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January 19, 2023


Nowadays, it is significant for organisations of every size and across all industries to involve with web, app, and software development to excel in the ever-evolving market. For startups too, it is necessary to leverage modern technology to deliver superior user experiences and flourish their business. They need to understand why mobile apps are getting adopted by different verticals and how it makes daily operation effortless and quick.

According to Statista, the revenue of mobile applications will reach up to 613 bn U.S. dollars worldwide by 2025.


However, startups usually do not have properly established developers’ teams that work for them in-house. They are also not aware of how to hire dedicated software developers who are skilled enough to help them expand a business.

There are other challenges as well for startups

  • No brand recognition and awareness

As emerging businesses lack the ability to brand recognition and awareness, hiring an offshore dedicated development team for startups is challenging. As developers generally choose known brands to work with, attracting and retaining the right resources for a startup is a tough nut to crack.

  • Budget relevant issues

At the initial stage of a business journey, startups need to focus on budget constraints. Along with salaries, tech specialists as full-time employees need appropriate infrastructure, easy-to-understand work systems, staff benefits, etc. So, hiring resources would be an expensive thing startups can not afford.

  • Long hiring cycle

The average hiring cycle for startups in western regions is 45-90 days. The lengthy and time-consuming cycles delay the entire software development and expand time-to-market. Because of these challenges, hiring offshore developers for your startups is a more feasible option and has more benefits than hiring an in-house team.

  • Lack of hiring expertise

Startups do not have a well-established team of HR in place. They deal with a small HR team and lack the suitable tools, lack expertise to discover the right talent that join a team for business expansion.

Perks of Hiring Dedicated Developers

  • Access Large Talent Pool

One of the reasons to opt for hiring dedicated resources is the accessibility to the extensive talent pool on a global level. You can effortlessly hire any developers or a team from the comfort of your home/office premises.

It is seen that top nations are keen to hire dedicated developers from India. The reason is that Indian developers create and provide excellent software systems cost-effectively compared to other countries worldwide.

  • Improved Agility

One more perk is the level of agility delivered by the developers, especially when you are an owner of a startup. When you hire them, you can assign crucial large-scale operations. They are like an extension of your business that performs in sync with your emerging business needs. You can also employ them on a seasonal basis based on your technology requirements keeping business activities fully agile.

  • Complete Business Control

Some organisations have the mindset that they will lose their business control by hiring dedicated resources. But it is a myth. The dedicated development model relies on constant interaction between the client and the developers and offers highly efficient results you will not regret. You can also benefit from complete transparency in the work structure with a sound workflow.

  • Skilled and Expertise

The developers bring their years of expertise and skills to offer next-gen software systems based on the company’s terms and conditions. Therefore, before hiring such developers, it is crucial to go through an in-depth assessment. An experienced developer emphasizes your end-user’s needs and objectives. Thus, skills and expertise can drive multiple perks to your business growth. You can have your aimed software system augment your brand image.

  • Superior Quality

When you hire a dedicated team, you will have quality analysts to validate the software regularly and ensure optimised coding and flawless execution. Quality testing is a significant process, especially when it comes to a project that needs collaborative efforts. The process of software development is always prone to human errors, and that is the reason quality assurance is essential in the software development life cycle.

  • Full-cycle Development

Dedicated developers apprehend your project from conception to deployment. They will keep supporting continuously throughout the entire software development lifecycle. You can assign tasks and duties to your hired team. They create the software from scratch and enable maintenance support for its performance as long as you require.

How to Hire Dedicated Developers for Startups?

  • Generate a list of companies

You will discover many companies that provide dedicated team and software development services. If you want to narrow down from the multiple options, focus on the company’s expertise and the industries they work with. You can also start with industry-specific sites like GoodFirmsClutch, and TopDevelopers, that help you find companies by applying filters such as locations, industry, types of services, hourly rate, and more.

  • Initiate collaboration

Collaboration is a key to connecting better with developers. But you have to focus on the language barrier. Many developers are the worst at communication outside of their local language. So it should not be your go-to option. The other aspect you need to emphasise is the time zone. It is crucial to collaborate on time to conclude any decision. The time should be convenient for both to lead the project in the right direction.

  • Create a list of skills needed

As a startup, you do not have any internally established procedures or senior developers to help you in sharpening the skills you will need. At that time, you can opt for hiring an outside consultant who guides you to determine essential skills and expertise. A consultant also helps you to identify where to find such experts.

  • Schedule interviews

If you are searching for hiring dedicated developers with any of the companies, it is crucial to take interviews with the developers. Prepare a set of questions you might think worth asking along with an onboard technical person to help you.

  • Check their work and reviews

If you want to employ the best-dedicated developers for your startup, check out their previous work, client reviews, ratings, testimonials, etc. It is necessary to know about the kind of work developers deliver. Also, check out their domain expertise, knowledge of the latest tech updates, programming skills, framework and tools knowledge, etc.

  • Sign NDA

One of the challenges in dealing with an outsourcing company is confidentiality and trust. Review the rules and NDA before initiating any development operations to mitigate security risks. Note that while employing dedicated resources for your startup, you have the authority to get a signed NDA from each expert.

  • Analyse hiring models

Many companies are offering different hiring models according to your needs.

  • Part-time based: In this model, your hired resource will work part-time (4 hours) daily. So the organization makes a structured working process and allocates tasks to each developer within a time range to get the best output.
  • Hourly-based: This is one of the ideal models for organizations that want to develop an app that has changing requirements. In this model, resources will work as you specify and based on the billing cycle. They also share a work log and timesheet to check and pay accordingly.

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When to Hire Dedicated Developers?

  • When you need a specific skill set

You might face a situation when specific app aspects need a specific developer with a specific skill set. In such circumstances, you can hire an offshore app development team that saves time and money and improves other software aspects.

  • Software development is a small-term project

When you need to develop software for your startup on a small-term basis, hiring in-house teams is time-consuming and needs an investment that is worthless. At that time, you can consider hiring an offshore development team to complete your software development project.

  • Lack of time for a product launch

In many circumstances, businesses need software developed within a short time frame to launch a product quickly among targeted users. In such scenarios, a software development company with a large developers’ team is a more suitable option.

  • A big team is needed for the execution

As a startup, your software idea may be unique and require skilled programmers to hire. Searching for professional developers with unique skills and generating a large team is time-consuming. To overcome this challenge, you should opt for outsourcing the software development tasks to an offshore development company.

What qualities to look for in Dedicated Developers?

  • Their area of expertise
  • Their past projects and portfolio
  • Their overall software development experience
  • Check out their project delivery time
  • Ensure that the dedicated developers are tech-savvy
  • They should proficient with the programming languages
  • Make sure they have effective communication skills
  • Check for their problem-solving skills
  • They should have qualities of self-reliance and self-motivation

In a Nutshell

Whether you’re just starting up your business or running a well-established firm, it is necessary to be on mobile platforms. Not just mobile, but your online existence and software functionalities should be excellent as well. These are the significant aspects for brands to persist and succeed in the ever-changing market.

Developing a software system is a long, tiring, and extensive journey. So app development firms hire dedicated developers services that can help to create futuristic software and take your business to new levels in a budget-friendly manner.

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