Industry 4.0: Enabling Smart Factory with Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0: Enabling Smart Factory with Smart Manufacturing
March 25, 2020

The industrial IoT technology has evolved ever since the intelligent algorithm-based automation for manufacturing has gained advancements. From pharmaceutical to automotive, the manufacturing industry has realized the great potential of IoT as the smart factory initiative is now adopted by 67 percent of companies in the industrial manufacturing. The smart factory revolution is built on an IoT-enabled system that connects and unites previously disconnected devices and systems and leverages the data they produce to generate actionable real-time insights.

Also formerly considered as Industry 4.0 technology, IoT solutions help optimize manufacturing processes to enable intelligent automation and smart manufacturing. The smart system of industrial manufacturing is powered by the network of interconnected IoT sensors, devices, factory equipment and automation software combined with data analytics. Apart from managing asset performance and production efficiency, smart factory IoT also helps manage inventory and supply chain and stock replenishment processes.

We will explore the role of IoT as a smart factory technology and how it impacts industrial manufacturing processes.

Smart Factory Revolution

The smart factory system is a future-focused concept of factory automation and is based on advanced intelligence which goes beyond the traditional concept. With the help of IoT technology, Smart factory revolutionizes the way manufacturing processes are handled and executed, transforming the entire set of processes into an intelligent, transparent, scalable interconnected system.

By assembling all the operational and physical assets, equipment and processes with IoT technology, the smart factory becomes capable of smoothly managing the huge volume of the production lines. As IoT also syncs all the system-wide data generated by devices and sensors, manufacturers can resultantly gain efficient control over operations, which results in:

How IoT helps create a futuristic smart factory

Some of the core components of the manufacturing industry where IoT technology places massive impact are:

The impact of IoT on diverse smart factory components

Smart factory technology powered by IoT devices plays many roles and impacts multiple aspects of smart factory including overall efficiency, quality, and safety. Here is how IoT technology touches the diverse components of smart manufacturing:

Major business areas where IoT-smart factory benefits

With IoT-powered smart factory technology, you are likely to attain the following business advantages:

Shaping the smart Factory with powerful IoT

As the idea of the smart factory is now becoming reality, we can understand the role of industrial IoT in creating a smart, intelligent and well-managed manufacturing process. The end-to-end manufacturing system built with industry 4.0 technology effectively collects a massive amount of data coming from sensors and devices and uses intelligent algorithms to process and analyze the data patterns. The result eventually is optimized production lines, better supply chain management, rapid stock replenishment, predictive maintenance, and minimum downtime. IoT technology thus helps bring the future of smart factories close to your horizon, offering well-engineered solutions that boost efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

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