Progressive Web Application- Scope and Benefits for Healthcare Sector

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March 6, 2023


The thriving healthcare sector needs to be prepared for all situations while following the prevalent regulations. An advancing custom software development domain helps the sector to achieve this goal effectively. It is one of the biggest reasons for the growing popularity of mHealth applications. Many healthcare organisations tend to hire dedicated developers to build patient-centric and user-friendly mHealth applications.

The mHealth apps market is increasing across all regions including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. The following image shows the segmentation of healthcare and fitness apps across different platforms and regions. However, these days, progressive web applications (PWAs) have started replacing native healthcare apps. In this post, we will dig deep into the role of PWAs in delivering high-quality digital health.


Let’s start with some of the key stats of healthcare applications.

State of Healthcare Apps Across the World

The healthcare app market gained momentum in the year 2021 because of a massive growth of 14% in the number of healthcare applications in the year 2020. It is expected that the app market growth will reach almost $150 billion by 2028.

Though North America is the biggest driver of the growth of the global mHealth app market, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions are also catching up rapidly. The global mHealth apps market stood at $43.5 billion in the year 2022, and North America has a lion’s share in it. The reason for increasing the market growth of the Asia-Pacific region is the large population and increasing awareness for custom healthcare and fitness applications.


Talking about the popularity of progressive web applications (PWAs) in the healthcare sector, we witness a continuous increase amid people’s tendency to get a universal, omnichannel application. Many healthcare organisations hire Laravel developers to make a feature-rich PWA to reach many remote patients at once. Here are the importance and benefits of PWAs for the healthcare sector.

What is Progressive Web Application and How Does It Remain Helpful?

A progressive web application is a mobile or web software (app) that is developed using web technologies. In other words, PWA is a cross-platform app that is required to build once and run everywhere. A custom software development Company builds a PWA as an option for a custom mobile app.

Progressive web apps offer the best of both worlds- a smooth experience of a native app and high discoverability of the web. Users can get a seamless experience on their mobile devices even in offline mode. Also, PWAs are easy to find on the web and work efficiently on either laptops or desktops.

You can hire Laravel developers to build a tailored PWA. Usually, PWAs are developed using AMP, HTML, or CSS frameworks and pushed directly to the users. In a way, developers or application owners can get rid of approving it on app stores. Also, PWAs do not require installation and users can get an app-like experience without spending their phone’s memory.

Here are the five ways a PWA remains helpful for app owners or entrepreneurs-

  • Add-to-home screen for quick and easy install
  • Offline mode with real-time notifications
  • Cross-browser and responsive capabilities
  • Seamless page transitions
  • Short page load time (PLT) especially on the 3G network

What makes mobile apps unwanted over the period is their regular updates. App users may find it cumbersome after some time as the updated app version can occupy more space and may need more data to work seamlessly.

Simply put, PWA is not another website or a mobile app, but an innovative approach to attracting, engaging, and retaining people. When it comes to the healthcare sector, a PWA application can give better patient care services through a mobile device.

How PWAs Revolutionise Online Services? (Stats)

A recent Emergen Research report has revealed that the progressive web application market is expected to reach USD 10 billion by 2027. These days, PWAs are replacing mobile apps at a rapid pace and bringing radical changes to online businesses.

Smooth user experience and short development time are some of the key benefits of PWAs that attract the business world. What’s more, these applications do not require any permission or approval from app stores for distribution as they are based on web technologies. Let’s go through some of the ways through which PWAs revolutionise online services.

  • More Conversion Rates

As per the official study, PWAs have got 36% more conversion rate than native mobile applications. A custom software development company can use advanced web-based tools to develop a feature-rich PWA. Such a web application can effectively address issues like data security, navigation issues, and multiscreen browsing. These issues are responsible for the mobile app’s reduced conversion rates, and PWAs can resolve them to attract more people.

  • Faster Page Loading Speed

Reduced page load time can retain people with your business. Research revealed that people tend to leave a mobile website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. PWAs have a “service worker” cache to store data and necessary features that make the immediate app loading as the user assesses it. The increased loading speed can enhance engagement and businesses can keep users associated for a longer duration.

  • Higher Engagement

PWAs offer more engagement than native apps, and we can mention multiple reasons for it. Companies that have switched to PWAs could register a whopping increase in the engagement rate by up to 250%. PWAs give users quick and smooth access to a website using their phones. This can significantly increase the user’s engagement. As a result, online services can eventually get more customers and generate more revenue.

  • Reduced Bounce Rate

This is one of the major factors why companies switch to PWAs from native mobile applications. PWAs have just above a 42% bounce rate as compared to the 60% average bounce rate for mobile applications. PWAs have successfully reserved their position among brands that want to get less bounce rate with higher user engagement. Faster page loading times and higher page views are some other benefits of PWAs for online services.

  • Smaller Size

PWAs are as many as 90% smaller in size than mobile applications. Most PWAs are not heavier than 1 MB in size. Because of this small size, online service providers or entrepreneurs can easily integrate with other functionality of the device. Online businesses can integrate their PWAs into payment gateways or the address book of the device to give their customers payment and referral facilities.

  • Decreased Costs

Mobile app development costs keep on increasing with the advent of new technologies and functionality. A PWA can give all the benefits similar to that of native apps at a three to four times less cost. Also, it enables businesses to get rid of high maintenance costs and licensing costs for the app stores. PWAs are easy-to-operate and easy to maintain as compared to dedicated native apps. Because of these reasons, enterprises consult a custom software development company to make a tailored PWA.

After looking at the benefits of PWA for online businesses and enterprises, let’s discuss the top benefits of PWAs specifically for the healthcare sector.

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How PWAs are Useful in Delivering Excellent Patient Care?

The last decade remained significant in terms of increasing Internet usage. People are getting more comfortable using smart devices and various technologies to get a seamless digital experience.

Talking about the healthcare sector, digital health or mHealth applications can improve every aspect of healthcare service. Today, healthcare organisations come up with PWAs to offer rich and delightful experiences to their patients.

Progressive web applications ensure that patients, healthcare service providers, relatives, and other stakeholders of the community can get access to stable services. When it comes to delivering continuous functionality on a 24×7 basis, a healthcare PWA is always useful for medical service providers.

A custom software development company can build a robust, responsive, and highly adaptive PWA for your healthcare organisation. While facilitating your organisation to offer high-quality digital health services, you can harness the full potential of digital transformation with the help of a tailored PWA.

Key Benefits of PWAs to Deliver Digital Healthcare Services?

As mentioned above, PWAs have a slightly upper hand over native health applications. Here are some of the top PWA benefits that assist healthcare organisations in offering seamless services.

  • Responsive and Adaptive

PWAs work uniformly across all devices and browsers. They are quick and responsive to the user’s requirements. Also, PWAs are adaptive to the demands of specific devices while offering a holistic experience. A PWA enables your healthcare organisation to offer a premium patient experience every time they access it.

  • App-like Experience

Though PWAs have better searchability on SERPs, they have the look-and-feel of native apps. Patients and healthcare staff find PWAs highly convenient to use as they match their expectations effectively. They can get a native app-like experience on a daily basis when using a progressive web application.

  • Push Notification

PWAs allow healthcare professionals to reach out to patients in real time. Push notifications feature can make it easier for healthcare institutions to ensure compliance and promote various activities to ensure the best possible outcome. It is also possible to send reminders and other necessary alerts.

  • Quick Uptime

Unlike native applications, PWAs are easy to modify. Also, a PWA does not need any complicated download or installation on the user’s device. Therefore, users can easily access it. You can hire dedicated developers to build a tailored PWA that can assist you in harnessing agility and improving efficiency.

  • High Security

PWAs offer HTTPS standards to ensure the security of data while transferring it while protecting digital communications. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) acts as a primary line of defense against any cyber attack and prevents data loss.

  • Offline and Low-connectivity Usage

This is one of the biggest benefits of a progressive web application. It works well in areas with low connectivity and even without connectivity. Healthcare institutions that want to offer telemedicine or deliver their services in remote areas find PWAs more effective than native applications because PWAs can work in an offline mode.

Why Should Healthcare Networks Consider PWAs?

From booking appointments to finding locations of healthcare institutions, people tend to use smartphones for performing many tasks. This tendency creates a big opportunity for the sector to provide a reliable digital experience.

Patients or their relatives expect a smooth and seamless experience on smartphones every time with a quick page loading and even an offline capability. Altogether, people want a new way of interacting or communicating with healthcare organisations that can retain their attention for a long time.

A PWA can meet these objectives effectively. It gives a seamless mobile experience to patients and their relatives that eventually results in retaining patients with the same institution for a long time. Healthcare service providers that have adopted PWA can take a leap forward to improve their services and overall efficiency.

Final Thoughts

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that progressive web apps can contribute to strengthening the healthcare sector. Be it an offline capability or a faster loading speed, a health PWA can always give a seamless experience to patients and stakeholders. The next-gen PWAs will help medical service providers to predict the patient’s next moves and transform every healthcare service into a seamless and holistic experience.

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