Android Q: What are the expected features for the upcoming OS?

Android Q upcoming features
November 28, 2018

Many of us have enjoyed the Android 9 Pie. Google has kept updating the Android versions in the very short time spans. Yet many of us are yet to update Android 9 pie, Google has already started prepping up for Android’s brand new version called Android Q.

Well, being in the mobile app development industry, everyone has to keep up their knowledge base updated about the Android.

There are certain features that Android Developers are excited to try and also the users as well. We have tried to draft them here.

So What Are The Things That Excite Us About Android Q?

Multi-Resume Feature

This is another enhanced feature of Android’s current known feature as PIP. A picture in picture mode will be known as multi-resume and this can split the screens into more than one.

This multi-resume feature lets the new generation enjoy multitasking. It does not close the other screens while working stable on an app. The feature will let the apps split between the two or many and keep the youngsters happy with the multitasking.

So we can call this feature as the enhanced version of PIP.

Flexible Phone? Flexible OS!

As we know, Samsung has introduced its brand new foldable devices in the market. As the pattern follows in every newer version of smartphones, Google has announced to give support to the foldable smartphone devices. So the first expected feature to be introduced with Android Q would be its compatibility with the foldable devices.

Also, the battery of the phone will be enhanced in terms of intelligence. Whenever the screen will be off, the battery will automatically be turned to power saving mode.

Why to use older version of Apps? 

We often forget to update our existing apps to its latest versions. This would be a brand new version of Android OS will keep reminding its android users for updating their Android Apps on time. Also, the system is capable of informing users while downloading the android apps from the play store. So the Android users will be knowing the current latest version of an app to be installed and will get to use the latest apps only from the play store.

Generic System Images

This enhanced support from Google will eventually help in generic system images to have the software updates on a prompt basis as compared to the current versions of operating systems.

Earlier Access to Android Q for Testing

Also, this latest version will be earlier available to the developers before it gets finally published. To make people adopted with the Android 10, there might be some beta version deployed to the developers in order to conduct the testing as well as earlier adoption.

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