App Maintenance Cost- What is the Significance in 2023?

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February 8, 2022


Mobile apps have opened a new horizon of communication between you and your users. With the increasingly changing technology, the requirement for a full-fledged security protocol has taken a rise to safeguard your sensitive app data through app maintenance. Also, it has become essential to provide a seamless customer experience in today’s time, which means you need to be flawless by all means.

It is significant to deliver an error-free and flawless business app to retain your existing users and attract new ones. For this purpose, it is essential to consider regular mobile app maintenance services from a reputed and reliable IT company providing relevant services.

Mobile app maintenance is a continuous process that involves keeping the app updated till the time it exists on the app stores. However, businesses are stuck when it comes to deciding the budget for app maintenance. Are you confused as to what should be your expense in this regard? Read on to know what is app maintenance cost, its significance, and its types.

What is App Maintenance Cost?

Once the app is published and launched on app stores, the work doesn’t end there. You need to update its content and features at regular intervals. Moreover, you need to track the functioning of your app in relevance to its performance. Also, you need to manage the user information, such as payment history, if the app relies on a server to store it.

It means that every application has a continuous maintenance cost after it is published. Based on the complexity of your app, you need to incur extra expenses such as payment processes, servers, push notifications, and more.

Types of App Maintenance Services

Types of App Maintenance

1.Backup Maintenance

It is also known as Emergency Maintenance. This type of maintenance is required in the case of urgencies such as unexpected and sudden errors or issues. It is significant to address these problems immediately to provide a unified user experience.

2.Adaptive Maintenance

When you want your app to be up-to-date by all means, you need to incur an expense in this relevance. It is called Adaptive maintenance. Moreover, you may also have to update its features at regular intervals. It may also include updating software, hardware, and protection against security threats. If you do not incur adaptive maintenance, your app is likely to become outdated.

3.Defensive Maintenance

It is also known as preventive maintenance. These services provide consistent updating of the app, wherein developers eradicate the occurrence of errors. The main purpose of this maintenance is to minimize the complexity of the app and enhance its maintenance. You can perform this process through apprising documents, code reformation and optimization.

4.Counteractive Maintenance

It is also known as corrective maintenance, and it mainly includes taking care of flaws, issues, and preservations. Maintaining your app through this service also involves repairing errors associated with app logic, design, and coding.

5.Seamless Maintenance

The corrective approach focuses on addressing the continuously changing needs of users through proper maintenance. It considers the user feedback to make functional alterations in the source code. You can offer a seamless user experience through this maintenance service.

Significance of App Maintenance in 2022

Keeping Up with Latest iOS or Android Software

Your business app would be developed either on iOS or Android or cross-platform, which means on both platforms. Apple and Google release their updates quarterly, which means that you need to keep up with the latest iOS or Android updates for relevant devices.
Moreover, it is significant for your app to give a flawless performance on all devices when users install OS updates on their devices. You need to approach a reputed mobile app development company that would help your application pass all tests. They will also help your app go through the tests related to features and functionality on a new OS to ensure its smooth functioning. The company may annually charge you for the app maintenance services.

Providing Unmatched User Experiences

When you develop an app, you do not want your users to just use it. But you also want them to have the best experience while using it. It is because you want to build long-term relationships with all your users. When you monitor your app, it will help you understand how and what your users feel about it. Also, it will provide you with their feedback along with the latest market trends, which will help you keep updated with the changing needs, preferences, and issues.

When you continuously update your app, it will help you offer a better user experience. If your users are happy, they will stay for long and provide positive feedback, which will help you attract more users.

Safeguarding your App Against Bugs & Issues

Today, with the emerging smartphones and technology, manufacturers keep updating their smartphones and apps due to which your app is likely to become incompatible with new upgrades. As a result, it is likely to cause security issues or glitches in the app. However, when you have regular maintenance of your app, it will help you avoid these issues even before they occur.

Keeping it Updated & Reducing Uninstallations

One of the main reasons to keep your app updated is to minimize uninstallations. Every business focuses on increasing their app users, and when they start decreasing, it causes them great losses. Therefore, it becomes essential to improve the app by investing in easy-to-use features, appeal, and more. Also, make sure you try to retain your users so that they do not have any reason to uninstall the app.

Curbing Interruptions & Revenue Losses

Downtime plays a vital role in indicating revenue losses. Giant techs such as Blackberry and Amazon Web Services have incurred remarkable losses due to this. If you have a team to manage such downtimes, it becomes easier to curb these revenue losses and retain existing users.

Protection Against Cyber Attacks

With the increasing number of mobile apps in the market, there has been a significant increase in cyberattacks or cybercrimes. Therefore, it has become inevitable to ensure your app’s security to safeguard users’ confidential data.

Hackers always look for loopholes in apps to steal personal information and confidential data. By investing in the maintenance of your app, you can secure your app with the latest security protocols.

Hosting Maintenance

For the smooth functioning of your app, it is essential to invest in its backend and database. There is a wide range of hosting options available in the market. However, it is advisable to go for cloud-based hosting such as AWS. It allows you to pay only for what you utilize and also charges less for maintenance and configuration on the server.

API Maintenance & Third-Party Services Upgrade

If you have hired third-party incorporation, then you need to pay a price for the same. It means that you have to pay an annual charge for a third-party log-in or payment. You can manage all these expenses by reaching out to a mobile app maintenance company.

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain an App?

App maintenance is an ongoing expense, and it remains until the app exists on the app stores. A majority of businesses find it difficult to estimate the budget required to maintain their app. Are you also thinking in the same direction? Read on to know how you can make your estimated budget for app maintenance.

The app maintenance cost relies on various things like that start from mobile app development and end at final deployment. However, there are different viewpoints in the field regarding deciding the cost of maintaining a mobile app. Also, it highly depends on the complexity of the application. You have to consider what technology is used in the app, what platform it is developed on, and more. In this context, experts recommend that app maintenance can cost between 15 to 20% of the total development cost.


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Summing Up

Today, with the increasing competition, you will find several app development companies implementing these strategies while building applications for their clients. One of the main reasons to follow these app maintenance tactics is to keep up in the market with the increasing number and types of apps. As we said here, competition is taking rise each day, it is inevitable to maintain the reputation of your business app. However, these standard procedures will help you in keeping the cost as minimum as possible.

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