Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks You Should Know for Advanced Web Solutions

Best Javascript Frameworks For Web And App Development In 2024
March 12, 2024


JavaScript is known as the language of the web among the developer fraternity, and for the good reason! Over 97 percent of existing websites use JavaScript to date, and the number of JavaScript-based websites is steadily increasing. As a dynamic and reliable language, JavaScript supports many programming paradigms and frameworks. It is a reason why JavaScript is a favourite language of a custom software development company.

Let’s discuss some of the top JavaScript frameworks useful for web development and mobile app development. However, it is necessary to select the right framework to meet your project requirements effectively and leverage the benefits of a functional business website or application. Here we give the list of popular frameworks from the perspective of a custom software development service provider.

Importance of JavaScript in Web and Mobile App Development

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JavaScript has been around for over two decades and useful for developing web solutions, desktop applications, mobile applications, and even game development. Its characteristics like versatility and ease of use make it one of the most popular languages for developing websites and server-side applications. As per the Statista report, over 63 percent of developers use JavaScript that makes it the most popular programming language.

Another trend is when you hire dedicated developers or a team of developers, they prefer JavaScript frameworks instead of writing the JS code from scratch. Top JS-powered frameworks like Node.js and React.js give web developers access to the latest software trends and robust tools. Let’s make a list of the top JavaScript frameworks that have brought radical changes in web and mobile app development domains.

Top JavaScript Frameworks You Should Know

A JavaScript framework consists of JavaScript code libraries and necessary tools. It can save time of a dedicated developer team by showing the pre-written code in the programming of web or mobile applications. Developers prefer JavaScript frameworks to leverage the benefits like quicker development and more convenience in developing the software with the same features. Moreover, top JavaScript frameworks offer developers ready-made modules and features.

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Here is the list of the best JavaScript frameworks you can choose for building feature-rich, enterprise-level software-

1. Node JS


It is a runtime environment and one of the best back-end frameworks. Based on V8 JavaScript engine of Chrome, this framework is useful for server-side development. It is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript that is capable of developing real-time network applications. Node.js is scalable and easy-to-learn JavaScript framework. As a part of MEAN technology, it is useful in making a full-stack JavaScript. As Node.js is highly popular, it has a large community of active developers across the world.

Node.js does not support stable API and it has an asynchronous programming model. Still, it is the top choice of developers for multiple benefits.

2. React JS

react js
Facebook developed React JS as a UI development library based on JavaScript. As an open-source framework, developers use it for developing enterprise-grade web solutions. It is widely popular for using Virtual DOM in the web development process. It enables developers to make bespoke business applications quickly. ReactJS is an easy-to-use framework and can create dynamic web apps from scratch. The framework is SEO-friendly and has reusable components for making the development process faster than that using other frameworks.

Though ReactJS is highly popular framework, it only focuses on the UI part when developing tailored applications. In other words, this framework is not useful for backend development, and ReactJS developers need to choose another technology for developing backend.

3. Angular JS

angular js
AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for developing high-end web applications. Google has developed this open-source framework back in 2010 and since then, this framework has gained popularity among developers globally. When you hire dedicated developers for building a tailored web application, chances are high that they will use AngularJS. Two-way data binding and improved performance on the server are some of its top benefits. AngularJS web development can build responsive applications and use MVVM architecture.

Though AngularJS offers several benefits to developers, it is difficult to learn and requires JavaScript support. Moreover, it is difficult to migrate your AngularJS website from its current version to a newer version.

4. Vue JS

vue js
It is a progressive framework and its main use is in building one-page applications. High scalability and adaptability make Vue.JS a popular framework. Developers can integrate it with other libraries and develop customized desktop and mobile applications. Vue.JS has an MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture that can be useful along with other architectures like Component-Based-Architecture (CBA).

This framework is capable of interacting with other available frameworks for developing robust web solutions.
Low storage requirements and smooth integration between JavaScript and HTML are key benefits of Vue.JS whereas restricted community, limited plugins, and lack of other resources are some of the drawbacks.

5. Meteor JS

meteor js
It is one of the best JavaScript-based frameworks. It has an isomorphic model like SvelteJS that means it can render pages on both client and server-side. This framework has a base of Node.js and it is useful for developing web and cross-platform applications for Android OS and iOS. Meteor JS enables developers to get rid of putting effort into front-end, database management, and backend development. They can use only JavaScript language for working on all three aspects. Meteor.js offers smart packages and useful in building real-time web apps. It supports integration with database and promotes single language development.

Meteor JS is easy-to-learn and offers rapid development by facilitating developers to use the same code on both front-end and back-end development.

6. Polymer JS

polymer js

Interestingly, Google introduced Polymer.js after releasing AngularJS. Polymer is a library that aims to make the web development easier and faster for developers. This framework has specific elements for creating customized and reusable components. Polymer is said to take a back-to-nature approach and facilitates developers to combine HTML elements into scalable and maintainable web applications. Polymer JS is also suitable for mobile application development with offering more flexibility. It is an efficient platform for developing hybrid apps and utilizing native browser technologies.

Cross-browser compatibility and CLI (Command-Line Interface) are some major benefits of Polymer.js. Its another noteworthy characteristic is one-way and two-way binding.

7. Ember JS

ember js
It is a popular open-source MVC application framework that is useful for developing single-page applications. It uses Handlebar for supporting developers in creating dynamic templates based on HTML. As one of the best JavaScript frameworks, Ember JS is can build web application that offers a desktop-like UI and user experience. When it comes to developing reusable web applications based on JavaScript, Ember.js is a choice of many developers. This framework is capable of developing high-performance apps and minimizing DOM. It has easy documentation and better support for URLs. Moreover, it has separate tools for inspection and debugging.

8. Backbone JS

backbone js
Made up of Models and Views, Backbone is an MV* framework. It is different than other traditional MVC frameworks where C or Controller acts to user inputs and sends the message back to the Model or View. Backbone only works with JSON with high adaptability. However, it has a tough learning curve for beginners. This framework has an easy-to-use library and structured development structure. It is a lightweight framework with several built-in extensions. As a versatile framework, Backbone.js is flexible and takes minimalistic approach to ensure quick web development.

9. Next JS

Next js
When it comes to developing performant web applications and static websites quickly, Next JS is a choice of many developers. This framework is built on top of React and one of the most popular React frameworks. It can create server-side rendering web applications of static and dynamic nature. One of the biggest advantages of Next JS is it supports SEO and therefore, you can get an SEO-friendly website. Moreover, large community support and huge flexibility in building engaging UI with a seamless UX are some of the key reasons of increasing popularity.

However, NextJS has poor plugin ecosystem and it requires skilled effort for making changes or modifcations in the website. Another drawback of NextJS development is it is an expensive option and many SMBs tend to avoid it for their web projects.

10. Svelte JS

svelte js
It is a relatively new JavaScript framework but looks promising. As a modern JavaScript framework, Svelte can build static web applications. It also facilitates developers to build single and reusable components for large or small-scale web projects. Its capability of building smaller code bundles has made it popular in a short time. Small code bundles can run faster in web browsers and developers can easily make them using Svelte JS.

It is an easy to learn framework and even developers with minimum experience can use it. Moreover, this framework does not require a Virtual DOM and supports both client and server-side renderings. However, SvelteJS lacks IDE support, and therefore, it is not much useful in scaling large web development projects. This platform also does not support mobile app development.

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Concluding Lines

JavaScript is highly popular language for developing tailor-made web applications. Advancing technology has brought some extraordinary JavaScript-based frameworks that contribute to both web and mobile app development process. It is better to consult a reliable and renowned custom software development company to find the most suitable JavaScript framework.

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Your Questions Answered about Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks in 2024

What are the top JavaScript frameworks for web development in 2024?

React, Angular, and Vue.js are some of the highly popular JavaScript frameworks in 2024. These frameworks offer robust solutions for building dynamic and responsive web applications.

Are there any new JavaScript frameworks gaining popularity in 2024?

Yes, Svelte is gaining traction as a framework that shifts the work from the browser to the build step, resulting in smaller and faster applications.

Can Vue.js be used for both web and mobile app development?

Yes. Vue.js is a versatile framework that supports both web and mobile app development. With Vue Native and other plugins, developers can seamlessly extend their Vue.js expertise to build cross-platform mobile applications.

Are there any considerations for choosing a JavaScript framework for a startup project?

Factors like a supportive community, ease of learning, and flexibility play a significant role when choosing a JavaScrip framework for a startup project. React and Vue.js are such examples for their simplicity and growing communities.

Which JavaScript framework is best for building single-page applications (SPAs)?

React and Angular are considered as an excellent choice for building SPAs. You can share your SPA.

What makes Angular a preferred choice for enterprise-level applications?

Angular's comprehensive framework structure with its two-way data binding and dependency injection, makes it suitable for making large-scale, enterprise-level applications.

How does the choice of a JavaScript framework impact web application performance?

The impact on performance varies based on the project requirements and implementation. React's virtual DOM contributes to efficient rendering, while Vue.js focuses on minimal bundle size.

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