Laravel Development- Importance and Top Trends You Need to Know in 2024

laravel web development trends
March 29, 2024


Laravel, an open-source tool for developing web applications, has gained fame as the most popular PHP framework since its initial launch in June 2011. Recently, its latest version Laravel 11 is released with some performance improvements and new features. It will help the Laravel web app development company build high-end solutions. In this post, we will dig deep into some interesting trends that will dominate Laravel web development in 2024 and beyond.
Let’s start with the significance of Laravel in developing enterprise-grade websites and web apps.

Importance of Laravel in Web Development

Laravel is known as a PHP framework for web artisans, and for good reason! It can streamline the web development process and developers can utilize a plethora of features to make high-quality apps. Modularity and extensibility are other major characteristics of Laravel. It facilitates developers to integrate third-party packages into their web projects without compromising on performance. Moreover, Artisan command line tool offers many inbuilt commands for automating common tasks. It can improve the developer’s productivity maintaining code quality.

Simply put, Laravel can improve the development process in a secure environment for fostering code quality. Let’s go through promising Laravel trends from the perspective of a custom software development company.

Top Laravel Trends to Dominate the Web World in 2024

Businesses and developers prefer Laravel for its useful and future-ready trends. These trends are useful in building high-end web solutions that can give companies a competitive edge. Here are some of the interesting Laravel trends to watch out for in 2024 and beyond.

1. IoT in Laravel Apps

IoT is the most interesting and promising trend for developing an engaging and effective Laravel app in the year 2024 and beyond. As industries tend to leverage the advantage of IIoT and Industry 4.0 revolution, Laravel framework can remain on the centre-stage. IoT implementation into Laravel apps can assist businesses to get the benefit from collecting data.

IoT will make enterprise-grade web application more useful from the perspective of data analytics as connected devices can collect the corporate data and transmit. It is also useful in a decision-making process.

2. Outsourcing in Laravel Development

Web and mobile app development remain highly cost-efficient when you outsource the project. Moreover, outsourcing can open the doors for exploring talents from across the world and get the project completed in a given timeline. Laravel web development services are also available through outsourcing, and it is possible to hire Laravel developers for your upcoming project.

Outsourcing in Laravel development offers several benefits including timezone advantage and development process at reasonable rates. You can get a seamless web solution based on Laravel cost-effectively through outsourcing.

3. Laravel in E-Commerce

Strapi, Directus, etc.are some of this highly popular open-source headless CMS that developers can use for making eCommerce web solutions. These headless solutions can manage product catalogs and data including customer information in a convenient way without disturbing the front-end experience.

Whether you want to initiate an online store or take your brick-and-mortar business online, headless CMS solutions for eCommerce can work wonders with Laravel. In coming years, we will see the rise in the number of Laravel-powered eCommerce stores.

4. Integration of Blockchain

Blockchain technology is evolving at a rapid pace and many industry sectors tend to leverage the benefits of this future-ready concept. It is possible to make secure and decentralized web applications using blockchain technology in the Laravel framework. These applications show more transparency and immutability because of built-in blockchain features.

Laravel offers smooth integrations with various platforms to build blockchain-based applications. Be it making smart contracts or other blockchain-powered applications, you can utilize Laravel framework with ease.

5. Cloud Integration

Cloud-native applications will gain ground in 2024 and beyond. If we consider Laravel web development, major cloud services including AWS and Google Cloud can remain highly beneficial. Cloud-native applications can run on cloud infrastructure offering high scalability and flexibility. Laravel developers will focus on creating cloud-based applications in the future.

It is necessary to use a cloud database and platform for making cloud-native apps. You can hire Laravel developers to build robust, enterprise-grade applications that get power from the cloud technology.

6. Headless CMS (Laravel)

Laravel Headless CMS enables developers to separate the web content from the presentation layer thereby brining agility in the app development process. Laravel has several headless CMS options including Directus, Contentful, and Strapi that can help developers make web applications flexible and dynamic.

Moreover, companies can capitalize on the eCommerce wave with headless CMS Ecommerce solutions using Laravel framework. Laravel can deploy headless eCommerce CMS seamlessly to make up and running web solutions.

7. Multidevice Integration

Laravel supports responsive design and supports front-end frameworks like Vue.js. These capabilities make Laravel a preferred platform for developing web applications that run across multiple devices seamlessly. Enterprises can reach a wider audience globally and offer users a consistent experience with Laravel.

Multidevice integration facility makes Laravel a preferred candidate for developing feature-rich PWAs also. This trend has gained popularity worldwide as more developers tend to build rich web applications that can run on many devices simultaneously.

8. PWAs and Laravel

Laravel development companies can make highly responsive and user-friendly progressive web applications (PWAs). When it comes to offering mobile-like experience in web apps, and that too, in an offline mode, PWA technology is an ultimate option. Laravel, with its high capability, can build PWAs that users can install on their devices and use without Internet.

Developers use a service worker, which is a script that runs in the background and a web app manifest, a JSON file to implement a PWA in Laravel. Companies can get PWAs with responsive design and features like push notifications using Laravel.

9. Focus on Security

Data security is a core priority for most industries globally. When it comes to web app development, it is of utmost importance to follow the best practices for ensuring security. Laravel is a robust framework that follows security standards, and we can see more focus on security features in its latest version Laravel 11.

We can expect more protection from this framework against common vulnerabilities. Laravel is committed to security, data protection, and maintaining privacy in this digital age in coming years.

10. Integration of AI-ML Algorithm

AI/ML technologies can take business applications to a new level. It is possible to integrate Laravel with AI and ML libraries seamlessly. It can enhance the functionality of your web application. You can automate various tasks and gain actionable insights from data with the help of a smarter and predictive web application.

Laravel has expressive syntax with high flexibility that makes it possible to integrating AI and ML-based components into a tailored web application. We can expect that such web applications can give more personalized and intelligent experiences to users.

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As per the recent report, more than 773,561 live websites use Laravel till the year 2022. As a reliable and advanced framework, Laravel offers many security features and integration capabilities. Moreover, Laravel has a caching system that stores numerous items for building applications quickly. It assists developers to personalize web apps with flawless syntax. You can hire web developers who develop apps using Laravel  for higher coding efficiency and following best practices.

Finally, Laravel is a strong platform that can handle every aspect ranging from database management to coding. It is a beneficial framework for both entrepreneurs and developers.

Concluding Remarks

As a powerful and advancing PHP framework, Laravel is capable of meeting the developer’s complex and diverse requirements. Various Laravel web development trends reflect its commitment to simplifying the process and focus on making user-friendly, secure applications. All you need to consult a reputed custom software development company to gain from the latest Laravel trends and explore their scope for your next web project.

Silicon IT Hub is a renowned Laravel web app development company with an in-house team of experienced developers. We can build complex and user-friendly enterprise software using advancing Laravel framework. Want to get feature-rich web solutions based on the latest version Laravel 11 and promising trends with cost optimization? Simply send us an email containing your web project’s requirements at [email protected] and we will contact you!

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Some of few questions of Laravel Web Application Development Trends

What are the top Laravel trends in 2024?

The top Laravel trends include IoT and cloud integration, voice search, blockchain integration, and Laravel headless CMS.

What benefits does serverless architecture offer for Laravel applications?

Serverless architecture in Laravel reduces infrastructure management overhead, improves scalability, and allows for cost-effective development and deployment of web applications.

Is Laravel still relevant in 2024 with other emerging technologies?

Yes! Laravel remains a top choice for web app development due to its powerful features, extensive ecosystem, and active community support, making it adaptable to the evolving tech landscape.

How does Laravel support real-time web applications?

Laravel integrates with WebSockets and Pusher seamlessly, enabling developers to build interactive and real-time features efficiently.

How is Laravel addressing security concerns in 2024?

Laravel continues to enhance its security features with built-in tools like CSRF protection, XSS filtering, and robust authentication mechanisms, ensuring a secure development environment for web applications.

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