10 Useful Tips to Hire an Offshore Development Team for your Project

Hire an Offshore Development Team
September 1, 2021


Businesses have various significant tasks in routine. Besides, a mobile and web app development company undertakes a wide range of development projects. With the increasing competition and load of tasks, companies hire offshore development teams to accomplish big projects.

The IT and programming sectors take the utmost advantage of outsourcing, as it is one of the most dynamic market segments. With high-level technical expertise, in-depth knowledge of product development and management and domain knowledge, startups can leverage the benefits of outsourcing.

However, working with an outsourcing team is not the same as working with an in-house team. Moreover, selecting the right candidates for the team is crucial to deploying the product development. There are certain things you need to consider when selecting your offshore team. Let us take a look at these tips.

Key Things to Consider While Hiring Offshore Team

Select an Experienced Company & Avoid Freelancers

It may be tempting to hire freelancers for product development. However, it is advisable to avoid them and go for an experienced offshore development company. It is because the experienced team has deep knowledge about effective project completions.Moreover, programmers of the offshore development agency are more committed and reliable. As a result, you can ensure project completion on time and meet the relevant deadline effectively.

Ensure Flawless Communication

Seamless communication is the core of any project completion. For this purpose, it is essential to set rules in regards to contact persons, their availability, and estimated response time. It is always frustrating for the client to wait when there is no response from the other side. Therefore, it is essential to have the right attendance schedule, which can be tracked by a time tracking tool.

The client needs to take part in an intercultural communication workshop if a big product or project needs to be delivered. The cost for the same can be high. However, it is beneficial in the long run to understand the behavioural pattern of the offshore partner.

Set a Clear Vision of the Product

When you communicate with the offshore development team, it is significant that you make the people understand your vision of the product. The project is most likely to end with disengagement if the developers fail to understand the product’s vision.

For this purpose, it is essential for both sides to participate in the product discovery and designing session. In this session, product owners and managers will mutually develop and share an image. Thus, it builds the core of working agile with offshore teams.

Discuss the Project Goals

When you assign a project to an offshore team, it is vital to tell them about your goal. Likely, the developed app or product may not be as per the expectations of the stakeholders. In this case, it is feasible to discuss short and long-term goals with the offshore team.

It may also include discussing the vision of your product, the roadmap about how you want to proceed with the web app development, and relevant things. The discussion will help the team to work innovatively to help you achieve your goals.

Specify your Requirements

It is vital for you and your offshore team to be on the same page when you want to have excellence in your projects. Also, the team should understand and follow the defined suit for the same. Moreover, you need to specify what precisely you want and what things you can or can’t compromise.

Moreover, the requirements can include things such as what issues the product needs to solve, and the platform for development. As a result, the team will be able to develop the product with a clear strategy within the required time. Besides, an ideal offshore development team would also discuss understanding your target audience, their needs, and preferences. Thus, they will suggest you the right choices.

Ensure Better Management Tools & Clear Reporting on their side

Offshore developers need to ensure improved management by deploying flawless infrastructure that comprises better management tools. As a result, it enhances their productivity and enables them to be precise about their reporting and work pattern.

Handle Payments & Legal Procedures with Care

It is vital to have thorough knowledge of the taxation procedures and IT policies when you plan to hire offshore developers. When you comply with the required policies and regulations, it will facilitate seamless work with your programmers.

Also, make sure you are sufficiently acquainted with the cybersecurity policies to protect yourself from hacking, data theft, or payment fraud.

Select the Right Candidates

It is significant to hire the right candidates when you plan to assign an important project to offshore developers. Make sure you select the candidates according to your project’s requirements. It means you have to make a list of the number of project managers, programmers, designers, quality assurance, and others. Also, see to it that the ones you select are experienced in their fields.

Ensure Technical Background

Before deciding for hiring the candidate, it is vital to know their technical background as well. Also, inquire about their previous work experience and responsibilities. It will give you a clear idea about their skills and expertise in regards to the relevant technology.

Manage Different Time Zones

The difference in time zones can be challenging and quite daunting when working with remote teams. However, you can use overlapping hours to ease this challenge. It is vital to plan the difference in working hours. Moreover, your offshore team can likely be anywhere between 8 to 15 hours ahead of you. Thus, you need to plan out this time difference to build a more efficient schedule for your local and remote teams.

Key Benefits of Hiring an Offshore Development Team

Access to a Wider Zone of Talent

Due to the increasing competition and demand for specialized programmers in the market, it has become difficult to find the right one for your team. It is a complex task to find local talent. However, now, you do not have any location restrictions. It means that you can find your offshore candidate from around the globe. You have access to top-class offshore development services at your fingertips.


Hiring local IT professionals in countries like the U.S can be expensive. Moreover, payroll, equipment, workspace, daily amenities, and other employee benefits can add to the overall cost. Therefore, opting for an offshore development team can be beneficial to the organization. It also means that you can invest the profit amount in other significant places.

Diverse Perspectives with Diverse Team

With diverse cultures and languages, come greater experience and a wide range of opinions on how to enhance the product or solve an issue. As a result, it will boost the overall progress of the team, along with the project.

Permits you to Focus on other Essential Business Tasks

Offshore development can be highly beneficial to startups because they are short on time. Moreover, while struggling to make a mark in the industry, they are remarkably short on the workforce.

By hiring an offshore development team of professionals, your startup will be saved from the tasks of employing and training. You will have access to a high-performing team of professionals. With their expertise and experience, you will achieve a competitive edge.

Deploy Latest Technologies

As a startup, it is not feasible to have access to all the latest technologies due to their high costs. On the other hand, offshore development companies spend most of their time improving technologies and learning new software skills.

Thus, you get designed strategies, good procedures, and documentation when you hire an offshore development team. Moreover, they keep updating the systems as and when needed.

Wrap Up

Hiring offshore programmers can help you gain a competitive edge and produce robust digital products at a reasonable cost. At times, offshoring can be unpleasant and unpredictable due to work approaches, different time zones, and cultural differences. However, once you decide upon hiring a team of professionals, it is significant to weigh them on their skills, experience, ability to innovate and produce, and the way they fit in your organization culture.

Hopefully, the tips we mentioned above will help you hire the right offshore development team for your project. The benefits we mentioned will help you plan your hiring strategies in this relevance.

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