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travel app ideas
November 4, 2020


Every business is woven around a strong idea and things are not much different in the case of the travel industry. You either come up with a fresh new idea or work on the same old one by bringing in some good changes. People love traveling and so working on a travel app idea can prove to be beneficial for you as a startup. Using mobile apps has become common today and so the chances are high that your app will be used too if it offers outstanding features like a tour guide, easy money payments, accommodation booking, etc.

Travel apps can be developed for different purposes and need to focus on different necessities of travelers. Here in this post, we will discuss some of the popular and important travel app ideas and their use in general.

Popular and Important Travel App Ideas -

1.App for planning a trip and savings

Has it anytime happened to you that you planned a trip but had to cancel it later just because the expenses were too high? So think about a solution that helps you save money in a way that you will be able to collect enough for the trip before it happens. This can be very helpful for those travelers who often end up ending their trip midway just because they were not able to foresee the expenses deeply.

Feather Down is one such place that offers an excellent vacation environment for travelers. Apart from offering the best services it even offers good deals and discounts. So users can visit the app or website and plan their trip in advance and thus save themselves from last-minute surprise expenses.

2.Social media platform for travel lovers

Earlier people used to interact on travel forums to discuss travel journeys while others used this opportunity to learn more about what they can expect on their travel expeditions. Based on this idea, you can come up with a social media platform that can help travelers get connected with each other, share experiences; ask queries, clear doubts, share pictures, give reviews, and much more.

This kind of platform covers a large audience in general and if you want your app to be successful across the globe, you need to focus on an issue in particular.

Such an app should also include features like image and video sharing based on location, facility to plan the itinerary, GPS-based maps, reviews, and rating features, etc.

3.App as a travel guide for payment

Mobile payment apps have emerged as a future app solution that can be developed for Android or iOS phones. Developing travel cards are just a part of it. Such travel cards are digitally supported and they help the users make digital payments as well as book rides or share contacts on the go. This means physical cards along with such prepaid travel card apps will let the travelers get connected with their peers all the while making bookings for accommodation and rides.

Usually, travel cards have a partnership with renowned hotels and restaurant chains and this makes it easy to book things online and make payments on the go. So how such cards let you stay connected with other fellow travelers? This is where your travel card app comes in. It will share the contact details of the other travelers who are on the same route or traveling to the same destination.

4.App as a tour guide

Now, this is quite a common yet very crucial mobile app idea you could think of coming up for your travel app business. Such an app will offer detailed information about the city the app user is traveling to. Right from streets to roads, landmarks to attractions; such an app will show everything. The app will also give details about the famous local cuisines and the ones you should definitely try. It will even show you the list of restaurants along with the price of the dishes. The app will also have traveler reviews included in it which will make it easy for them to carry on with their trip.

6.App for language help

Now, this is another travel app idea which you can build as a part of making a space for yourself in the travel industry. The main focus of the app is to help people who are traveling to new places and are not aware of the languages that are spoken there.

The app will be able to scan the words spoken or the text written and translate it. The app can even be used to take photos of the text written in a foreign language and the app will convert it into a language of their preference. The app can be made available in many languages that are spoken internationally or can even support different dialects – it is up to you! The app can be made available in offline mode too so in case the internet is not available in the location, the user will be able to communicate with the locals. The app can truly help the people who love shopping by helping them communicate and ask questions while bargaining.

7.App for weather forecast

Think about developing an app which offers real-time weather forecast of the place the person intends to travel. This can prove to be quite valuable especially in the case when the person in traveling far from a place with an entirely different weather condition. This will let the user know whether to pack a pair of fur coats or an umbrella.

The app even provides information about the temperature of the place the user plans to visit. Again, the user can enter a few cities that they like to visit and the app will let them know the favorable one for selected dates.

8.App to access local public transportation

Traveling in a new place means moving frequently and you will be cheated by charging more money if you are not well aware of how things work there. This means a lack of knowledge about local public transportation can affect the users badly. So, here we have an app idea which lets you know more about the timings of a different mode of local transportations.

Moreover, the app will also let the user know about services like car-sharing, bike for hire, etc. The app will also let the user know about inter-district or inter-state bus travel facilities, and their arrival and departure timings. This will even help the traveler who is having a trip planned across different locations. The app will also let the user know the places or bus stops they have previously visited so that they will be able to save them for future references.

9.App to find deals and trends nearby

No travel is complete without shopping for many. For the same reason, they look for offers and special discounts that can help them shop more. This is where you have a better chance to reach such people through your app for smart shopping. So when people will have your app downloaded on their phones, they will receive messages and notifications about new arrivals, local trends, or special discounts going on around.

Such an app will even help the user have control over their spending. It will offer them a platform to compare prices at different places, know about sales, look for bargains, find stores with new arrivals, etc. If you want your app to be useful for international travels then you can even think about adding a Currency converter into the app.

10.App for finding travel destinations

It is wise to invest in a travel app idea that helps to find new destinations and interesting attractions at a tourist place for travelers. Such a travel app allows users to find places to hang out, places to get the best pictures, good cafes, nice restaurants to have food, things to shop, etc. which are otherwise hard to be found on your own.

Tripadvisor is one such example, which the app user can use to save preferred restaurants and hotels. This makes things easier for the user once they start their travel journey. The app even brings on board the recommendations of other app users and experts which makes it easier for the app users to find interesting places.

Such kind of travel app ideas simply makes it easy for travelers to discover new places without having to take much effort. So if you are planning to build your travel app solution in this direction then you will be able to have a platform that can explore cities more and better.

11.Navigation app with local information

Developing a travel app with navigation as its key feature is something that many have not thought about. Such an app can be developed with both online and offline features. The app can have GPS features included which will let the user know where they are at the current point and where they need to progress. The app will show the directions and the expected traffic that they may face in a few miles or so. This will help them save themselves from heavy traffic jams.

Moreover, such an app will even let the users know if the road narrows down ahead, thus letting them know what kind of transport to choose on the streets. While moving, such an app will show if there is any work going on the road ahead as well as point out attractions along with its working hours. This will let the user plan their day accordingly.

12.App to find kids-friendly places

Traveling with kids is not an easy thing and so it would be very nice to know about the places and things which you can access when you have kids with you. Families generally look for kids-friendly or family-friendly cafes, stores, entertainment joints, amusement parks, etc. that can help them spend time in an easy way. This kind of travel app idea will help the parents plan their vacation in a better way while creating unforgettable memories for kids.

Such an app idea will be much appreciated by the parents while your business will be able to make good profits.

13.App to find restrooms and gas stations on the route

Finding the right facilities on the way is what many want when they are on the road. So think about developing a travel app that helps travelers find gas stations and restrooms on the way. This becomes especially important when you are on the highway on your own. Again, if you are traveling with kids you need to have an idea about where you can take a break to stretch your legs and get fresh.

14.App for booking hotels/flights/couch surfing

Think about a travel app that lets the user find and book accommodations while they are already on the trip! The app will prompt the user different with accommodation solutions based on their place of travel. This can be great when the user has to make an unexpected travel or needs to make an unexpected halt midway. So when traveling, the user can simply look for a hotel room or homestay or couch-surfing that is convenient to them.

The app will provide a wide range of options and the user will be able to choose the property that is convenient and matching their needs. The user can directly look for a hotel or use filters like a review, price, facilities, etc. to choose a room or staying space. CouchSurfing Travel App is one such solution that many opt for when looking for a space to spend a night or a day. Working in such a direction can even benefit your travel business and offer something better to your users.

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Final thoughts

Travel and tourism is a huge industry and if you work smart then you will be able to reap its benefits too. Working on the right travel app development idea is one such thing and when done right, you will be able to reap its benefits instantly. So if you have any plans to build such a travel app then we can help you reach your goal in the best possible manner.

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