Covered at GITEX Africa 2024

GITEX Africa 2024 event will cover many aspects related to technology and implementation of advancements to drive digital transformation. Talking about the healthcare industry, this Morocco event will cover the following healthtech trends-

1. Telehealth

The event will delve into the increasing popularity of telehealth in Africa, highlighting its role in providing healthcare access in remote areas without traveling.

2. Wearable Devices

Discussions will focus on the rising popularity of wearable devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers in Africa, exploring how these wearables will be used to develop innovative healthtech solutions.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The GITEX Africa Morocco event will feature insights on the use of AI in developing various healthtech solutions including AI-powered diagnostic tools and chatbots that offer information and advice.

These themes reflect the cutting-edge innovations and trends in the healthtech sector. It will be at the forefront of discussions at GITEX Africa 2024, showcasing the advancements and potential impact of technology on healthcare in Africa.

Participation of Silicon IT Hub and Our Contribution

Our expertise in developing healthtech solutions using advancements of AI, VR, and IoT enables us to meet the complex needs of the healthcare sector. We build mHealth (Mobile Health) solutions from scratch by integrating the necessary features and ensuring a seamless experience. Our experienced developers can collaborate with healthcare service professionals to make highly customized and patient-focused software.

We are participating in the event to explore the scope for our expertise in healthtech solution development. Our management aims at strengthening our global presence and wants to contribute in taking the standard of healthcare services in Africa to a new level.

Let’s schedule meeting at the backdrop of GITEX Africa event between May 28 to 30 as we are participating this magnificent technology events. Visit our stall at Stand 8M-02 at Hall 8 in Marrakesh, Morocco.

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