Top Mobile App Development Trends We Should Watch for in 2024

Top App Development Trends in 2024
November 20, 2023


Mobile devices are ubiquitous. As per the Statista report, the number of mobile devices across the world is expected to cross 18.22 billion by the year 2025. The usage of mobile applications is increasing in line with the increasing amount of smartphones and evolving technology contributes to making mobile app development software more advanced than ever. 

In this post, we will see the top trends in the domain of application development from the perspective of a mobile app development company. All these trends are certainly set to rule in 2024 and beyond. Before moving ahead, let’s dig deep into the importance of mobile apps for companies.   

Importance of Mobile App Development for Modern Enterprises

A reputed custom mobile app development company can leverage the benefits of technological advancements to build robust app solutions. The mobile app development domain has become one of the fastest-evolving domains because of ever-changing expectations and complex business needs. Driven by innovation and cutting-edge technologies, application development can bring automation to the core processes of modern enterprises. 

Apart from these benefits, mobile app development services can transform business processes by making them more customer and employee-centric. Better user experience can lead to more customer satisfaction and a loyal base eventually. This is reflected in higher sales numbers and increased business value. Modern enterprises, irrespective of their sizes and business models, can leverage the benefits of advancing technology with the help of seamless apps. 

The mobile app industry is thriving quickly across all industry sectors. Here is a graph containing the revenue of custom mobile apps across different industry sectors globally.

Revenue of mobile app world wide


Let’s understand the top mobile application development trends that will decide the future of enterprise apps in the year 2024 and beyond.

Main Tips: Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends for 2024

1. AI and ML Integration
2. UI/UX Design Focus
3. 5G Technology Implementation
4. Data Sharing Importance
5. Scanner Accessibility
6. Voice Search Integration
7. Rise of Super Apps
8. Motion Design Engagement
9. Wearable Devices Opportunities
10. IoT Implementation
11. Gamification for User Engagement
12. Touchless AI Adoption
13. Extended Reality (XR) Applications
14. Foldable Devices Optimization
15. Additional Trends and Considerations

The global mobile app development market size is expected to reach USD 583 billion from 2022 to 2030. In such a scenario, it is advantageous for mobile app developers to remain updated with the latest trends. 

Here we mention an exhausting list of fourteen app development trends for the coming years. Companies can hire mobile app developers to leverage the advantage of these trends in developing tailored business apps.  

1. AI and ML Integration

The integration of AI and ML technologies in the business app has become a necessity for global enterprises. Both these concepts can enhance the user experience, generating more revenue, and improving decision-making capabilities. AI and ML make it possible to analyze corporate data to get actionable insights and enhance the decision-making process.  

On one hand, AI-powered apps can offer enhanced security with lightning-fast facial recognition. On the other hand, AI technology can bring photos to life by improving animation. App developers can also integrate voice commands into the customized application to reflect the user’s emotions and tones. 

2.UI/UX Design Focus

UI/UX Design Focus

Image Source: appinventiv

Minimalism and best-in-class user experience will remain at the core of the mobile application design domain in 2024 and beyond. Enterprises should hire mobile app developers with knowledge of current and upcoming app design trends. We can expect that visual technologies like AR and VR will play a vital role in enhancing UI and UX designs in the future. 

Another interactive trend is Voice User Interfaces (VUIs). They will bring in a conversation-based future in the smartphone like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. VUIs can simplify digital interactions and enable app users to communicate with the app naturally. Companies can improve customer assistance services using this feature in their apps.

3. 5G Technology Implementation

Mobile Experts

Image Source: Mobile Experts

Speed, capability, and reliability are the top three characteristics of 5G technology. A reputed mobile app development company can make complex apps with built-in features based on AR/VR, AI, and IoT. 5G technology will enable app users to use such a complicated business app in the coming years without any hurdles. 

A Mobile Experts report has revealed that the global private LTE and 5G services market will be triple to $10 billion by 2025.  However, it is necessary to see how companies will proactively work to protect the customer’s information and critical infrastructure with excellent connectivity and increasing adoption of 5G technology. The dynamic and thrilling age of 5G-powered apps will certainly reshape the digital ecosystem, but mobile app development companies need to act responsibly and smartly.

4. Data Sharing Importance

Every day, companies create an increasing amount of data globally. Investment in data analytics concepts can help businesses make accurate predictions about the market. Mobile app development companies focus on data sharing and data storage features for this reason. Higher investment in data can also assist businesses to enhance customer services. 

Another benefit of secure and user-friendly data-sharing functionality is it can give your users personalized experiences and specific recommendations. Moreover, companies can improve their decision-making process by analyzing the data related to user behavior and market trends.

5. Scanner Accessibility

Scanners can replace paper-based menus and cash or card-based payment options. Healthcare, retail, and manufacturing sectors are some of the big beneficiaries of this feature. We can expect more industry sectors to include this feature in their dedicated apps to improve the experience and save time for app users. 

In the age of m-Commerce, scanners can play a vital role in scanning barcodes and QR codes on packets and important documents using mobile devices. We will see more business apps and apps related to the fintech and eCommerce sectors. Even B2B and B2C companies will also consider adding this functionality to increase the usability of their apps.

6. Voice Search Integration

As a promising app development trend, voice search will become more prevalent. App users can get their tasks done with minimum effort using this feature. Voice-enabled apps can also save the user’s effort and keep their hands free for other valuable activities. As a result, customers or users can get better and more interactive experiences. 

Be it accessing information or controlling devices, an app with a voice search feature can offer an excellent experience. People with visual impairments or elderly people with limited mobility can also find apps with a voice search feature highly useful. Companies will prefer to hire app developers with the expertise to integrate voice search in the custom mobile app in the year 2024 and beyond.

7. Rise of Super Apps

It is a relatively new concept but is gaining popularity quickly. Super apps allow users to message, build social networks, make payments, and more through a single platform. Super apps offer one-stop solutions with more convenience and efficiency. They successfully reduce the need for multiple apps to perform different tasks. 

Here, it is necessary to mention that super apps are different than progressive web apps (PWAs). WeChat, Grab, etc. some examples of popular super apps.  The year 2024 will remain a milestone year for Super apps as more organizations will opt for making such applications to grow their business.

8. Motion Design Engagement

Mobile app developers and entrepreneurs focus on user engagement to meet various business objectives. Design plays a crucial role in engaging more users toward your app but it is essential to come up with unique and user-friendly designs. Motion design, however, remains more useful than other design trends in making engaging business apps. 

Small and interactive motion designs effectively enhance the user experience and help businesses gain more attention from customers. Motion design will play a crucial role in giving tailored mobile applications an aesthetic yet classic look. We expect to see a rise in the demand for apps with motion design.

9. Wearable Devices Opportunities

Smartwatches, headsets, and other wearable devices are becoming increasingly popular. Core industry sectors like manufacturing and healthcare can get more advantages from wearable device apps and engage a wider use base. Hospitals and healthcare facilities can monitor the remote patient’s health and continue treatment. Whereas, a manufacturing company can take care of its staff staying in remote areas, just to meet them. 

You can hire wearable app developers to give users innovative and interactive experiences based on their wearable devices.

10. IoT Implementation

IoT Implementation

IoT is useful in various sectors like healthcare and manufacturing for gaining crucial data across different touchpoints. IoT app development companies can make it possible to leverage the benefits of this technology in the dedicated application. For example, the fintech sector can leverage the benefits of IoT technology along with predictive analytics to offer personalized investment strategies. 

Real-time market data and accurate prediction of future trends can give the customer’s investment portfolio an edge over others. A mobile app development company with an in-house team of experienced IoT developers can make reliable and powerful apps. We can expect that the IoT trend will expand across other industry sectors.

11.Gamification for User Engagement

It is essential to make a business app more user-friendly and interactive. Gamification can serve this purpose effectively. It makes enterprise or consumer apps more interactive and interesting. One of the biggest advantages of gamification is to gain a loyal user base by making an app that users cannot quit rapidly. Companies can incorporate badges, leaderboards, and rewards in the app to make even mundane and repetitive tasks interesting for customers. 

Education and healthcare sectors can remain one of the biggest beneficiaries of this trend because small rewards can motivate users to accomplish specific tasks.

12. Touchless AI Adoption

This trend allows users to access applications through facial recognition. It will replace biometrics authentication gradually to enhance app security and minimize the risks related to fraud. Many business apps offer facial recognition these days to attract more peopleand this trend will spread across various industry sectors. 

Touchless AI aims at empowering users to interact with their devices without physical contact. It promotes accessibility while increasing engagement. It combines the concepts of gesture recognition and machine learning (ML). We can certainly expect that the trend of Touchless AI is here to stay.

13. Extended Reality (XR) Applications

Extended Reality (XR) Applications

Image Source: appinventiv

XR is a combination of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) concepts. It will bring new possibilities for mobile applications, such as virtual tours and interactive experiences for users. XR is gaining ground swiftly across different industry sectors including manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. 

We can expect new trends in the XR domain with advancements in AR and VR technologies. Another important trend is the metaverse which has brought exciting opportunities for game app development. After hitting $220 billion in 2023, the global VR and AR markets get ready to open the doors of endless opportunities in XR. 

14. Foldable Devices Optimization

Foldable Devices Optimization

Image Source: appinventiv

Recently, foldable devices have started gaining ground worldwide and app developers focus on optimizing the performance as well as screen utilization for apps by keeping foldable devices in mind. For example, gaming apps and live streaming apps can work wonders on larger displays, and foldable devices can make it possible to improve user experience. 

Many companies hire mobile app developers to build mobile applications that can work well on foldable devices. The rise of foldable devices is responsible for this trend and we can expect that it will continue in the year 2024 and beyond. 

15. Additional Trends and Considerations

Stay abreast of additional trends like cloud computing integration, advancements in blockchain, on-demand apps, and mobile wallets, which are gaining prominence.

Apart from these major trends, we will witness the integration of cloud computing in eCommerce, gaming, and social media apps. Advancements in blockchain, on-demand apps, and mobile wallets will also gain prominence in the future.

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Concluding Lines

The mobile app development landscape is constantly evolving in line with changing business needs and user expectations. Some of the top trends including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), investment in data, UI/UX design, IoT, 5G technology, super apps, voice search, etc. will drive the future for this domain. Businesses can create more engaging, personalized, and secure experiences for their customers by incorporating these trends.

At Silicon IT Hub, we ensure to build an enterprise-grade app with advanced features and seamless functionality. If you want to give your company an edge over competitors through a feature-rich application, simply send us an email at [email protected], and we will get back to you!

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Some of Your Common Questions Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends For 2024

What are the mobile app trends for 2024?

The mobile app trends for 2024 include a focus on augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) integration, 5G technology, blockchain in apps, and an emphasis on user privacy and security.

Will AI replace mobile app developers?

While AI is transforming aspects of mobile app development, it is unlikely to replace developers entirely. AI will assist developers in automating repetitive tasks, enhancing efficiency, and providing valuable insights, but human creativity and problem-solving skills remain essential.

What is the future of Android app development?

The future of Android app development involves advancements in Kotlin programming language, increased adoption of Instant Apps, greater use of Android Jetpack for efficient development, and a continued focus on security with the latest Android updates. Additionally, seamless integration with emerging technologies like foldable screens and 5G networks is expected.

What is the future of mobile app development?

The future of mobile app development involves the continued growth of cross-platform development tools, increased use of AI and machine learning, the rise of low-code and no-code platforms, and a stronger emphasis on user experience and personalization.

What is the trend in the mobile app development market?

The current trend in the mobile app development market includes a surge in demand for on-demand apps, the rise of m-commerce, a shift towards cloud-based apps, and a focus on integrating Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities for a connected experience.

What benefits do 5G technology bring to mobile app development?

5G technology brings several benefits to mobile app development, including faster data speeds, lower latency, and increased network capacity. This enables the development of high-performance and data-intensive applications, as well as new possibilities for augmented reality, virtual reality, and IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

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