13 Fintech Apps that may Inspire Your Startup

13 Fintech Apps that may Inspire Your Startup
January 2, 2020

Fintech apps (also known as financial technology apps) are popular today as they have changed the way businesses function. Electronic transactions have become much easier for people due to this industry. Fintech startups emerged as a response to the needs of having a more effective financial system.

Entrepreneurs joined hands with finances and banking and started Fintech startups around twelve years ago. As per Juniper Research, by 2020, there will be around 2 billion users of mobile banking apps. In 2019, Fintech companies reached up to $ 55.3 billion in investments. Total contribution in China was $25.5 billion, of which more than half ($ 14 billion) is from Ant Financial of Alibaba group. It will keep growing as more mobile users save their financial information on their smartphones for a future transaction. In this blog, we will talk about the 13 Top Fintech apps currently in the market.


It is an American financial service and financial technology company situated in Irvine, California. Acorns specialize in Robo-investing and micro-investing and have over $1.2 billion assets in their management, and over 4.5 million users.


The features of Acorns

Download links: iOS | Android

Platforms used for developing of Acorns: JavaScript, React, Swift, Android SDK, Ruby, Rails, Kotlin.


If users don’t have a credit card or cash, in these situations, Affirm gives no-fee loans for one-time purchases. It offers finance for a furniture store, mattress store Casper, Walmart, Wayfair, travel site Expedia, and around two thousand different retailers. Affirm is a part of companies that provides point-of-sale financing.


The features of Affirm

Download links: iOS | Android

Platforms used for developing of Affirm: Jquery, Jquery UI, Java, Ruby, Kotlin, JavaScript, Lua, Lodash.


It is a payment service that offers a payment solution for Chinese buyers who are purchasing services or products from the vendor’s website and paying in RMB. From the buyer’s account, Alipay will deduct the payment in real-time after the purchase. It strives to bring the world’s business and consumers together. It has around 550 million users, and 8.5 million transactions take place every day.


The features of Alipay

Download links: iOS | Android

Platforms used for developing of Alipay: Jquery, Jquery UI, React, Java, Lodash, Moment.js, Ant Design.

4.Atom Bank

Atom Bank works through a tablet or smartphone, and it makes banking more accessible and streamlined process. Apart from current accounts, Atom bank also provides mortgages and savings accounts. Started in 2016, Atom bank has no physical branches, and all its services are from the app.

Atom Bank


The features of the Atom Bank

Download links: iOS | Android

Platforms used for developing of Atom bank: JavaScript, React, Java, Swift, Kotlin, Gatsby, Groovy.

5.Citi Bank

Established in 1812 as City Bank of New York, it has grown into the largest financial institution in the United States by the late 19th century. In 1976 the bank changed its name to Citibank. There are five tiers of banking service packages for customers, basic banking, access account, the Citibank account, Citigold, and City priority. The fees and APYs depend on the combined average account balance. Users can link their savings, checking, and retirement accounts to determine their average account balances.

Citi Bank

The features of the Citi Bank app

Download links: iOS | Android

Platforms used for developing of Citi bank: JavaScript, Java, Swift.


Chime is an online mobile banking, and there are no hidden fees. Users can manage their finances, automatically grow their savings, and have a fee-free overdraft. With direct deposit, they can get their paycheck up to two days early. It comes with a highly-rated mobile banking app.


The features of the Chime

Download links: iOS | Android

Platforms used for developing of Chime: React, React Native, Elixir, Ruby, Rails.


Kabbage provides lines of credit to businesses that are eligible for it. They can apply, get an update on their fees and rates, and start getting funds in a few minutes. It is a fast process. It is free to apply, and users will require to only pay for the funds they use. The loan terms are easy to understand and transparent. Users can review schedules, payment details before taking a loan. With the app, users can withdraw from their line of credit, make payments, and view their funds.


The features of Kabbage

Download links: iOS | Android

Platforms used for developing of Kabbage: Jquery, Jquery UI


Klarna makes shopping a seamless experience. Users can buy and pay later, and the app lets them control their finances and gives an overview of their shopping. Users can snooze their payments, purchase with one click, and makes returning of their products hassle-free.


The features of Klarna

Download links: iOS | Android

Platforms used for developing of Klarna: JavaScript, Java, TypeScript, Swift, Kotlin, Go, Elixir, Ruby, Rails.


A challenger bank that operates with no branches, Monzo provides integrated savings accounts, a full current account, and recently started giving personal loans. Users can manage their accounts through the Monzo app.


The features of Monzo

Download links: iOS | Android

Platforms used for developing of Monzo: React, Java, GO.


N26 has more than 3 million+ customers, and it is Europe’s first mobile bank. Users have complete control over their finances from their phones. They can open their accounts by downloading the N26 app, activate mobile payments like Google Pay, receive contactless Mastercard, organize MoneyBeam for instant cash transfers between contacts, and utilize personal banking features like sub-accounts for organizing their finances. Users can add many financial products like personal credit and overdraft. N26 makes banking modern, simple, and enjoyable.


The features of N26

Download links: iOS | Android

Platforms used for developing of N26: Java, React, TypeScript, Android SDK, Kotlin, Realm, Swift, Vapor.


Stash is an investing and personal finance app. It allows users to save and budget smarter, experience banking with benefits, invest as little as 5 $ and buy stocks. Around 4 million+ people are using Stash.


The features of Stash

Download links: iOS | Android

Platforms used for developing of Stash: Jquery, React, Jquery UI, JavaScript, React, Rails, Swift, Kotlin, D3.js


Stripe operates in 25 countries. It allows businesses to accept payments through the internet. Stripe empowers 1 million+ businesses. It currently ranks #2 on the number of websites using it as their payment processor after Paypal.


The features of Stripe Dashboard app

Download link: Android

Platforms used for developing of Stripe: Ruby


Remitly allows people from Canada, the US, Australia, UK, and the Eurozone to send money to over forty countries around the globe. It is an international money transfer service and makes money transfer secure, fast, and inexpensive.


The features of Remitly

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Download links: iOS | Android

Platforms used for developing Remitly: Jquery, React, Moment.js, Java, Jquery UI, Handlebar.js

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