Android 9 Pie – What’s Next flabbergasting Between the Swipes?

Android Pie
August 16, 2018

As the Google launches Android versions every year in the month of August, this time the Android Pie is no farther and launching the final pie version on 20th August. And they did have launched version already on the pixel phones a week ago. Yes, these are obviously the good sounding great news and indeed inspiring.

If you’re planning to purchase your next smartphone, do hold a minute. Don’t forget to have Google’s latest version of Android on your phone i.e., Android Pie. And if you haven’t planned yet, do get the newly arrived version in yours soon.

Well, we can’t wait to see the features in every new version of Android. And this one’s have more excitements because of the Google’s love for AI and more exposure to it in this featured update.

You must be thinking what’s so new in Android 9 Pie and what are the exciting features we can dream.

Let’s have a quick look at What Android 9 brings out so far?

Adaptive in its characteristics – Pleasant brightness & Battery!

It’s always a problem when we want to go out for a long time and our phone is no more great with the charging. Either need to keep a power bank or stick to the charging points. Well, going great with a single charge is easy with Android Pie. as its adaptive battery learns how you use the phone including the apps and services which are of no use.

Same as maintaining the brightness is your phone’s task to remember. Your phone would learn how you like to have brightness as per the surrounding atmosphere and then would adjust accordingly. As easy as pie.

Learning Everything At Better Pace!

Comparing to the currently available Android versions, they are doing what we convey them to do. Now what? The version itself would be learning the preferences you give to the phone.

It means the user experience would be better, smoother and long lasting with this newly arrived Android latest version. Android takes a whole new form of learning in its pie update with great exposure to AI and also approaching for Google assistant more smartly.

No More Buttons…

We all do have a smartphone and so the three mandatory buttons softly placed into it. Say a back button, closing the recent apps or showing them up and the one bringing us back on the homepage.

With the advent of a smart gesture navigation, it’s simply easy to navigate between the apps and screens with no more inclination for the buttons. The gesture navigation enables a user to quickly switch from the screens and gives access to swipe the pill-shaped home screen icon. Hold it, swipe it and tap will make you go whenever in the Smartphone. Whether you want to check the recent apps or come back to the home screen everything goes simply with the moving home screen icon at the bottom.

Whole Day You’re On SmartPhone – Now shut this off!

We often have this scolding from our loved ones, relatives and friends. Whenever we miss the interesting talk or a dinner with family and friends. Well, here you can measure and tell all those having taunts for you to not attending important events that how much exact time you’re spending on your mobile phone. This Android version lets you know the specific hours you spend on the mobile apps as well as the total time spending over the phone.

The Do Not Disturb

The screen of your phone would be converted into grayscale at the bedtime you’ve set and will be disconnected to all your notifications that keep you busy and awakening. This is a great feature to let your phone control your daily routine and keep you on time every day.

AI at its best!

Your phone would be having a great memory or say intelligence of reminding you about using the specific app and highlighting its features at particular times. For an instance, you are booking a cab using an app every day at 10 AM and your phone knows it. It will directly redirect you to that app by showing the specific features you use on the home screen or menu.

Shortcuts within Google Search

This feature will understand your moves with one right keyword you’ve entered on basis of your daily actions. For example, you are ordering food online every day and it will tell you how much time it can take from the location once you type the keyword.

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