Why Should Your Business Need Mobile App Development?

mobile app development
June 14, 2018

Mobile app development has become the recent trend for any industry’s success. Banking, Advertising, Education, Payment, Trading, and other services have become mobile. The main benefit of mobile apps is, that it is directly targeting the end-user or customers concerned. Nowadays people do shop online using their smartphones for purchases, payments and other interactions. An app is the first priority for more sales and better engagement.

According to eMarketer, the number of smartphone users worldwide will increase by 12.6% to near 2.16 billion in 2016 and estimated to more than 2.56 billion people in 2018.

The above data shows that people are becoming more dependent on mobile phones for their daily tasks. It’s assumed that 50% customers have bought at least one product using mobile apps. ECommerce merchant should have their own mobile application to increase sales. Businesses have started migrating from the physical world to the mobile realmThe mobile app development enhances the user experience with the help of easy navigation, attractive design, more search functionality, easy payment transaction, fast working and more features & functionalities.

Why should your business need mobile app development?

Here, the word mobile app development is saying that you should have your own mobile app or to start mobile app development for your business to increase sales or to save time and cost. The mobile app can use in many ways. It is useful for the digital business. It is helpful for the company’s customers to access different services. Within the enterprise, it can use for operation, management, productivity, customer-facing and other purposes.

The below image shows the types of mobile apps used in the last year.

Different types of mobile apps

Different types of mobile apps

According to the above image, there are different types of mobile applications which used for different purposes. The contribution of these mobile apps is gradually increasing.

According to Gallup, 52% of smartphone users checked  their mobile phone a few times an hour or more. According to Techcrunch, 90% people spent more time to use mobile apps in their smart phone than to watch a television in America. Which is predicted to increase highly in the following years.

Below are some key findings of the United States during the year 2016.

  • The leading 25% of mobile retailers saw 50% of their sales from the mobile phones
  • Fashion brands extended their lead over other categories with the help of mobile apps
  • There is 23% increment in sporting goods with the use of mobile app
  • Apps remain the most efficient channel for retailers
  • Retailers ranked highest by share of mobile transaction grew 30%, crossing the 50% mark for mobile transaction.

It assumes that apps convert three times more product viewers than mobile web. App user browse more products and purchase more than the mobile web and desktop. The effective search functionality and speedier app attract more mobile users and engage them in the mobile apps.

Apps Advantages


Mobile apps help the business to increase sales through reaching more customers because apps are user-friendly and they give ease of access to their customers.


Smartphone applications give a distinct platform to the companies to make their brand image. Besides, there are mobile apps for instant messaging and instant chat support which helps to connect more people. These apps provide quick and efficient way to receive feedback from the customers.

Crossed the geographic boundaries

Apps do not have any geographic boundaries or limitations. They have removed the distance between the customers and companies. There is no restriction for the new business owner to their own locality and can expand their business globally.

Push Notification

This is a way to remind your customers of the services which you are offering. Push notification also helps to create a brand image for your business. The main benefit of this excellent tool is that you can easily inform your clients about your new product or services which can save costs to the business.

Uses of mobile applications

Apps are not just for eCommerce businesses. Apps can be used for various activities such as file uploads booking systems, e-magazines, nutrition, vouchers, support, newsletters, video display and more.

There are many features of mobile app development that can assist you to increase sales and revenue for your business. Few of them are location-based services, QR codes and beacons. Businesses should take advantage of mobile app development services to attract more customers, speeding in sales, and build a brand.

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