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Android 15- Features, Benefits, and Timeline You Should Know

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The healthcare sector passes through a transition from traditional to digital ways of offering patient care services. Here, healthtech plays a crucial role in Africa and other parts of the world addressing challenges such as limited access to medical facilities, shortage of healthcare professionals, and high costs of treatment.

The rise of innovative technologies like telehealth, wearable devices, IoT , and artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way professionals deliver healthcare services in the continent. In this post, we will go through the key healthtech trends in Africa and the role of GITEX Africa event in showcasing various advanced themes.

Let's start with the introduction and importance of GITEX Africa 2024 event.

GITEX Africa 2024 is a leading technology event to showcase the latest advancements in healthtech and leverage its potential along with other popular technology trends. Various shows and discussions will contribute to drive positive change in Africa's healthcare sector.

The event, which will take place in Marrakech, Morocco from May 29-31, 2024, is expected to attract global tech leaders, startups, and investors. It will feature a dedicated World Future Health Africa seminar. This seminar aims at exploring how technology can solve critical issues related to healthcare accessibility, financial inclusion, and much more.

GITEX Africa 2024 will provide a platform for stakeholders in the healthtech ecosystem to share, collaborate, and showcase their innovative ideas and insights.

It is fair to mention that with its focus on transformative technologies like AI, blockchain, and data science, GITEX Africa 2024 is poised to accelerate the growth of the healthtech sector in Africa and drive the continent's digital transformation journey.

Android 15- Version Updates to Date

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The first phase of any upcoming version is the Developer Preview phase. It starts from the date mentioned in the Google I/O or the biggest developer conference. Talking about Android 15, its first phase or developer preview began on February 16, 2024. This phase gives an opportunity to Android app developers to get familarize with the upcoming changes and enable them to plan to add new features.

The second major phase is public beta testing. It can be divided in two steps. If we consider the latest version of Android, its first public beta version came on April 11 and the second version came on May 16. It allows people to try out the upcoming software ahead of the release of a final version. Beta testing is useful for Google developers to get reports on issues and bugs that further results in improved version in the final release.

We will have a Beta 3 version in June with platform stability. Another stable version Beta 4 with near-final builds for ultimate testing will come in July or August before the final release of Android 15.

Let’s dig deep into the key features of Android 15.

Top 10 Key Features of Android 15

Though looking quite similar to its predessors, Android 15 has brought some noteworthy changes. Functionality updates, performance enhancements, and other important features make this version more powerful than previous ones.

Partial Sharing

Image Source : androidauthority

With Android 15, it is possible to share or record just an app window instead of the entire screen. The partial screen sharing feature was enabled first in Android 14 QPR 2. It was limited to Pixel devices only but now it will be available across many Android devices.

In-app Camera Controls

Android 15 offers more control over the built-in camera through new extensions. Low-light enhancements and advanced adjustments in flash strength can enable precise control of flash intensity during capturing photos through Android devices.

Universal Toggle

A keyboard vibration toggle enables users to disable keyboard vibration universally. When this toggle is turned off, the system setting will override the setting within individual apps based on keyboard. When this toggle is turned on, users can control the setting within keyboard apps.

Connectivity Support

Satellite connectivity is here in Android 15. Its UI elements ensure a consistent UX across the entire satellite connectivity landscape. Android 15 apps can use APIs to detect when a device is connected to a satellite. As a result, the app can get awareness of unavailability of full network services.

Popup Dialog

Image Source : androidauthority

Android 15 has introduced a functionality that enables users to click on the Bluetooth Quick Settings tile to open up a popup for performing more functions. Some of these functions include toggling Bluetooth, entering settings page, and pairing Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Sensitive Notifications

Though some forms of 2FA (Two-factor authentication) are safer than others, many platforms still rely on its most basic form. This form works by sending one-time passwords or OTP through an SMS or an email. Android 15 has addressed this issue with a unique feature “sensitive notifications”. It effectively prevents OTPs from being read by any Android apps.

Advanced Webcam Mode

The second Developer preview of Android 15 displays a new High-Quality Webcam mode when users start the USB webcam features on their Pixel devices. An all-new ‘HQ’ symbol in the webcam preview is visible and tapping on it will disable any power optmizations.

Health Connect

Android 15 has updates to Health Connect that increases support for new data types. Be it fitness, nutrition, or other health-related aspects, users can stay updated with their conditions through this feature. Beta 2 also adds skin temperature and training plans.

Predictive Back

System animations such as back-to-home and cross-activity will be avaialble for compatible apps. It gives a smoother experience while navigating apps thanks to built-in animations. This feature can reduce unexpected outomes.

Collapsible Volume Panel

Image Source : androidauthority

Android 15 Beta 2 has pill-shaped sliders in the expanded volume panel for controlling volume. Users can slide them to change volume. Moreover, they can click on the extreme left of any pill to mute that stream or on the extreme right to raise volume to maximum. Here are some additional changes in the features of Android 15.

Additional Changes

Google has brought minor changes in Android 15 including-

  • Haptic feedback when adjusting the display brightness through the Quick Settings slider

  • A new PDFRenderer API to enable apps to render password-protected PDF files and annotations along with form editing

  • A new “apps list settings” page in the Pixel Launcher that has the “swipe to start search” settings toggle

  • A preview of the keyboard layout that users select in physical keyboard settings if the physical keyboard has a different layout

  • Users can set how the Android system addresses them in gendered languages that start from French

  • It makes it easier to understand the storage by splitting the broad “System” category into an “OS” category and a “Temporary system files” categories

Apart from these changes, the team of Android developers has made many changes for improving performance.

Performance Improvements in Android 15 Version

Android 15 has brought several enhancements in performance. It will take user experience to a new level and appeal tech-savvy customers. Let’s see a few essential performance improvements in detail.

Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF) Enhancements

Android 15 continues to evolve the Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF). It is a suite of APIs designed to enhance interaction between games, performance-intensive apps, and the power and thermal systems of Android devices. Thermal-state monitoring, CPU performance hints, and fixed-performance mode are three primary features of ADPF.

Android 15 takes these features to a new level by adding

  • Power efficiency mode

This mode allows associated threads to prioritize power saving over performance, ideal for long-running background tasks.

  • Reporting CPU and GPU work durations

This feature enables the system to adjust CPU and GPU frequencies together to meet workload demands effectively.

  • New thermal headroom thresholds

These thresholds help interpret possible thermal throttling status based on headroom prediction.

More Efficient AV1 Software Decoding

Android devices that do not support AV1 decoding in hardware get the dav1d AV1 software decoder from VideoLAN. This decoder is up to three times more performant than the legacy AV1 software decoder, enabling HD AV1 playback on more devices, including low and mid-tier ones. Apps need to opt-in to use dav1d by invoking "

Future updates will make dav1d the default AV1 software decoder, and this support is backported to Android 11 devices through Google Play system updates.

Improved Standby Battery Life

At Google I/O, Dave Burke, VP of Engineering for Android, announced that Android 15 improves standby battery life by speeding up the time to enter doze mode by 50%. Doze mode, a core feature of Android's power management system since Android 6.0, defers and consolidates background tasks to extend battery life.

This enhancement will apply to all devices updated to Android 15 including those beyond smartphones, potentially adding up to three hours of standby time on some devices.

Benefits of Upgrading to Android 15

Upgrading your phone to Android 15 offers several significant benefits, enhancing both performance and user experience. For example, Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF) can enable apps to optimize performance without overheating devices. An app archiving feature enables you to reclaim storage space by archiving apps.

Moreover, webview improvements and advanced graphics support can enhance the performance of apps that rely heavily on webview. As Android 15 has included ANGLE, a translation layer that enables leagacy OpenGL ES apps to run on Vulkan API for better performance. Moreover, a highly efficient dav1d decoder can give up to three times better performance than previous decoders. As a result, users can get superior experience.

Simply put, upgrading to Android 15 brings advanced features and performance improvements to get a more efficient and user-friendly experience. An Android app development company can give more information on the benefits of this upcoming version.

Moreover, Android 15 has new APIs that enable compatible apps to track start and stop states with detailed app size information. Moreover, such apps will now edge-to-edge by default. In other words, developers need not to have to call on additional classes during the development stage to show their content beyond system bars.

Android 15 also adds support for devices that utilize pages of larger sizes like 16 KB pages. Devices that have larger page sizes can offer improved performance with this support.

Talking about privacy and security featurs, Android 15 has a Privacy Sandbox and Screen record detection features. Furthermore, this version has come with end-to-end encryption of contact keys for additional security.

Concluding Lines

Android 15 is coming with some innovative features and excellent performance in several months. Though Google has not mentioned the release date for a stable version, we can presume it to come possible in October 2024. It is fair to mention that Android 15 will increase data safety and app’s capability of utilizing various features of hardware.

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