What is Technology Stack? How to Opt for the Best One?

What is Technology Stack? How to Opt for the Best One?
July 21, 2021

Web or mobile application development depends on numerous aspects. A tech stack and smart tools are one of them. If you are keen to provide the best software solutions, you need to pick the right technology to ensure high product quality and end-user satisfaction.

Founders, especially the ones without a tech background will have to face plenty of hurdles while finding the technology that would be more appropriate for their product. The right decision for the tech stack has a huge role to play in the product development lifecycle.

Are you planning to digitally transform your business but absolutely have no idea about technologies and tools that should be used? In this blog, we are providing everything you need to know for a technology stack.

What does a Technology Stack Really Mean?

A tech stack is a set of tools and technologies utilized to develop mobile apps, web apps, software, or websites. A tech stack contains various programming languages, frameworks, libraries, multiple development tools, and coding methods. All these define the app viability, competitiveness, scalability, functionality, and further maintenance.

Formally, there are four key layers through which you can pick an element for your tech stack.

Each layer has a variety of options which you can choose according to your preferences.


UX enhances the overall experience of the user while interacting with the website or mobile app. By keeping customers in mind, it outlines the basic structure of any app. It mainly emphasizes app wireframing and components structured to build the user flow.

UI enhances the display and interactivity of the web or mobile app by focusing on the app’s look and feel. Each screen, page, buttons, colors, fonts, and all the other visual elements will be taken care of to take your front-end development to the next level.

A client-side section of the project uses HTML and CSS to provide the end product to the users. The app uses JS to deploy the content. There are plenty of HTML and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Material UI, Bulma, and Materialize CSS that aid programmers significantly throughout the development process. All these frameworks make visuals responsive and user-friendly by offering various mechanisms, rules, and elements.

JavaScript has an extensive range of frameworks among all the programming languages. There are five JS frameworks currently dominating in terms of usage and popularity, and they are React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, Ember.js, and Backbone.js.


As a beginner, you won’t conclude easily on any of the coding languages. To solve your concerns, you can research different languages, their importance, pros, and cons, and also take guidance from any consultancy or experts for the back-end tech stack.

It is a system section that helps read, write, manipulate, and calculate data. You have to choose a technology and programming language before starting a new app development process. The popular languages are Java, C#, and Python. They support various popular frameworks for wrapping up the code, such as Spring, .Net Core, and Django.


There are Relational and Non-Relational, two types of databases. In the relational database, information resides in the table’s column. Here, the data resides in the rows. There is a connection called relations between both of them, and for that, there are four engines highly used. Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, and Postgresql.

The Non-Relational database leverages various models when it comes to storing data. Key-value pairs, documents, and graphs are the primary methods to store data in non-relational databases. MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, and HBase are the highly used systems nowadays.


Last but not least, selecting a tech stack is an environment in which you will keep everything. In old-school methodologies, you have to choose a service supplier or purchase a personal server. Nowadays, most developers choose cloud when they want to host because it is highly operable, rapid configuration, and cost-effective for basic plans. The widely used cloud solutions are the Google cloud platform, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, and Amazon Web Services.

Full Stack Sets

These sets are the whole package of technologies created to address numerous development objectives based on the framework, programming language, customer demand, databases, and desired environments.

MongoDB MongoDB Linux
Express Express.js Apache
React Angular.js MySQL
Node.js Node.js PHP

How to Opt for the Right Tech stack?

Here are some factors you need to keep a keen eye on to pick the appropriate technology stack for your product.

Business Stages

If your business is in its initial stage, you need to focus on the MVP. Any programming language, framework, and CMS that will help to build MVP as soon as possible would be the best choice for you at the starting phase. WordPress Development is a perfect choice that will let you build a landing page without having a deep knowledge of programming language. If you are having a bank or finance-related business, Java programming is an ideal choice.

Project Demand

You need to acknowledge your project needs before picking up a tech stack.

If you do not want any financial loss, then proper selection for a tech stack is essential.

Resource Availability

Find out whether your developer can work on the technology you have chosen or not. For example, if you go with Lisp, which is not a commonly used programming language, it would be a very time-consuming process to find Lisp programmers. Even when you find them, they will charge an extra for the skills. It is beneficial to choose a tech stack having a large developer community that will help you to solve any technology-relevant issues on the go.

Development and Maintenance Expenditure

The cost of hiring developers depends on the various technologies they are working with and directly affect overall development cost. Along with that, you can’t ignore maintenance and upgrading costs. Consider open-source technologies as they are affordable, and there is no restriction when you update or modify them. So before choosing a tech stack to consider, hosting costs, technology licensing fees, salaries of developers, and maintenance costs.

Time to market

All startups need to consider, time to market aspect because the less time in initial development, the more to learn from the feedback.

Some tech stacks will reuse code snippets and reduce overall development time so that you get an app developed quickly. MEAN is an ideal choice for that.


If you have to deal with financial transactions or medical history where security is the main concern, Ruby on Rails is a more secure technology for you. Run security tests on the client and the server-side to remove the common security threats.

Examples of Tech Stack

Pinterest  Uber Airbnb  Netflix Yelp Spotify 
Python jQuery JavaScript Amazon S3 Amazon CloudSearch Google Analytics
Nginx Python Nginx  AWS CloudFront EC2 G suite
React Node.js React AWS Elastic Transcoder Elastic Load Balancing  Amazon S3
MySQL Nginx Java Kafka Lambda New Relic
Redis React  MySQL DynamoDB Django Amazon CloudFront
Django  Java Redis Hadoop HTML5 Nginx
Hadoop  MySQL Rails Spinnaker jQuery Bootstrap 
Qubole  Redis Amazon S3 Cloudflare Python
Kafka Amazon EC2 Fastly Postgre
Go Amazon RDS Mobile Hub  SQL
Swift Storage Gateway Bugsnag
Objective C DigiCert
Backbone.js nginx

Summing up

Before going ahead towards picking the right tech stack, assess the project type, requirements, experience, and resources along with scalability, swiftness, and security. We can’t deny that the ready stack solutions are there to help. However, they might not address all your unique project requirements. That is why, when it comes to creating a technology stack, you need to give preference to each approach.

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