Some important features to look for eCommerce mobile app!

eCommerce Mobile App
August 28, 2018

eCommerce is becoming younger day by day. The way technology wraps users’ swipes is just way beyond the earlier stage of a shopping experience. We can not deny the fact that we are habituated to an online ordering system. Whether it is purchasing our favorite new arrival clothes or just an On-demand Food Delivery app. Whatever we do is to save major of our time and have a peaceful shopping with no hurdles but the swipes between the choices.

Well, eCommerce is headed with the major websites like Amazon and Alibaba we all know. However, the fact remains the same for all the businesses that we can’t remove the competitions. It would be the same for all and with all the people associated with the businesses.

Developers have n number of technicalities and they can put over the desired functionalities. Well, in this case, eCommerce mobile apps are performing very handy for the people aiming for the online shopping. We have researched some of the so vital features for putting in eCommerce mobile app stores. And if you are the one searching to have in your next eCommerce app, do look for more here.

Here are the important features you should not miss in your eCommerce mobile app.

Optimizing User Efforts

It’s a big thing to optimize user efforts as much as possible. The lesser you are being requested to perform clicks or activities for making a task easier, the more you are attracted to a specific app. Keeping this thing in mind developers should reduce user efforts by being more proactive and talkative by the app itself.

Asking users for a quick registration and signing up makes them easily fill out the forms and removing extra clicks. Keep it simple and smart. Taking useful information from the users to make sense. For the beginner levels of a designer, these mistakes can be repetitive. But a quick execution with no more efforts will do a more favorable task for the users we intend.

Offline Syncing

Most of the users want a permanent access to their most interacted mobile app. I.e., they should be having an access to the eCommerce mobile app even when there is no internet connectivity.

Users, in general, be at a place where internet is no longer with them and consider showing off the things of their choice to their friends. It could be a great thing to have an eCommerce app with most offline syncing capability. Also, providing content with no internet dependency will win the customers’ choice.

Exclusive Branding

Branding stands for the exclusive nature of any company or an organization. Considering the eCommerce mobile apps, there are competitions in the market; facing the bargainings and customers. Here being exclusive and providing a branding touch to the eCommerce app is also indicating the brand logo and color combinations along with the user interface made by your designers. Also, we should not forget the inventory i.e., exclusive clothing or items for adding the branding touch.

Easy Checkouts & pleasant Purchasing

A customer will not find it easy to deal with that complex behavior of a website or an app. Especially when it comes to the making of a quick purchase. Giving a user experience that heads to a minimum of user information for putting in is great. The users won’t be liking the app asking too much about their personal information or making their mood at worst swing for the exciting moments like shopping.

Using the advanced features for the eCommerce app will make more favor than the traditional mobile app. Consider Magento for the mobile app eCommerce for the high end flexible and scalable features for engraving the fully customized app.

Quick Logins and Global Support

We all know the tedious process of registration and login in. And we don’t like to get interacted with such processes for a long time. Making sure that the eCommerce app has the nicely working social login options will make a great impression to the users along with the simple and seamless conversion funnels.

The eCommerce applications are likely to used and accessed globally rather keeping them limited to the local space. So making them multilingual and available check out process in global currencies would be appreciative.


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