Prominent Mobile UI Trends To Follow In 2022

Mobile UI Trends
January 25, 2022

What is a Mobile User Interface? Why is it important?

The mobile user interface (UI) refers to the system-controlled features that appear on the screen and are used to navigate the apps. You should not only focus on new technology as a profitable company, but also ensure that you are prepared to face new challenges in advance.

Statistics indicate that approximately sixty percent of mobile applications result in not getting downloaded, and also out of the forty percent of those which are downloaded, twenty-five percent of them have been made use of only once in 2021.

The primary reason that the majority of the applications don’t get downloaded is that they don’t have an instinctive user interface, which is a key factor that the majority of the users are looking for.

The design-first strategy will become a secondary feature in the forthcoming year. Digital product designs will now focus on bettering the lives of users and achieving business goals. It means that simple design is likely to prevail with asymmetric layouts, mobile-first strategy and special emphasis on page load times.

This being the primary reason, a proficient mobile app company must see to it that it upgrades its application from time to time to remain competitive as there is strong competition in the world of mobile applications to ensure that a business remains competitive and in the top position.

Undermentioned are the latest User Interface trends that can be followed:

Flawless Design Interface

This is a key feature that should be at the forefront when it comes to UI trends. The business should aim to provide a flawless mobile application that offers the best user experience to its target customers. Developers must ensure that the site loads comprehensively and that the client is in a position to access the content of the webpage only by looking at the first page. This functionality, while prevalent for some time now, would be an essential percentage in designing an exceptional UI.

• Implementing self-explanatory illustrations

Trends have evolved, and the days when users would be engaged with content are gone. Nowadays, many methods have emerged that are used to illustrate the functions and characteristics of an application. Moving to the storytelling strategy using realistic videos and images is one of the best ways to demonstrate the functionalities and features of the app. In essence, designers must represent human-like characters that ensure meaningful communication with users. This would make the app more productive and vibrant.

• Implement the custom illustrations

One of the patterns that will continue to dominate in 2021 is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) that gained fame as a UX / UI trend. The layout of the app is like diagrams, providing a range of shapes, designs, and figures to the mobile app. It helps make the mobile application more attractive and gives it a remarkable appearance.

• Using full-screen background images

With time, a recently developed trend that is naturally capable of captivating a large number of viewers has been emerging. This UI development feature includes full-screen background images when using any particular rendered requirements or a certain template. This feature has the potential to make the user more active and thus make him/her spend more time surfing through the different pages available. This feature works its magic because it helps the user feel more relaxed by going through a range of beautiful images.

• Use of functional animations

With the advancement of 2021, as animations are a vital part of the process of developing the UI, developers must make sure they use more interactions and functional animations to symbolize images and fonts. They should make sure that they concentrate more on creating good and clear patterns for the designs of the UI. We will find further improvements and additions to this feature mainly in the form of micro-association, making this feature even more intriguing.

• Using the overlapping impacts prudently

One of the mobile app features that will continue to be exceptional in 2021 is the use of overlapping colors, graphics, and fonts. Not only will this provide a sense of space, but it will also embellish the layout of the UI. Many app developers are using this feature extensively. It would be so much better if developers make an extra effort and combine this functionality with one of the shadows as this would further improve the UI designs and make them function better and more efficient.

• Swiping

Swiping was launched by Tinder as a major selling point. Since then, more of this feature has been introduced into mobile apps. This has been made a key feature in many applications. Developers use swiping in messaging and mail apps to remove the delete button. When a user navigates between web pages, navigation is easy due to this feature, hence, making this feature more interactive in 2021 would enhance the user interface. Swiping is a very interactive feature, so if it’s excellently-designed in a more immersive manner, It could make an app stand out in the competition.


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To conclude, the process of mobile app development is changing over time. Mobile application UI trends will continue to be overhauled with the latest technology in the world of mobile applications. There are many trends developers can use to get their apps developed in 2021, but if they can stick to the ones we’ve mentioned, this would lead to much better results for them and help them attract more users.

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