Why ReactJS is the Preferred Choice for Enterprise App Development?

Why ReactJS is the Preferred Choice for Enterprise App Development?
May 8, 2023


A gentle learning curve, ease of testing, and a thriving community are some of the major reasons for the increasing popularity of the React.js platform among developers. As per the Stack Overflow survey, over 68 percent of developers have voted React.js as the most loved web framework after ASP.NET Core. This article will dig deep into why mobile app developers should use ReactJS to develop enterprise-level applications.

We are going to discuss the top reasons for using ReactJS for enterprise app development in this article, but, before moving ahead, let’s have a brief introduction of the ReactJS platform.

ReactJS- Robust and Reliable Web Framework

The tech giant Facebook has developed and released ReactJS as an open-source framework for developing custom web applications and interactive UI/UX. Flexibility and simplicity are two major characteristics of ReactJS that have made this framework immensely popular worldwide. A Statista survey of the most popular web frameworks has revealed that ReactJS is in second position, with over 42 percent of developers using it.

reactjs web development company

ReactJS Web Development Company

ReactJS is among the most used web and mobile app development technologies in any reputed custom software development company. Some of the biggest global companies, including Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram, are built using React JS framework.

ReactJS is capable of building modern applications. Be it a single-page application or an enterprise-level app application, a custom software development company can count on this framework for any size of project. This framework can build feature-rich eCommerce websites, social media, and messaging apps. Entrepreneurs prefer this open-source framework for making interactive interfaces for web and mobile applications.

Since its initial release in 2013, ReactJS has started training ground among both entrepreneurs and developers. Whether building a dynamic web app or an enterprise-level mobile app, a custom software development company counts on ReactJS. Let’s discuss why ReactJS is a preferred choice for developing enterprise-level apps.

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Top Reasons You Should Opt for ReactJS for Enterprise-grade Apps

ReactJS powers over 16 million websites globally, but what about its role in enterprise app development, and why should you choose this framework for your next project? Let’s discuss it!

  • Quicker Development

Enterprises must build apps quickly to address the intensifying competition and meet diverse challenges. Moreover, entrepreneurs do not want to spend more than their budgetary allocation or meet the deadline in developing a customized application.

In this situation, mobile app developers can look at the ReactJS framework. Thanks to its components, rich features, and developer-friendly environment, it boosts app development. By reusing components and utilizing other features, developers can save valuable time and effort. As a result, ReactJS can ensure quick development for enterprise applications.

  • More Flexibility

Another big benefit of ReactJS for enterprise applications is its high flexibility. This framework is so flexible that developers can mold it in the way they want as per the requirements of projects. ReactJS has more flexibility than some other web app development frameworks available.

Also, ReactJS has a simple source code that enables developers to maintain the flexibility of your enterprise app. The framework offers flexibility to save development time and cost for entrepreneurs and get a competitive edge.

  • Rapid Rendering

ReactJS is useful for creating highly functional and interactive UIs. Developers use its key feature, Virtual DOM, a lightweight copy of the HTML DOM, for a quick rendering of the ReactJS application. When developers make changes to the component, it gets updated to the virtual DOM directly and then into the actual DOM. Meanwhile, Developers can compare and fetch out the reflection of changes. The entire process is “reconcilliation”.

Another advantage of Virtual DOM is it can define the way the UI components behave individually. In a way, the Virtual DOM can improve the app’s performance while ensuring rapid rendering.

  • High Scalability

ReactJS has built-in tools for making a scalable app. For any enterprise-grade app, higher scalability is essential. ReactJS developers can build a scalable app using tools like Prettier, ESLInt, and libraries, including React Router and date-fns. Also, ReactJS programming is helpful in developing web and mobile applications with fine details. Browser-specific tools in the ReactJS framework are useful in scaling up the hierarchy of all the added components in the app. It can make the app ready for changes in the future.

  • Unidirectional Data Flow

reactjs web development

Also known as single-way data flow, React has a robust flow of data in which some values are passed as components and rendered as properties in various HTML tags. When it comes to enterprise apps, ReactJS has to cope with a cluster of complex features. Here, the callback or rollback feature can fulfill the additional necessities related to interconnected features. The unidirectional data flow facilitates data flow from the parent to the child components. Similarly, it ensures a smooth data transition from the child to the parent component. In a way, ReactJS plays a vital role in streamlining the enterprise app’s data.

  • Reusable Components

ReactJS offers a code reusability feature to developers for ensuring complete command over the app development workflow. It enables ReactJS developers t save time by sharing and reusing app development components multiple times. They can also build component libraries for the future and leverage the additional components from third-party sources while making an enterprise-level app using ReactJS. Reusability is beneficial for quicker app development, and enterprises can get an advantage of early launching of their apps in a highly competitive business scenario.

  • Greater Responsiveness

It is a major reason ReactJS is a preferred choice for making enterprise-level apps. As per the survey conducted by Northern Arizona University, 52% of users revealed that a bad experience on mobile made them less likely to engage with a specific organization.

A rich React library can work in sync with custom web applications and facilitate developers to optimize regular functions. It makes it possible to load only the relevant data to maintain high responsiveness of the customized business application. In a way, entrepreneurs can get the advantage of high loading speed and better responsiveness from their ReactJS apps.

Concluding Lines

It is fair to mention that ReactJS can develop complex business applications with desired features and seamless functionality. As a robust framework, its core focus remains on achieving diverse business goals by making top-quality web and mobile apps. All these benefits of ReactJS mentioned above will convince you why it is the ultimate option for enterprise app development. All you need to hire dedicated mobile app developers to leverage the benefits of the ReactJS framework.

Silicon IT Hub is a leading ReactJS web development company. We have an in-house team of ReactJS developers who can consider every aspect. Our tailor-made solutions bring automation into core business processes. Do you want to discuss the scope of ReactJS for your web app project? Simply drop us a line at [email protected], and one of our experienced professionals will contact you soon!

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