How to Make an Uber like App? [Cost Bifurcation]

How to Make an Uber like App? [Cost Bifurcation]
August 5, 2021

It is not surprising that after such a whopping success of Uber, plenty of startups and entrepreneurs are keen to take a deep dive into the on-demand Uber-like app business. Not only investment, but they are implementing the same strategy to hit the jackpot.

On-demand taxi booking app development is the first choice for startups as there is less difficulty entering into this business. Obviously, when there is less entry barrier, you will face tough competition. But when you develop some exceptional features and follow strong go-to-market tactics, you can flourish.

Why should you build an App Like Uber?

By addressing all the customer requisites, an app can come off with flying colors and is valuable for any business that dreams to acquire considerable growth. By providing the comfort of delivering on-demand services, you can build an app like Uber that ensures greater benefits.

Not only providing absolute control and tracking, but it can also develop and boost your professional stature. Hence, transform your unique thought into a real-life app, offer your customers advanced transport solutions and raise your business from the ashes in this market competition.

How does an Uber-like app Function?

uber-like app functions
The uber app includes five steps from the customer’s perspective.

The Uber app counts the ride charges by linking time and distance pointers. If any vehicle is driving under 18 km/h, a customer is charged by the minute. If a car’s speed is faster, the charge is per kilometer.

The charges for Uber taxi service apps involve a basic cost based on the location. A customer has up to 5 minutes to cancel the trip. Otherwise, they will get charged.

Functionalities of Uber-like app

Uber-like app functions
When you plan to develop a taxi booking app like Uber, it is significant to acknowledge some key elements of the system. Any taxi service depends on two different apps with different functionalities interconnected with the help of an admin panel.

Develop a simple website or a landing page. It will aid in fetching the users and driver requests to take part in the platform.

Here are important features to develop an app like uber for each part of the service.

Uber App Features for Passenger

uber-like features for passenger

Uber App Features for Driver

Some of the features of this app are similar to the passenger’s app such as login, push notifications, messaging, reviews, and support.
uber-like app features for driver

Uber App Features for Admin

To organize and monitor all the processes of drivers and tracking customer experience, the main control point is quite necessary. An admin panel manages customers, drivers, requests, payments, locations, and other business activities.
Admin Dashboard for Uber like taxi app

A web-based admin panel includes features like,

What Technologies Applied to Make an Uber-like App?

The fundamental technology needed to implement when you want to develop a taxi booking app like Uber is mentioned here.

Geolocation and Navigation  Push notification and Management  Payment Gateway Integration
Android  – Google location Services API 
– Google Maps Android API
– FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)
– Twilio, Plivo, Nexto, Sinch
– Stripe, Braintree 
– PayPal’s SDK
– Google Wallet 
iOS – MapKit framework 
– CoreLocation framework 
– iOS Bluetooth beacon and Wi-Fi functionality 
– APN (Apple Push Notification) 
– Twilio, Plivo, Nexto, Sinch
– Stripe, Braintree 
– PayPal’s SDK
– Apple Pay 


Geolocation For Uber like Taxi App

Any uber-like application needs to be linked strongly to navigation and mapping technologies.

Push Notifications and Messaging

The communication can be done through the whole process starting from the request sent by the customer, accepted by the driver, cancellation, and much more.

Payment Gateway Integration

payment gateway integration
To get rid of physical errors, an app should apply a payment process through a payment card. Before initiating payment gateway integration, you need to comply with specific requirements and country policies to manage the confidential data with high security.

How to build an Uber-like app successfully?

Here’s a list of points to consider if you want your app to be successful.

Revenue Sources for Uber-like app

It is significant to create a revenue model in advance for your type of Uber app. Mainly, revenue generated from the trips when an Uber ride calculator mixes multiple criteria such as,

Revenue Sources for Uber Like App

You can also monetize your uber-like app.

Uber-like App Development Cost

It is not possible to determine how much it exactly costs to make an Uber-like app without determining whether you want to build an existing uber clone or you just need to test an MVP. However, the cost depends on multiple factors such as,

You need to pay for the services such as,

Finally, yet importantly, you can not overlook promotions and marketing costs and other circumstantial business expenses.

Hourly rates vary according to different regions. Let’s consider an average rate between Asia and Europe that is $50/hour.

Whom should you approach? Freelancers or Agencies?

Well, freelancers are budget-friendly compared to tech companies, but there are plenty of drawbacks when hiring freelancers over an agency.

One of the main downsides is that a freelancer can not assure you of the 100% success of your app. Additionally, searching for skilled freelancers and hiring them at competitive charges is a time-consuming procedure.

If you are keen on the success of your uber-like app, it is advised to engage with a team of professional developers.

When it comes to cost, tech companies or agencies will charge you a bit more than freelancers but they usually include expenses for project management, quality control, developers, working space, and more.

The best thing is- Tech companies and agencies provide security for the project that is highly significant.

That’s It

The taxi industry is an ideal choice for startups. If you are running a business in the taxi industry for years, it is the right time to transform it digitally.

If you are planning to make an uber-like app, let us know your perspectives to get the best solution delivered. You can create an Uber clone app or just ask for a customized solution.

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