Top 5 blunders to avoid when Optimizing Website for Mobile!

Top 5 blunders to avoid when Optimizing Website for Mobile!
July 12, 2018

Mobile-First Index – Google’s punch to the websites not being responsive yet. With the latest Google algorithm, Mobile-First Index will leave many websites think on being updated with the mobile versions. The website development in the current times leads us into the huge market of digital transformation and willingness to connect with the large customers base. Here is the list of blunders that developers may take into account unknowingly for responsive website development.

Well, the developers are smart enough to convert the website’s appearance, user experience and look and feel to a whole new look. But what if they aren’t at making mobile responsive? Have you checked? If not, do consider overlooking the blunders coming up in mobile-friendly website development phases.

Here’s the informative snippet:

Website Navigation

Creating a website navigation that smoothly runs on the resolutions matters the most. Especially when you aim for the higher traffic and engagement on the websites. As we know, the usage of mobile devices has been increased since the Android arrived. It happens when the web designers make chaos between the mobile responsive size and navigational experience like a desktop.

Avoiding navigation issues can uplift the website to the highest score on being responsive. The website should be given a mobile-first workflow to make it responsive. Approaching and thinking for mobile resolution first makes the navigations more clear in mind and a better user experience for the users. Reaching the audiences in the most efficient ways is possible with the smooth navigations in websites.

Don’t take time in arriving – it annoys!

Do you remember the last website you have visited on your phone and just left in a second? Remember the reason to leave? Maybe the annoying minutes were taken to load by the website. Is it? Yes, it happens. Who would like to visit the website or waiting several minutes to load for the website on the mobile phone? Better catching another good one having fast loading.

It becomes mandatory to optimize the website to great extent. Mobile users would not like to sit and wait for the website to load and it definitely spoils the website credit. So better avoid this most annoying blunder. Statistic says that more than 53% of users leave the website taking more than 3 seconds. Isn’t alarming?  

One size fits all approach

The one size fits all approach is something that we learn from our childhood habits. And we do believe in making things reusable with no or fewer efforts. This can be possible with codings, too. But what if it spoils the design? Especially when you opt for the best possible responsive design outcomes. Well, there is no worry about uploading the same size icons and images. But ensuring that it fits good in the respective resolution of the screen size. 

Also, taking care of loading times of images adds value to the optimization. Because there are images having by default more loading time and it slow downs the website speed. The stretched images and faded screens should be avoided. From images to the different resolution everything should be customized and taken care for a better responsiveness.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are the well-kept information. Improvising on website content for more better every time leads to the rich snippet of information. This is something where you can show the authenticity of the website. Ignoring such easiest ways to become mobile optimized is an adding point to the blunders. If you are looking for the decent responsive website development company, do ensure they implement such imperatives. 

Here the rich snippets meaning making website authentic in terms of putting some valid and genuine signs such as star ratings, author information, and pricing. Making website according to the Google indexation earns more clicks and views.

Value Added Content – Don’t let the users hit it a bad rating!

Having some secure signs is better than experiencing a big fall. For optimizing the websites, never expect from the content that won’t support on mobile devices and keeps asking for the flash player. Users hate to install anything extra for the information they are looking for. Authentic websites never look for the additional plugins or extensions to download. Because they keep their content that is supported by mobile phones by all means.

Also, when uploading the videos; the unsupported files types should be avoided. Adding content of all format whether it is text, picture or video, it should be adding a value to the website. So the website looks good to the users as well as Google.

Wrapping Up:

So the next time, whenever you look for the mobile friendly website, do ensure your website developers are up to date with the knowledge for responsive websites.

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